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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 11 [Shadow Slasher]
Watched: December 26th, 2014

December 26th, 2014

How’s everyone doing today?
I hope everyone’s doing as well as I’m feeling right now [on my last carefree day of the holidays (because after this, I have work, work, work and social duties, and work, and social duties… urks, I despise social duties the most… WHY CAN’T I BE AN INTROVERT IN PEACE].

Please be aware there are SPOILERS beyond this point, just as in any other episode reviews that I do.

I can’t bring myself to hate Bernard, even if he is a villain and even if his backstory is sort of something that I’ve seen on multiple occasions before [cray-cray villain turns out to be brainwashed by Big Boss villain but was actually a good guy and dies in good guy’s arms, anyone?]. Even if he kept questioning the Makai Knight’s Code, and even if he said that he felt like he should go against it, and even if he said that he did it all so that he could fight evenly with German/Roberto Luis, he didn’t necessarily do it because he actively wanted to. He did it [killing humans, which is forbidden by the oath of Knighthood and then succumbed to the dark side and decided to ‘follow’ Mendoza around], because he wished to save Roberto, his best friend and comrade and rival [whose laid back nature he also very much envied, as he admits], as well as Anna, whom he seems to be particularly and inexplicably fond of [since German hadn’t known that Roberto would be in his way, it means that Roberto wasn’t taken prisoner because of Bernardo, but then… how did they get captured?]. She’s the one who explained the reason why they should always protect humans, and never turn against them [because even though they’re weak and sometimes cower, some other times, they will have strong moments, and it’s basically those strong moments that they, as Makai Knights (although technically she’s an Alchemist so…), protect by protecting the humans]. When he was defeated after a thoroughly epic fight, he regained his sanity and had forgotten what had happened – as well as what had eventually become of Anna [she d-e-d bro], and German just let him believe that they’d gotten away safely. With this, German really does have very little friends left in the world. His two most important people (before Leon came into his life that is) have died and Anna is totally going to scold Bernard wherever they are. Does this mean that the sword has gone to wander? Or does it mean that the sword will not be in German’s keep [it sort of disintegrated, so I guess it’s now unusable, huh?] until he trains and finds not one child but two apprentices (one for him and one for his friend)? Are we also going to omit the fact that German got stabbed in the chest, on his left side? Isn’t that where his heart is? Is he going to die too?! Or do they have a stronger healing factor? GAH! I need to know what happens next!

Meanwhile, with Creepster Mendoza, the dude decided to summon a really huge Horror instead of just fighting the two new and inexperienced Makai Knights [oh and Octavia? yeah, she was wrong to place her fate in him, since he fed her to the Horrors]. I guess he should use all the skills at his disposition in order to take down Alfonso and Leon, after all, it’s not like he likely has any strength of his own without his mental powers and his alchemist knowledge/abilities. With all the destruction going around, will the Queen be safe? Will everything be safe from the fight with the giant Horror?

imageAnd… that’s about it for today!
I’ll see you next week for another episode review!
Afterwards, I know there’s about 1-2 weeks of no Garo: The Animation (if I recall), so maybe I’ll be able to catch up (nope, unlikely, I timed these posts PERFECTLY MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA).