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YouTube Channel: Moon Animate Make-up!
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Watched: July 22nd, 2014

July 22nd, 2014

Hey there,
How are you people doing?

So, I recently found out about these people, it’s so freaking awesome, so I thought I would share this with you even if it’s a one-shot!

Sailor Scouts

Sailor Moon Animate!

This is the first YouTube video which I am watching now [I’m now following their Facebook page also and I think their Tumblr, because seriously, wow, it’s a great project].

Let me explain! It’s a project which reunites many, many, MANY animators with different styles (as you can see from these small gifs I’m showing you). Their goal is basically to “re-animate” a whole episode (Sailor Moon Season 1, Episode 39 [titled: Fractious Friends], to be specific) of the original run.

I love their art styles being so different and making it so funny depending on the shots (I advise you to watch the whole thing carefully to see all of the little details, it’s ridiculously ludicrous)!! It takes me back a few memories [and even made me watch the next episodes of the original run once again]!! This was one of the best episodes in my opinion, mostly because it tested the Sailor Scouts’ friendship and didn’t really focus on romance as much.

The dialogues are freaking hilarious, and yet, I’m pretty sure that it’s the same dialogue from the actually ‘original’ anime run. The voices are very familiar, but some of what they say (like commenting on Usagi’s or (Serena’s) grammar. [actually, you can see from their About Page that it’s indeed the actual audio file!!]. My childhood was awesome, I’m just saying.

Sailor Moon's First Season RibbonThat’s all I had to say, please check it out!
We’ll see each other next month! Or next week!
Ponyta’s out!