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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 12 [Blood Moon]
Watched: December 27th, 2014

December 27th, 2014

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing?! I trust this episode post finds you in a good mood and good health condition, as usual [I mean… if we’re all following good eating habits, and exercising habits, very little change would happen from last week to this one, yes? Maybe I’m wrong, #Clearlynotanexpert]!

Please, as usual, be aware there are Spoilers up ahead!

To briefly summarize the episode would be to say: “What started off as an awesomely badass team-up between the two cousins turns into a heated battle in which one of the party ultimately wins the title of Garo and leaves the other emotionally crushed with justice. Oh and the main bad villain was vanquished also.

I must say that the battle was epic, and that, just like the Black Knight before, I couldn’t hold Leon responsible for giving in to the dark side of his powers. I mean, it was already in place, and all Mendoza did [or rather had to do] was to unlock it by making him see illusions of what had happened to his mother. This made Leon go absolutely berserk, and I think the fact that his mother had gifted him with flames that protect him [or something] made it absolutely worse. He wrecked the houses, devastated Santa Bard, because he had no control over his emotions, and so, Alfonso had to take him down; and he did under the counsel of German [he told him that the armor would disassemble if it was hit at the emblem on Leon’s hip, I wonder if this works for all armors, or if it means that German has had to deal with this form before and knows its weakness, or if it means that Anna has simply told him], who was originally supposed to take Leon down if ever the latter was unable to live up to his Garo namesake. Since the two cousins weren’t that close, I guess, Alfonso deemed Leon unworthy of donning the armor of Garo, because he wasn’t a disciplined knight [I mean he was trained, but not formally trained in swordsmanship, like Alfonso? And maybe he lacks the patience and discipline that Alfonso has with age, after all, Alfonso is about three years older than Leon], and he gave into his emotions, unlike a real swordsman. And so, Alfonso decides to don the armor of Garo instead of that of Gaia in order to fight the Horror that Mendoza had summoned into the world [and Alfonso’s rendition of the Garo Knight is truly that of the Knight of Light that so many people have a good esteem of, and his is also different from Leon’s, too, since it has blue eyes, instead of Leon’s which has glowing red eyes].

He eventually defeats Mendoza’s monster with Mendoza inside its belly (so did Mendoza die? We don’t really know, we have to wait till the next few episodes to find out). However, when Alfonso returns to the castle, he finds out that his mother had committed suicide in order to not be a burden to her son [so that she wasn’t the one who tethered him to the castle, away from his duties as protector of his people]. She was really noble [or dutiful, like a Makai Knight], seriously, and he himself has learned from her the most, it seems. She stayed with him most of his life, after all, I don’t think that he has such a strong connection with his father [doesn’t it parallel a lot with Leon, who feels most angered by what happened to his mother and isn’t as connected with his father, even though German was the one who raised him, technically? Alfonso also makes a point to say that, he says that if Mendoza had used his mother against him, as a hostage, it was likely that Alfonso himself would have lost control over his temper – the way Leon did]. I guess that now, Alfonso will make the witch hunts stop, and has to train someone to use the Gaia armor, since it’s no use for him to have it – as he has the Garo armor [unless he will give the title back to Leon once more when the latter has proven himself worthy].

If you analyze the opening a little more, doesn’t Alfonso look like he’s being consumed by darkness? I’m scared of what’s going to happen to him. Please don’t let anything bad come to him. I know that he’s disgusted with his cousin right now because the latter is a disgrace to the Makai Knight name, but I hope that they’ll be friends again and get to know each other better!!

Leon really is scared of losing the little connection he has to his mother, or something, because he was so distraught over being unable to don the armor, but also to have lost Zaruba (whom his father is keeping right now, but dudes, who will be feeding Zaruba now?!) that he actually attempted to commit suicide. I mean, he really has nothing now. His father won’t help him, and he has lost everything else. Not only that, but he was UNABLE to fulfill his revenge wishes and avenge his mother [I think that this was a blessing though, because if he really had avenged his mother, then he would have done something selfish, which isn’t necessarily what Makai Knight is supposed to follow], he wasn’t even able to fulfill his duty as a Makai Knight and protect his people, what did he do? He destroyed the town. Will he really let himself die? Nah, I don’t think that will happen. Perhaps he will pick himself up again and say: “I’m stronger than this” and, by himself, find another reason to live. Perhaps Ema will save him and chastise him for being such a bother. After all, we don’t know what she’s been up to at the aftermath of the fight [we see the return of the Laundry lady who is probably going to help out German who is probably dying, and Alfonso picking up some remains and pondering on how harsh he was with his little cousin].

It was great to see those shots of Leon as a child and German as his father [the flashback was important in the sense where we realize that German has always helped Leon up, and now look where Leon is, German himself realized that he has to let his son stand up on his own, as he tells Ema]. He must have felt so crushed, I mean, Anna died and he wasn’t able to save her [he drowns his sorrows in alcohol and the company of other women, under the pretense that he wants an heir to his armor], he wasn’t able to save Bernard his best friend either, and not only that, but he failed to raise Leon in the way where he would be able to don the Garo armor without fear of the flames. Ema was shown to have the ability to heal people, why didn’t she offer to heal German? Is it because he can heal himself? Is it because he knows the dagger Bernard pierced him with is poisoned so he knows he doesn’t have much to live for anymore? I’m sure laundry Lady will be able to cure him of whatever ails him. We’re sure to get more exposition on her later.


That’s it for today, folks!
See you next week, where hopefully, I’ll have episode 13 review ready!