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Title: Doki Doki Precure
Started: February 2nd, 2013
Finished: January 27th, 2014
Rated: 7/10
By: Toei Animation

January 27th, 2014

Growlithe is the one who introduced me to the whole franchise, and, I must say that I am very happy to realize that I’ve always been into magical girl themed series.

This is the first series of the franchise that I’ve followed almost religiously every week for a whole year (except the couple of times they’ve made a break), as Growlithe recently told me. This season [2013-2014] comes after Smile Precure and before Happiness Charge Precure, which will debut February 2nd, 2014.

I learned from Growlithe today that, for the 10th anniversary of the franchise, Toei will be releasing every week a short featuring each Precure. I-can-hardly-wait-plz.

Originally, I was going to rate this as I usually do, but I haven’t forgotten the slivers of disappointment piled up as I continued to watch the series week after week. I would have been all right with rating this as 8/10. However, as I read someone else’s review on its MyAnimeList.net page, I realized how difficult it had been to deal with Mana being in the spotlight almost all of the time.

As usual with all Pretty Cure seasons, this season focuses on friendship between the girls [which is something I absolutely love], and also on the theme of selfishness, as, every week, the Villain of the Week pretty much comes from the selfish desires of one person. The monsters are even named Selfish.

This series bears a certain resemblance to HeartCatch Precure, in my opinion [despite not having finished this series yet, I know, I know, I ought to finish], because in DokiDoki, the monsters often are given a reason to be selfish (although in the later episodes, this is omitted), and in Heartcatch, the monsters say their reasons of being upset. I don’t know, FOR ME, it’s related, all right?
Not only that, but I found a certain connection to the series because it often reflects my personal values regarding selflessness and altruism.


Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta deserve the spotlight too!!!

While I wish that Aida Mana (Cure Heart) would have some sort of flaws, I have come to love almost everyone of the characters. It feels like she’s almost the Messiah – the way they make her the most important Pretty Cure of the series (although she steps out SLIGHTLY for Regina and Cure Ace to shine at some point, the ending episode surely focuses on her a lot).

In a sense of optimism, perhaps, Mana reminds me a lot of Cure Happy, and almost any of the other Pink-coloured Cures. But, in my opinion, each and everyone of those pink cures showed at least a moment of weakness at some point, which showed some kind of character development.

Once again, I thought that Mana was too much at the center of the attention. While she did encompass many character values that we should teach youngsters (altruism and optimism to only name a few), it seems to me like a poor portrayal of the life girls (who watch this and aim to be more like her) will be living. I may be over-analyzing too, and I don’t want to fall into that trap. However, it really does feel like everything is just Mana-centric when it doesn’t have to be. [In the Precure Universe, don’t all the girls have to be there to assist in fighting the monster? I remember Growlithe telling me that, since the beginning, Cure Heart has dealt more finishing blows than any of her fellow DokiDoki Precures, and I found this pretty sad…]

Both Growlithe and I often wish that the other Cures, like Cure Sword (violent/purple), Cure Rosetta (yellow) and Cure Diamond (blue), should get more focus than just the pink Pretty Cures. They should not put focus only on pink because pink is supposedly ‘synonym’ with girls. [says the Ponyta whose favourite colour is pink but… whatever…]

Rikka (Cure Diamond), I believe, is Growlithe‘s favourite character. In terms of power and slight design, she reminded me a lot of Cure Aqua, from the Yes! Precure 5 series. While there were some episodes that really focused on Rikka (same happens to Cure Sword and Cure Rosetta), they were REALLY pushed on the sidelines even more when Cure Rouge [THE MAKE-UP BOTHERS ME], out of nowhere, appeared. At first, I really didn’t like her, but then I guess I got used to her presence and to the reason why she appeared… I really wish there’d been more focus on Diamond and Rosetta… it’s like they became phantoms…

You know that I rate a story based on the spectrum of emotions that I get as well as the goosebumps effects that I get from watching the series.
I have gone through much by watching this series, from temporary sadness [because I can actually be sad at how touching some of their speeches are] to frustration [Mana, Y U NO LET DIAMOND/ROSETTA SHINE!?], passing by the goosebumps [because some parts were just plain badassness, all right?].

In terms of the series finale, I very much liked the callbacks. They talked briefly – ever so briefly – about the First Pretty Cures of that era, Cure Empress, for example. And we’ve seen a slight bit of what had happened between King of Selfishness and the trio of Pretty Cures.

I’m not only a friendship shipper, but I’m also a romance shipper [you kind of already know this part, though].
Romance: And the fact that Knight John [Joe?] will never be with his Ange made me sad [then again, as the first president of the Trump Republic, I guess he sort of… is going to be incredibly busy… so taking care of the little baby is gonna be… most important…?]. Also, I kind of wanted to know what would happen between Ira and Rikka. Ira sort of just… forgot the time he spent with Rikka and the selflessness he experienced, but I was hoping that he would remember by the time of the series ended.

I love how everyone in their surroundings now know about them being Precures. It’s reminiscent of the Fresh Pretty Cure series! I love how very openly involved the Fairies are in their lives now. I also enjoyed that some episodes had pretty good ‘morals’ to them? Most of the time, it’s very subtle, but sometimes, it’s not, and it was nice. Especially the toothbrush incident with Cure Sword, and I liked it, because to some level, I can relate to it, and I know that a lot of students would also relate to that.

Anyways, I liked this series and I considered the fact that this was done for a young audience, but for those of you who like the elements that I’ve mentioned and can overlook certain parts, I strongly recommend this underrated franchise. It is also this series that inspired me the Project Ghreed, which I posted some pictures of on Tumblr. Looking forward to watching Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, and let us meet again, next month’s 24th day!

image  – Ponyta says goodbye! – image