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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 13 [Burning Ashes]
Watched: January 12th, 2015

January 12th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
How are you all doing today? I trust the end of the month of April is nice! I mean, I’m supposed to have graduated, but considering the amount of crap that I have to do for school, I’m not sure if that’s a certainty anymore. Here’s to wishes of me graduating! Yay!

This episode review, as always, contains gif and spoilers! You have been warned!

Did you note the second opening! My goodness, it doesn’t have the same feeling as the first one, but it certainly does generate the same questions in me. There are so many questions right now that I ask myself. What are those amoebas doing in the opening, for one, and whether or not the cousins will clash once more soon, for another.

I knew that Leon Luis would have survived his fall, I didn’t expect to see this so early on, but it’s good to see him well, even if there’s still that tragic expression on his face, like he doesn’t want to be saved [well that’s indeed what he probably feels like, since he’s a failure… I love how the grandmother was so practical in her answering his question about why they saved Leon…]. I would have thought that he’d be a gentleman enough to offer to help out the girl who saved him plowing the fields. I guess he needs to go through a certain journey in order to grow up [it seems like he forgot that his mother gave up her life for him… and that he should treasure it]. He’s learning a lot after all, even though it’s monotonous and he didn’t quite like it in the beginning… [the old man shows him that he can’t rely on strength all the time, the girl [SHE TOTALLY LIKES HIM] shows him that she looks forward to the seeds that she planted, etc. It’s nice of him to be able to get much out of the world that he needs to protect, instead of being so disconnected from it that he forgets who he’s protecting]!!!

It’s been so long since the last episode that I’m quite shocked that the Queen had her funerals only now [at least we know now that his father, the rightful king (right now anyway) is still alive and well (since Mendoza isn’t there anymore to poison him), I wonder how he will react to knowing that his son is a Knight of Light and that Mendoza had betrayed him from the start]. I only hope Alfonso will be successful in his quest to bring his people happiness. I hope that he’ll be successful [he’s been fairly successful in defending the city against Horrors so far by himself, even though it probably helps well that German is there with him]!!

Hahaha, it’s funny to see German Luis so flustered when he speaks to the Laundry lady. I was wondering whether or not he would stay and train Alfonso further into the art of being the Knight. After all, doesn’t Zaruba need to feed on Alfonso’s life for one night in the whole month? Is that night approaching? Shouldn’t Alfonso be made aware of this? I’m also glad that both of them displayed in this episode some kind of worry and concern for whatever became of Leon in the short amount of time that passed since they last spotted him. I’m sure that, when the time comes and Leon proves himself worthy of the Garo armor, Alfonso wouldn’t have any trouble giving it back to him, just because he’s so nice. But he needs to be very resourceful and worthy!!!!

I’m surprised to see that Makai Alchemists have access to the Watchdog Tower, just the same as Makai Knights. Do they even go on missions? I really want to know more about this. I’m surprised that Emma Guzman is inquiring about Leon (well that’s what I think anyway). Even though it seems like she is leaving for another journey (probably to find the Horror that her significant other has become), I really hope that we get to see more of her soon. I wonder if she meant to go look for that Horror, or if she went to look for Leon actually [because it looks like she found him in the next episode preview, so…].

Oh no, Octavia is still in the picture. Alfonso doesn’t know that she was always in cahoots with Mendoza to poison the King. I wonder what’s going to happen now. The new Ending is so dark in colours, I can’t tell if they’re fighting each other, or if one of them has become completely bad… but I like that the girl is still in the picture, and that Leon is protecting her.

imageSo I’m going to bring this post to a close with this!
I hope you have a marvelous week until the next Garo post!
Or until the next post on this blog in general!