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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 13 [Geste]
Watched: January, 19th 2015

January 19th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I trust that this post finds you in good health and shape [not that I think there’s a wrong shape to be in in particular]! Here I am, the Pony on Fire, to give you a new episode review/thoughts/opinions on Garo: The Animation, episode 14! Are your ready? Aware that there are spoilers in this episode? Perfect, let’s go!

I think it’s good to begin an episode sometimes with something funny, and that’s how they introduced this chapter: with the daily duties of a prince preparing to replace the King. I must admit that I was surprised that Alfonso had no idea exactly what he had stepped into, you can even say that I was slightly disappointed [I guess I can say this because I’ve read and watched a lot of novels/books and shows about how princes and even princesses don’t like the roles and studies that they must do in order to earn a right on the throne. Well, I guess it can’t be helped, I mean, I’m not of a royal family, so I can’t possibly relate to what these royals go through in preparation. In their places, I’d probably be just as surprised and annoyed. The grass sure is greener on the neighbour’s side].

Such beautiful flowers

It was extremely funny to see what German was up to [I can certainly believe that he’s got the connection between bandits as well as the call girls from the various cities that he travels to, somehow, his personality just makes it that much easier to believe]. I guess he’s lost a lot of his comrades and friends, so that’s why he’s good at masking his emotions when facing both the official loss of his best friend and the ‘loss’ of his son [even though it’s not quite official, mind you]. I love how he wants to keep up the pretense of being a good Uncle and a good authoritative figure to his nephew, Alfonso, and goes along with the latter believing how awesome and amazing he is, even though he really DID wish to get Lady Ximena [previously known and nicknamed as: The laundry lady] flowers. It must be refreshing for him, to have someone believe in you the way Alfonso does [UNLIKE YOU, LEON!].

I absolutely love how they used the fact that there are two sides to the same story [how Alfonso and others believed that the men, Count Juste and Roland were great rivals and greater swordsman, and the woman was a witch who drank young ladies’ blood, but in actuality, according to Isabelle‘s diary, she was actually a Makai alchemist who had to trap the Horrors in the castle, hence the fact that it is known as a haunted castle]. I guess the only problem with this is that she wasn’t able to fight as much, so does that mean that Makai Alchemists really are only supports for Knights?

As a side-note about these two, I was very worried that Alfonso could succumb to that monthly thing that all Garo Knights will succumb to because they give parts of their lives to the Zaruba ring. Have they forgotten about that? Or have they been trying to make us forget about it? Is German going to tell him? Or does Alfonso already know?

I’m glad that we get to see Emma Guzman as she leaves for her new horizon. I hope to see her soon. It was also a good thing, I think, that the one who saw her off (or last, rather) is Leon [it’s even more random that it was totally by coincidence that they met].  I wonder if she was only teasing him about how perfect Alfonso is as the Golden Knight (compared to him).

It’s really nice to see Leon and his new friend, Lara [is she gonna have feelings for him, or does she view him as a brother?], having fun together, as Emma Guzman later comments on. It’s good that he’s moved on, but I’m certain that he’ll take the path to Knighthood once more and don an armor again – even if it’s not the same one that he was born to wear. What’s going to be interesting is the call to action which will incite him to move there. I hope it happens soon, because I felt like this was a little bit fillery. It really does seem as though Leon has settled in. At least he has a normal life and he will live – for the time being – a normal life, something he was deprived of due to the pressure of being the Garo Knight.

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