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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 15 [Project G]
Watched: January, 28th 2015

January 28th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
I personally feel like it’s been such a long time ever since I watched the last episode of Garo: The Animation, when it’s only been a week (I think?), but here it is, the next episode review/thoughts/opinions! At this point, should I mention that there WILL be spoilers? Well now you know…

It’s really nice, I think, that we get to see what Leon has been up to, and a reminder of Alfonso and Leon’s fight [I’m just gonna add here, in case that I haven’t told anyone yet: I don’t want to see them fight anymore, all right?]. I’m very impressed that Julio and the others want to create a Knight of Light. I wonder if it will become a Horror that will be able to rival the strength of the Garo: Knight of Light itself. OR it may become the armor for Leon? That would be pretty cool. It’s also so very ironic that they attempt to save their own streets when Alfonso’s the one roaming the nights in order to do just that, and every night, too. I wonder who Leon was sending his message to, as well.

It feels like this episode was really mostly a filler [so it means that we’ll have a more important episode soon?]… but it shows how ingenious the craftsmen are even though they were not trained to be Makai knights, and how courageous even normal people are even though they are not Makai Knights. So it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to highlight that part of the Garo universe, because it shows that Anna was right, that you gotta protect those kinds of people, even if there are jerks out there [I like that German is the one who wrapped it up nicely]. People really do look up to the Prince, I’m so glad, and it’s so adorable.

I’m shocked that we still haven’t seen German tell Alfonso about the whole once-in-a-month-thing. I guess it’s because it hasn’t happened yet, maybe it’s because he’s not sure that it will happen or not? After all, we know from his interactions with Leon that there are things he didn’t know about the Zaruba thing. I’m also wondering if Alfonso shouldn’t be actively looking for a suitable replacement for the Gaia armour. It’s not fair that it remains unused that way…

I don’t know what to say about the whole Leon bathing thing. Is it to show that he really does have a place to call home now? Or that there’s something-something going on between him and his friend? Sometimes, a romance can ground a character and give him or her a better sense of maturity, so perhaps that’s for the best (also I ship it, so you know). On a sidenote, are Leon’s scars proof that he’s more reckless than his father is? Or that he doesn’t treat his body right? Or that he doesn’t seek medical treatment right away? I’m not sure if I was shocked this see this part of the episode, because somehow, it makes sense that he would have a lot of scars – given his line of business and all that. (notice how we conveniently forgot or haven’t seen Emma anymore? I miss her, even though I know that she’s gone to find that particular Horror that she’s been chasing all this time).

That’s it for today!
As usual, and until next time, people!
I shall see you later!
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