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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 16 [Cure]
Watched: January 30th, 2015

January 30th, 2015

I greet you, my friends!
How are you all doing? I’m doing fine, I’m just… still incredibly stressed out of my mind for my internship, but by the time that you see this, my semester should be done and I would either be dead or have survived and am still cursing my bad luck… hahaha. All right, without even more delay, let us start off with this warning: THERE ARE SPOILERS!

So the introduction revealed to us this one character, whom I didn’t really expect would be staying for so long. The masked doctor called “Fabian“… I had initially believed that it was Mendoza coming back for revenge against the Makai Knights who brought him down, but it seemed like it was a different voice actor and just a Horror… It really is a good thing that there are doctor’s who are travelling and offering their services for free… I wondered what the purpose was for a Horror to disguise as a doctor all this time… but then he revealed it pretty soon: he likes the taste of humans when they are at the peak of their recovery, so the fact that he’s a doctor might actually help him get his ‘hunts’. I wonder what the percentage of all his cured patients he eats [one patient a day isn’t so bad… I guess… especially if he eats less than he’s healed…]… I love how this Horror really, really wanted to cure German so that he would be more tasty… but that was the cause of his ultimate downfall, that was probably a first for German.

It was interesting to see that Laundry Lady, Ximena, served also as a doctor’s assistant whenever he was in town. I feel so bad that German is so taken by Ximena [I wonder if he realizes it, and I wonder if she realizes that she began having feelings for him], and she completely misunderstood his reason for staying at her family’s inn, haha. I wonder if the ladies said that he ‘didn’t come by’ as often anymore is because he wants to keep ‘faithful’ to courting Ximena, or to be on her good side… or his… err… bad habits are really only something he delves into to get information from the brothels [oh and he’s looking for the mother of his future progeny, but… did he find her in the person of Ximena?]… after all, that’s what he claimed back when he and his son were still travelling together…

I really hope that German is not going to get any bad secondary effect from the syringe effect he got… It was interesting to see that WatchDog wants for German to work for Mendoza, it was very weird to hear about that… did Mendoza infiltrate the WatchDog House thing? Why would they do such a thing as to let him in again after the mistakes he’s done? Is it a clone? JUST when Emma is gone?! And is German going to go along with it, or is he going to rebel against the very organization that he’s worked with since… well awhile ago… [I’M GONNA HOPE FOR THE LATTER BECAUSE GERMAN AND LEON]? I guess the reason why, the following night or day, when she came into his room at the hotel, Ximena couldn’t find German, is because he left to work for Mendoza…? Or because he hadn’t come back yet? Aren’t there OTHER Makai knights who can take care of it? Can’t you see this man is busy courting a young woman who has no idea of the danger she just had to pass through because of the Dr. Fabian?!

I should note that I like how Alfonso trusts his uncle well, but I’m still unsure as to that one day when the Garo Knight is incapacitated. It still hasn’t been brought up… so it… bothers me.

It’s too bad that we didn’t get to see Leon or Alfonso, but I guess he needs to show more scenes of badassery… I wonder how Leon would react to seeing his father working for Mendoza, the man who killed Leon’s mother and Alfonso’s wife. Now I cannot wait for the next episode [IT’S GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT LEON WHO CAN SMILE, I CANNOT WAIT]…

Simageo now I’m going to go back into stress…
See you all next week!