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Title: Supergirl
Airing: In November 2015 (in the latest news anyway)
Trailer: May 13th, 2015
Watched: May 14th, 2015

May 14th, 2015 

Hello there everybody!
So how are you all doing? I’ve been feeling gradually better! Today marks the first day where I’ve actually spent some time on this blog… I’ve prepped some posts for MARVEL‘s Daredevil [prepped as in, finding some images (I’ve a ton), some backstories, some links and also reading up again on my notes about the show, I’ll be re-watching the series and scheduling the posts in a couple of days, whenever I feel like I can take it], and I even finished Garo: The Animation [FINALLY, I was so scared for one of my favourite characters that I was a couple of months overdue with that…]!

My rant

I’m gradually taking the helm again, as you can see, and I’ve decided to talk about a show that I’d totally forgotten that I meant to watch: Supergirl. Now of course, if you’ve been on my main blog, you’ll see that I claim to be both a DC fan and a MARVEL fan, but once you’ve stepped into my review blog, you’ll realize that I’ve mostly ever only done MARVEL related content. To be completely fair, I did watch Arrow (until I realized that Black Canary wasn’t going to have powers (Hey, this was back in Season 1, and I followed it pretty religiously until I got into a funk (funks regularly happen with me it seems))) and I had plans for The Flash, and I do love to watch their cartoons as well as their movies, I just… don’t have as much time to write? I don’t know, no excuse… At any rate, I guess it’s a great time to jump back into DC with the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and the Supergirl series trailers up.

As a character in the comics/cartoons (mostly the cartoons, because I only started reading comics recently)

Supergirl isn’t unfamiliar to me as a character. I mean, she’s often portrayed in the Justice League or even just Superman related cartoons and movies. In a nutshell, she’s basically the cousin of Superman (a.k.a. Clark Kent), and she also escaped the explosion that destroyed the planet of Krypton. Her space rocket (can it be qualified as such?) rotated a bit longer around the sun, which makes her even more powerful than her cousin, and to make matters worse, she also has more difficulties controlling them. Not only that, but her transition on Earth was as difficult as Martian Manhunter‘s, in the sense where she already knew about her home planet and didn’t have a clean slate when she arrived on Earth [I mean, the planet she left was filled with new technology beyond our understanding. For her, she had landed on a planet that was still in the Dark Ages or something].

She was rather severely homesick [in the cartoon series anyway, I’m not sure how it goes in the comics, but I’m pretty sure it was probably like that – the cartoons made it pretty logical that way] and she had to go through transitions/changes that her cousin Clark Kent didn’t have to go through, and I’ll emphasize on that a lot, because it really marked me as a child when I watched the cartoon series Justice League [I remember specifically this one episode in Justice league Unlimited when she fell in love with Brainiac 5 (I think? And don’t worry, this is a good version of Brainiac, he’s actually pretty nice and he even helped form the Legion of Superheroes, if that’s not turning a leaf, I don’t know what is, haha) because he knew what technologies she was used to using, and of course, because in the 31rst century, they actually use the same technology that she was used to back on Krypton, so she felt much more at home than on Earth on the present day, where, as you can see on this gif, she felt everyone saw her as Superman‘s kid cousin only, she felt like people underestimated her powers and her capacities]. At any rate, when she landed on Earth, due to her being in space for a long period of time, I guess, she was actually younger than Clark Kent even though when he left, he was just a baby [arriving on Earth as a baby made it easier for him to accommodate and he did have a clean slate, so he didn’t run into the same problems his cousin did]. Obviously, as she arrived on earth, she was adopted into a foster family – much like Superman – and she learned to control her powers in order to better serve the greater good. Arguably, she’s stronger than Superman, because of her long rotation around the yellow sun, and plus, in the comics, she acquired a Red Lantern ring, which is the Green Lantern Ring equivalent for Rage [let’s talk a little bit more about the Red Lantern thing, shall we? Head on here!!].

If you’d like to know more about Supergirl as a character before the show starts, here’s some videos I would recommend you watching. As the months go by and we near the month of November (month of my birth, too, so this show better not tarnish the good thing I’ve got going on during that month!!), you’ll probably see more Supergirl related videos on YouTube, so have a keen eye out for those!

As the show

As the people who follow me on Twitter (or Facebook) may have caught in the recent days, I’ve mentioned that I had mixed feelings about the trailer of this show. Let’s start with the negative factors.

I didn’t like this guy [Winn Schott who, fun fact, may or may not become the Toy man [look him up] later on and whose involvement in her life as a friend seem to be ok? I dunno, I guess it makes sense that she would tell someone about her identity and that this someone would somehow have the knowledge to help her pick out a costume] that much, and I didn’t really like the fact that they used the word “Gay” like that? I felt uncomfortable, not in the sense where I thought we should never use the word “gay” but I felt like… would this insult people from the LGBT community? I do take into consideration that I may just be a butthurt person who is too sensitive to these issues or too concerned about insulting people [I mean, I don’t know, isn’t that a bit offensive, the way they presented it?!]. Well, you can tell me, I know that this person that I really respect as a superhero comic artist [MissVeryVery, who co-authors Minor Acts of Heroism], had a lot of beef with this [I’ll link you to this post and this other one].

The first post talks about something that I also felt was inappropriate. The fact that they played on the name “Supergirl” as opposed to “Superwoman”. I know that there’s comic book logic in there somewhere, but I felt like their interpretation as to why she should be called SuperGIRL was a little bit messed up. I guess the reason why they made this happen was because, willingly or not, Cat Grant is sort of the “antagonist” that Kara Zor-El has to deal with on a daily basis, and that this way of hers, of characterizing people in that self-centered way, may be addressed later on in the series [I really hope so]. Some part of me wishes that she could get the Young Justice rendition of Cat Grant. As I’ve stated before, I don’t read the comics, but I do watch a lot of the cartoons, so for me, Cat Grant was this sweet reporter, but then I realized how much she’s changed since the New 52 [although I don’t know how she was like pre-New 52, I mean, the rendition of everyone in Young Justice was slightly different than both the new 52 and the pre-New 52 to some degrees, so who am I to judge?], as you can see, I think she got some plastic surgery of some kind for some reason (not that getting plastic surgery is wrong/needs a good reason), and she seemed also to have antagonized (or felt antagonized, or was just plain… err… rude) to Supergirl (even though maybe that rudeness was because Supergirl wasn’t used to the human customs). So maybe this rendition of Cat Grant isn’t as different as the one from the New 52 comics, really.

The second post does bring another thing: are there only white women in this trailer? And do they all have to be blonde? Okay, there’s only like, about two that are sort of blonde… Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she has a family and a sister, but like, if you changed Jimmy Olsen [but then again, he’s a guy, I want more diversity, MOAR, MOAR] into this hot dude, couldn’t you alter her family in some kind of fashion as well? There are so many actors out there, vary a little bit?! It’s not a detail that is going to deter me from watching the show, it’s just something I thought they should look at?

…but yeah, as I’ve said:

Onto the more positive things, I guess I liked that the show seemed to follow the storyline of Supergirl somewhat, so that’s that. She does seem to have the same powers as Superman [I mean, she mentions that she has super strength, she displayed abilities to fly and she has some kind of heat vision (that is blue for some reason? Isn’t it usually red in the comics?)], and Superman seems to be quite present in that universe, even though I really highly doubt that he’ll make much of an appearance. Perhaps they’ll use Jimmy Olsen‘s presence [by the way, he’ll be her love interest in the show, apparently, so I guess no BrainiacxSupergirl] as her mentor to be a constant reminder for us that Superman is there. I loved that there were parallels to this Supergirl and Superman, especially with the fact that they both work for a news reporting company (she works for Cat Grant, who’s a reporter, and he’s a reporter from the Daily Planet, and that’s also where Jimmy Olsen is supposed to be from, but I guess he transferred work to go there in order to monitor Clark Kent‘s cousin? I wonder what Superman’s reaction would be to his friend dating his cousin? Would he be protective of her? I mean, how many times a year do they even get to see each other? Does he somehow keep his distance, hoping that she would come into her own as a superhero, without his influence (even though technically, she also became influenced by him)? So many questions, so much time left before the first episode).

I guess I should say that I somewhat enjoyed the fact that she seems like a dork? I mean, I really like her with glasses – she looks pretty [I have a thing for glasses], but the way she is so excited to discover whether or not she’s bullet proof, or the way she laughs, it makes her character somewhat relate-able? I mean, who hasn’t temporarily forgotten their name when a hot dude asks them theirs or asks them a question they weren’t expecting? Yep. It’s funny.

Since the people who are doing Supergirl are technically the same as the ones who did The Flash and Arrow, I wonder if there will be crossovers. Technically, Supergirl will be aired on CBS and Arrow and The Flash are on CW, but according to Emergency Awesome, they’re owned by the same company (as I understand it?), so crossovers shouldn’t be too difficult to do. I’m looking forward to the crossovers the most, especially since, according to Heroes of TomorrowArrow and The Flash (along with other characters) will be travelling through time. They might meet Supergirl or she might meet Brainiac. I’d love that, simply because of the cartoons, haha.

Emergency Awesome made a video about his thoughts on the Supergirl trailer as well as another for FAQ. Here’s also IGN‘s video rewind about the trailer.

I’ll watch a few episodes, and if it’s not as good as I originally thought it would be a couple of months ago, then I don’t know… I might drop it… Anyways, what about you? What were your thoughts regarding this new superheroine show set to premiere in Fall 2015 [psst, have you ever heard of the animated show they want to do with Vixen? Personally, that one interests me much more]? Leave a comment when/if you can!

I’ll see you whenever!
(•ˋ _ ˊ•)Ponyout! (•ˋ _ ˊ•)