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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 17 [Snowfall]
Aired: February 6th, 2015
Watched: February 6th, 2015

February 6th, 2015

I greet you, my friends!
How are you all doing? I’m doing fine, I’m just… still incredibly stressed out of my mind right now, but still, let us talk about this new episode of Garo the Animation, but let us know that there are SPOILERS!!!

I’m so happy to see this kind side of Leon, he’s so carefree – almost just like his father – but just kinder, too. I hope he sincerely is enjoying his time there. I feel bad for him that he believes that everyone forgot about him, just like the Fairy Mound that used to be the WatchDog Center, which still protects the villages from Horror thanks to its Protection barriers against the monsters [oops, wait, the Horror Barrier didn’t work as well]. Doesn’t he see the irony? He compares himself to the broken and forgotten Mound without realizing that it’s been useful to the unknowing Horrors, which means that he’s also very useful! Plus, I am glad to see Leon‘s maturity [it bothers me what happened to Leon and it bothered me that his happiness – especially in the form of Lara – was taken so quickly away from him, I wonder if this loss will make him closer to his father somehow… I was shocked because we had seen Leon in a knight-like garb, keeping Lara safe from something underground… so I wonder if she didn’t leave this world yet, but only fell unconscious, which made Leon panic for a little while…], and I’m sure that Alfonso was happy to see it as well [until well…]. It was also very nice to see Leon back in fighting business – I really hope that the dog is still fine. His [the dog’s] well-being bothered me throughout the rest of the episode [it seems he also stopped moving in that collage of what happened, so I guess… the whole family that had welcomed him and that had shown him what it was like to be in a loving family completely disappeared]. [Open rant:] OKAY so let me just say this: YOU CAN NOT GO AND USE LARA AS A FRIDGE GIRLFRIEND?! THAT SUCKS!!! WHAT?! ARE YOU SAYING THAT LEON WILL LEARN HIS LESSON AND THEN BE HAPPY AFTER HE GETS AN ARMOR AND STARTS TO SAVE PEOPLE WITH IT INSTEAD OF LIVING HAPPILY WITH LARA?! THIS BOTHERS ME SO MUCH! SO MUCH!!!![End rant].

Also, are we all just dismissing the whole German working for Mendoza now? And also are we just forgetting that Octavia is still taking care of the king when, previously, she had been poisoning him?! THIS IS VERY UPSETTING, OK?!

Okay, I’ll admit it: I love seeing Alfonso and Zaruba speaking together. They seem to make a great team. I’m glad that Zaruba is being helpful and talks to his wearer, it seems like he would have told Alfonso about that particular day in the month, which is reassuring, somewhat. Ah man, Alfonso killed it with the strength and rapidity of his fists. You realize how strong that makes him? Goodness… It hit Alfonso really hard too, that he wasn’t able to save his cousin’s happiness and the villagers.

I wonder what this means for Leon now. Will he return to Valiante with his cousin? Will he be offered a position as a simple Knight? Or will his cousin adopt him into the Royal family so he’ll be dealing with the stuff Alfonso can’t as the Garo Knight? It’s not like Alfonso can POSSIBLY leave his cousin there alone in the world and abandoned?! As long as he doesn’t succumb to the immense sadness he feels and be consumed by one of those Horrors, I should be fine… I… should be fine…

Urks, I need to know more…

All right! As usual!
I shall see you next week!
Take care of yourselves!