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Title: Star vs the Forces of Evil
Episodes: 1 and 2
Season: 1
Aired: January 18th, 2015
Watched: February 2nd, 2015

February 3rd, 2015

Hey everybody!
So yesterday, I came home stressed out and completely out of it, and I decided to treat myself by watching something I’d been meaning to watch for a few weeks now: Star vs the Forces of Evil, because I’d seen some GIFs of the show on Tumblr, and it simply looked so awesome [it also sort of has that Gravity Falls vibe, even though it doesn’t seem to engage me as much as Gravity Falls (with the codes and conspiracies)], and basically fell in love. Please be aware there will be potential spoilers up ahead!

The first episodes introduce us to the main protagonists and the world they live in: Star [an overly clumsy princess who fights monsters and is in possession of a magical wand that might destroy the universes if it comes in possession of evil forces. Her clumsiness explains her parents’ reasons for bribing the principal of her school (that’s right, they bribed him with money to buy ice cream, imagine, ice cream!) into accepting her at his school on Earth. It’s explained to Star that she’s being sent there in order to ‘learn to hone’ her powers, I believe?] and Marco (also referred to as earth ‘turd’ who is overly safe and is upset that people call him such – probably because he wishes he could impress the skateboard girl, whom we still haven’t met yet, but who will probably appear in the subsequent episodes, seeing as she appears in the opening sequence (and did you see Marco’s reaction when he saw her?!)). I’m not sure yet, because I haven’t seen how Marco and Skateboard girl look together, but I really like the ship between Marco and Star, just because they are cute together [THAT HUG, OKAY?! and in the next episode, the way that he tries to protect her as her best friend and everything, I just love the two of them together] and everything. That’s right, I’m shipping already!

The show has already given us a pretty good idea of how different – and how similar the two characters are, just in the family portrait, for example. I cannot wait to see more. I adore his facial expressions [they’re hilarious and so on point, I hope they keep this up] almost just as much as I adore hers.

Please note the irony: she has devil horns!!

So far anyway, I only have two short episodes (or one?) to judge, but I’m really liking the animation style, the design of the characters [am I the only one who noticed that Star changes clothes but.. Marco pretty much has the same set of clothes in both episodes? Does this enter in the “Magical Girl” guise trope?] as well as the visual style overall. I really liked the fact that she’s a magical girl and is able to use her magic, even though she doesn’t use it all the time [most of the time, she uses her fists, too, so it reminds me of Pretty Cure a lot], and I wonder if, seeing as we know that she has several problems controlling her powers and her incantations (the Jellybean Hallucination Mist though? GOLD). There are also these magical scissors [I’m sure these will come in handy in the next episodes, if they want to skip school or need to go save their friends from minions] which she gets a hold of, which permits them to travel to any dimension they wish to travel to.

I would love to see Star attending class, I wonder what kind of student she will be. Will she be disruptive in the way that she doesn’t understand anything? Will she surprise us, and turn out to be a genius? Will she be disruptive in the sense where she’ll break stuff and she can’t stay in place – as is evidenced in the first part of the episode already – and will Marco have to take care of her all the time? Or will he feel like she’s too much work already and relegate the role of “guide” to other students from time to time [that’s likely to happen at some point, right?]?

We’re gonna have to talk about villains, because “with great power comes great responsibili–” wrong superhero, wait… You get the gist of it. People are probably BOUND to seek to take revenge on Star for defeating their monsters or to get their grubby hands on her magical wand which probably has a name that I didn’t catch. First of all, there’s Ludo, who seems to hail from some kind of deathly dimension of some kind. I wonder if he’s really a serious villain, with his hilarious henchmen and his own (supposed anyway) incapacity to fight. I think he might end up joining forces with Star and Marco? Or just be a third party who pretends to be a villain but can’t be taken seriously by the two main parties? What I’m most worried about is the School, the one that both princesses [Star and Princess Pony Head from Mewni] we encounter DREAD going to. St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. I suspect that the reason why it’s so dreaded might mean that they’re going to go there at some point – or that they’re going to help the Wayward Princesses there break out, because they discover that it was actually a brainwashing school of some point.

I’m not sure if I’m going to post weekly posts about this series – even if it would be cool – but then I’d feel obliged to do it for Gravity Falls too… I don’t know… we’ll see… but so far, this cartoon has a lot of potential! Here’s a link to LewToons’ video review of this pilot episode!

As usual, until next time!
I’ll see you next week!
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