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Title: Les Miserables
Rated: 7.5/10
Started: June 24th, 2014
Finished: June 25th, 2014

June 25th, 2014 

Hey there everyone!
How’s it swinging?

So, for the “birthday” of my province, I decided that I wouldn’t mingle with people downstairs, but I would stay in my bedroom, and play a HOG game with one of the guests. We ended up liking it pretty much, so here goes!

I liked the fact that the Fullscreen Mode was changeable for laptops. There aren’t many games that are compatible enough for me to reduce the size of the window freely. Hiba was happy about this. There were also no Voice Actors, but the animations were simple and very nice!! The music was likewise very engaging!

There were no levels of difficulty however, which could be good or bad, I mean I have played many games (both good and bad) who do not have any levels of difficulty to offer. Actually, there may not be any difficulty levels due to the fact that the game was timed, which is a difficulty in itself.
While the puzzles were pretty easy to solve, it was the Hidden Object Boards that really gave me a harder time (that and the added stress knowing that you are timed). It could also be because the visual art is so full of details, too!

The whole visual concept of the “cutscenes” made you almost believe you were reading a visual novel, to be honest. It was pretty well done!

I guess one thing where it would have lost most of its points with me was the fact that you had to go through certain scenes first before you could have access to a certain object which would still be lying around. This may be thanks to the fact that it was timed, though, so I’ll be lenient.

There was a fleur de lys motif to the story, which I really enjoyed pinpointing not only because they are my province’s symbol (I must sound really patriotic even if I’m really not), but mostly because it’s a pretty symbol to look at and it reminded me nostalgically of better years (namely the high school, when we had to painstakingly study history (nevermind I don’t want the nostalgia, take it back)). 

I was mostly interested in the game because I have had to read the novel for school and mostly because I watched the cartoon animated series as a child (not just any animated series, THE best animated series there is (I’m biased)). It was a really long time ago, so some of the events that occurred in the novel and the TV series were blurry to me. However, it seems to me like the story line of this game really followed the main events of the novel (that I remember of).

It was also interesting to find the little “DID YOU KNOW” facts about Les Miserables. Not only about the game, but about the novels and its interpretations; namely about the recent movie with Anne Hathaway, which surprised me (but then again, the movie was released in 2012 and this game was released in 2014 I believe).

I hope that you’ll enjoy playing this game as much as I have!
I’ll see you next time!
Ponyout! (•ω •๑)