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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 19 [Tempest]
Watched: February 20th, 2015

February 20th, 2015

Welcome back to another thoughts about Garo!
How will you be when this post reaches you, I wonder? I hope you’ll be in good shape! As usual, here are my thoughts on the nineteenth episode of Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, with SPOILERS.

I was surprised to see that the WatchDog Center was consulted to see why German Luis was sent to Mendoza. I guess I was surprised because there may have been a quicker way to find out; ask German himself, BUT it’s true that the Watchdog would have more answers, so it was logical to go and confront him first. What surprised me even more was that the WatchDog Center [specifically Garm] is actually ‘male’ apparently – although it could simply be the subbers who translated that wrong – but then again, they use the word ‘aitsu’ which my Japanese teacher said was almost insulting and mostly used for men, so I guess that’s the right translation in the situation.

I was a bit sad to see the duo separate, but it’s true; Alfonso cannot leave the castle unattended for such a long period of time, either [the time to track down Ema, make sure she’s okay and also make sure that she’s aware she might die (and maybe then save her)]. I’m glad to see the extent of his trust in his cousin, though.

Luciano Guzman really was someone very important to Ema Guzman [I think I mentioned how I thought the Horror she had been tracking down might be someone who had been her lover of some sort, I can’t remember in what post exactly]. He was a pretty good Makai Alchemist, it seemed, even though the Makai Knights kept scoffing them. He was very compassionate, and that compassion led to his ultimate demise. I wonder why Ema took such time to find the Horror, especially if he was actually waiting for her [and especially since, as she remembered, the town he kept attacking was a place that was actually pretty important to him]. Maybe that’s because he kept moving from place to place? I actually thought that perhaps her reason behind the time she took to find him was because she had found a way to reverse the process, and extracting the Horror out of the human/Makai Alchemist/Makai Knight (has that ever happened? If it can happen to an Alchemist, I think it can happen to Knights?), but I was a little bit dissatisfied that she hadn’t. At least she was able to close a chapter of her previous life before… embarking into another?

I might add that it’s great that we end up finding out how in the world Ema Guzman ended up hating the Makai Knights so much [I mean, they kept scoffing at the Makai Alchemists, they despised Luciano for having turned into a Horror, and they ultimately failed to end his life after locking her up and telling her that they would do it, implying by the way that she couldn’t possibly do it, due to being his wife]. It’s really something difficult to see – Ema Guzman sewing herself back together, because blood is still something I’m quite squirmish about. The fact that she was able to defeat such a strong Horror is such a great thing for a Makai Alchemist. I wonder if people are going to ship Leon and Ema together even more after this, especially since he comforted her [and maybe she comforted him, too, since he’s still sad about Lara]. I also wonder if they’ll be an item now, or if they’re just going to never speak about that night ever again.

Impressive netting, Ema!

The episode deals with something extremely important and interesting too: humans who are left behind are definitely going to be incredibly sad, and they may themselves fall prey to Horrors, which is why the system of defeating Horrors by killing them all is so flawed: if you keep on killing, there won’t be much of anyone left to protect. Luciano, I feel, knows this. BUT of course, another episode already dealt with what it means to be a survivor of a defeated Horror. I wonder if we’re going to see what GermanAlfonso and Octavia are up to in the next episode, since this one was extremely Leon and Ema centric.

Lastly, I guess, something else that’s new that probably you may not have noticed: Zaruba‘s voice can be heard from anyone it seems. Or at least, he has interacted with someone else than Makai Knights [did he even speak to the Makai Alchemist who repaired him? I don’t think so]!

Before I leave, let me link you to another review of this episode!

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