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Title: Feminine Virile
By: Joyejoyu
Links: Smackjeeves

January 22nd, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
How are you all doing? I’m doing well myself! I’ve been doing as much digging as I could for these posts, looking through both inkblazers/mangamagazine (which is closing this February 2015, I believe), DeviantArt, Facebook links, and Smackjeeves, and even Tapastic, and I’ve found an old one that I’ve been following for years! Here’s a webcomic recommendation for you all for this month’s post!

The concept is as follows: Takeru is a guy, but compared to a lot of guys, he’s more… feminine than others. Meanwhile, this girl, Shina, is much manlier than many girls in the story. Well, what happens when the two of them meet up? What’s going to happen? I just love her artstyle, I found it very cute and nicely done [which is very reflective of the story, too]! I should note that as of last year (2014), JoyeJoyu has restarted drawing the story, as you can see on this particular page, so you might have to wait a little to catch up with where I am at…?

The author is so freaking nice, too [she interacts with her readers, I mean]! She’s on Tumblr [link], on Twitter [link], on DeviantArt [I provided the link above] and on Smackjeeves [I also provided the link above]. I follow her on all accounts, and it’s just… easier to follow updates that way [I’m a stalker]!

As for every post,
I wish you to have a great week!
Or even a great month!
Take good care!
See you later!