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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 20 [Double Dealer] 
Watched: February 27th, 2015

February 27th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I hope this post finds you in a good shape and in good mood! Here’s my opinion about the 20th episode of Garo: The Animation! There are going to be spoilers! Before I start, I might relay to you what I learned today: there are, what? 4 other episodes, and then, this series is over? I… I don’t know what to say… I’m going to miss it!

At first, it worried me a lot that Alfonso was still thanking Octavia as if she wasn’t totally the one who poisoned his father and framed his mother for the poison, but then, when the prince mentioned his investigation results to Ema Guzman and Leon Luis, I was relieved that he wasn’t as naive. Ultimately, however, it seems, by the end of the episode, that the suspicions they bore Octavia were dismissed [at the cost of her right leg]. It would have been great if Alfonso and the others still believed Octavia, but to be fair, her act was pretty impressive and good [she’s really quick on her feet, it’s probably why Mendoza decided to keep her close, huh?].

I’m glad we got to see glimpses of Octavia‘s past – and, eventually, her whole reasoning behind her actions [from what I can deduce, anyway, what with her whole family being slaughtered by wolves? or maybe by Horrors? and even Orletta, her dear little sister, who believed so faithfully in God. I’m just guessing here, but Octavia probably asked Makai Knights to help her, but then witnessed them slaughtering her family? Or something similar happened, when Orletta’s death could have been avoided. This sparked her distrust – no, utter hatred – of the Makai Knights, and why she would entrust Mendoza – a fallen Makai Alchemist’s orders. Perhaps she made him promise that he would bring back Orletta from the dead, since he’s an alchemist, he might have promised that he could do just that: bringing back humans, who had become Horrors and were slaughtered, from the dead [after all, he can freaking control Horrors, it wouldn’t be outlandish to believe that he might have advanced his Dark Magic to resurrection levels]? Oh god, what if: Orletta was transformed into a Horror, and she killed the Wolves herself, but then the Makai Knights came and killed her right in front of Octavia? Dang that would be dark, but I feel like it would explain what Lara was seen being protected by the brand new Leon at the end credits]. It made me feel weird that Mendoza [oh, it was um… good to see him, by the way – sort of] said that he didn’t want her to be disposed of, that he didn’t want to abandon her and that he even said that it would inconvenience him if she’d died. Is it because he’s attempting to make her feel like she owes him so much? Or is he speaking the truth?

When the trio of Alfonso, Ema and Leon started snooping around a lot more, presumably, very close to Mendoza‘s lair, German Luis appeared, ready, it seems, to strike them down. Of all the three, Leon – his own son – is the one who steps up to fight him, although I wonder if Alfonso would come straight up and attempt to reason with them, or if he knows that this is a kind of feud between father and son that needs to be taken care of by the two of them – I’m predicting either German’s death (which I hope does NOT happen, because even though a lot of people are giving him hate and are saying he should die for being such a sh@tty father, I feel bad for him). It would be pretty cliche, too, to make the two of them fight, and have flashbacks of the past they spent together, while German raised him. Only to end with German realizing the “error” of his ways (what error? He was asked by the Watchdog Center to help out Mendoza, that’s all, if anything, it’s the WatchDog Center who’s in the wrong – unless Garm wants to be young forever and not die and asked Mendoza to help him in exchange for giving him a bodyguard), and from there, either German will join up again with the trio to form a foursome, or he’ll die and go something like: “Anna, I can finally be with you [I’m sorry I cheated on you with so many different girls, and that last one was particularly nice, too, I really wanted to marry her]” or “I’m glad I was able to raise one helluva Garo Knight” or a combination of all of that. And then, the ring that he has will go to his unborn child with Lady Ximena, because seriously, is that the only reason that lady was introduced?! I ABHOR THIS! All of this is so cliche, though, they better not go like that, I’d be upset…

I don’t want to end it on a bad note, so I want to talk about the relationship between Leon and Alfonso [I just love their bromance, okay?! and I will probably always love to see them fight side by side – because I don’t want to see them fight against each other ever again]. I absolutely love how the Prince is sort of Leon’s big brother – they are, as I’ve discussed before, a few years apart, with Alfonso being the eldest, after all. It was funny to see a Leon all flustered because of the night(s?) he spent with Ema [he even steps in in front of her to avoid her being further injured – after all, as Alfonso has noted, she’s still injured and not in much condition to fight – and Leon has openly admitted that he is worried about her well-being. I’m glad she’s not refusing his being the “gallant knight”, since she probably knows her limit and all that, but I would not have minded her scolding him for that either, haha]. Obviously, our dear Leon is not quite ready to talk about their relationship just yet, but I hope that if he does, he would confide in his cousin more than to anyone else – although confiding in German seems… currently impossible, given his sudden change in affiliation.

Speaking of that, since Leon and Alfonso are going ‘against’ German, does that mean that they’re going against the whole Makai Knight association and/or the Watchdog Center? If so, does that mean that other knights will be dispatched to come and kill them? Or does it merely mean that they’re doing their own investigation which might go against the Watchdog Center’s policies or their orders, but they are not going to get blamed over it or anything? This upsets me. Also, when is Zaruba going to drink Leon’s life away? Because if it happens in the middle of a battle, leaving Alfonso and Ema to have to defend his arse, I’m not gonna like it.

All right people! With all of this being said, I’m just gonna end it for today!
I’ll see you all next time!

Ponyta’s out