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July 31rst, 2014

Hello there everyone,
and as usual, how are you all doing? Welcome to another ‘YouTube’ Channel recommendation of this month! *eyes the year* wow, in 2015! I better have great grades and some sort of a social life if every week, I have scheduled posts… (I hope)!! And/or I hope that by that time, I’ll have more posts ready for you guys daily (like I’m doing, combining Sword Art Online II, Sailor Moon Crystal and Legend of Korra, although by this time, the SAO II and Korra will probably have been over). [*cough* I better have started watching Empress Ki again or something…!!]

Who in this world has NOT heard of Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon (ok I actually know people who DON’T know Digimon… and to this, I say OUTRAGE), Pokemon, Medabots, Beyblade, or Yu Gi Oh?! And there are so many more, too, but in my mind at this stage, only this comes to mind, sorry!

Right, so… I’ve been following them since I was in high school (this was almost 7 years ago), wow I’m old. This is why I don’t even remember how I came upon it. I think that Jolteon or Vaporeon came home and showed this to us.

LittleKuriboh basically condenses a few episodes of Yu Gi Oh into a few minutes, following the storyline of the anime, but making it much more fun. He dubs most of all of the characters, so it’s very funny, too! It’s not always coherent, but when it is, it’s incredibly funny even if sometimes, it contains a few crude jokes. The edits are very well done in my opinion and the new storyline created by this is very funny!
Honestly, I can watch the whole series again and again without really getting tired of it, hahaha.

Even more specially, I personally love the music videos as well as the parodies that LittleKuriboh [the creator] and his team (I think) does about the Naruto Abridged. They even made MOVIES! And I absolutely loved those, too!

All right everyone,
I shall be getting going now.
Take good care of yourselves! 
Ponyta’s out!