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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 21 [Knights] 
Watched: April 6th, 2015

April 6th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
So, I had a day off today (from school), and I decided to catch up with everything (or rather, as MANY things as I could before school started again (tomorrow). I had a LOT of stuff, so I prioritized this show, just so that I could continue with the new season of anime that’s beginning soon [I’ve got my eyes set on Owari no Seraph].

It’s been so long since I watched the series, I wonder what is going to happen now… I had no intention on seeing German Luis dying or something in these last episodes, as I had predicted. I totally understood Leon Luis‘ puzzled expression and questions about how perhaps German Luis was somehow being manipulated or controlled or something of the sort, as his father would never do something like that! I liked that, while they were fighting against each other, they actually used each other’s swords, which seemed pretty rehearsed, like they’d practiced it before [I’m really happy that German Luis trusts his son’s ability so much that he wouldn’t hold back in a duel against him, trusting his son’s skills to survive]. Their fight provided Leon with this realization: that his father was not being controlled, nor was he a fake.

I really liked the way they escalated the fight; the way they usually do: they fight with their swords and their fists first, and then, if push comes to shove, they begin using their armors, which leads to even more spectacular fight sequences. They usually do this with Horrors, which is why it leads me to believe that Leon and German really weren’t holding themselves back [other than the fact that Prince Alfonso himself was commenting on it, and even later on, German saying that he would take the fight as seriously as well], as if they were using this fight to channel the negative energy they had against each other [I don’t know what German could reproach Leon? Perhaps that he hadn’t realized his true potential yet? That he dishonoured him? It seems to me like laid-back German Luis wouldn’t do such a thing, so I’m a bit skeptical at my own theory], as if this fight could give them the peace they needed. I really liked that they combined this fight with flashbacks between the two of them as German trained his son. These flashbacks offered a contrast (and yet, similarities) between how Leon perceived his father and the way he perceive his father right now. I really liked to see the way they played on that [I really love that, even within these flashbacks, German would still ask for Leon to stay and protect people, as if he definitely wanted his son to learn about protecting people, as it was the sole purpose that drives the Makai Knights (I like how child-Leon cared so much about his father that he would disobey, it’s pretty sweet, haha!!)]. So despite everything, German Luis really wasn’t that bad a father… I was wondering if Leon had ever seen his father grieve the death of his (Leon’s) mother, and I guess that we wouldn’t get to see that in these flashbacks, since they center more around the relationship that the father and son have between them.

Additionally, I’d like to mention that I liked how Emma Guzman kept Alfonso from joining the fight between father and son, as she knew more than anyone that some fights had to be fought alone [based on her own personal demons, after all!!!!].

I really like that this episode raises the question of what everyone is willing to do in order to save human kind. Are they willing to sacrifice one country/city in order to eliminate as many Horrors as they can. I like that Leon ultimately gives us the answer: that no matter how many innocents, he donned the armor of the Garo Knight in order to protect them. I would also go for that ideal, I feel. Maybe I’m just that idealistic.

It didn’t come to me as a surprise that Leon Luis wouldn’t be the one who ‘ended’ his father, but by the end of this episode, I was pretty glad that their fight ended the way it did. I really love their relationship, so it would be a shame for them to be separated for so long… So, German Luis gets to live for another episode… is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I can see him sacrificing himself for his son, more than I would see his son killing him… but I don’t know, they could be going against my predictions. And lastly about this whole father-son thing: did Leon Luis emerge from the waters holding his father’s transformation ring/thing? Because isn’t that going to prevent him from transforming later on?

So, Mendoza has decided to obtain immortality by re-animating Anima. I am not entirely sure that I understood the concept, but I’m really sad that he’s absolutely certain that the Watchdog Center will never be able to intervene on time. It’s true that they’re scattered thin, and Alchemists don’t even trust Makai Knights [note that that old man in that one episode was a Makai Alchemist who didn’t do much to vanquish the Horrors, either, so that’s… saying something], which is a bummer, because they could make such a great team (examples include: German Luis and Anna Luis! Or even Emma Guzman and Alfonso Valiente and Leon Luis!!). I wonder if, considering his knowledge, German would cease his collaboration with Mendoza, and join Leon and the others, or if he’ll still stick to the plan and eliminate Anima before it got resurrected completely.

All right, I’ll see you all next time!
Have a great day!
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