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Title: Supergirl
Episode: 1 [Pilot]
Aired: (It was leaked, I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry [but then again, it got released officially by CBS after so…yeah]); May 29th, 2015
Watched: May 25th, 2015
Re-watched: June 17th, 2015

May 29th-June 17th, 2015 

Hey there everybody!
How do you all do? I’m doing well [the day that this posts, it’ll be Quebec’s birthday! WHOOT Happy birthday to my province?], I guess! Lemme explain: As I’m writing this, I’m supposed to be writing (and submitting) a project before the end of the month… so… great, Ponyta, great, you’re procrastinating

If you are new to this blog, then I must tell you: I love callbacks. And so, I will love how the Daily Planet is mentioned [if you don’t know about it, then it’s the newspaper where Kal-El – Superman – works at with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen], and how, even though they don’t always mention him as Superman, they will still mention or show other things that are related to him, like Jimmy Olsen (James Olsen, actually, as he says, and I sort of get it, a grown man doesn’t want to be called by the nickname his mother gives him LOL) or Jor-El (who is Superman’s dad, who saved him from the exploding planet). I’m not sure I like how hyped up people are saying that Supie is. I mean, “he’s everything you want him to be and more”? Really? He sounds way too OP (Over-Powered) already, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing, just because it makes him a little bit too surreal, like an ideal that Supergirl wants to achieve, but ultimately may never be able to achieve. I never had too much problems with Superman when I was a kid, watching the Justice League cartoon series, but I know that some people, Charmander, for example, would say that, Superman, being given so many powers, appears even less human to us, and thus, is less relate-able to us, in her point of view anyway, and I can understand that. What’s interesting to see, though, is his relationship with his surrounding, how he takes in stuff and how he struggles, despite all of the powers that are given to him, based on his personality and his needs. Making him appear so OP in this series and not making him have much of an appearance makes it difficult, indeed, to relate, because you don’t see his struggles.

We were also introduced to the Phantom Zone, which really does exist in the DC comics, and it’s presented to us as a place in which time stopped flowing. As she was stuck in this ‘zone’ for a while before she managed to get unstuck and fly back to keep an eye on her baby cousin (after what? 24 years?), it is given to us as a reason as to why she is younger than her cousin [note that she doesn’t seem to have rotated around the Yellow Sun, as per her comic book origin, so this means that she might not be as powerful as Supergirl is in the comics]. We find out later that this is where Supergirl’s antagonists come from as well, and that, thanks to her, these villains escaped the Phantom Zone and crashed onto Earth.

I like James Olsen‘s introduction to us, even though I’ve seen it unfold in the extended trailer already. I like that he didn’t impose his identity on her immediately, only after she realized who he was, after he dropped a hint or two. I guess, when you’re sort of popular because of the photographies that you take of a superhero (*wink wink* Peter Parker-Spiderman*wink wink*), you get used to being tactful when you introduce yourself? Did it come off as obnoxious to you? Or was it well executed? To me, I think it was okay? I like his chemistry with Kara Danvers, I mean, he has pretty good lines, and I do like his smile, too. Jimmy is smooth.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to wonder at a few things in terms of Superman here. As I spoke about before, Superman was sort of angsty in the comics because he missed his planet [which by the way Supes, you sort of never really knew? Since you were just a babe when you left, and all that, but angst is angst, so I’ll let that slide (lol)], because he wasn’t there to save his parents, because he lost an entire culture… I think it depends on how you see it? Anyways… Since Kara was older than him when she left, could she impart him with a few of their traditions and their customs? In that way, they could spend some cousin-friendship bonding time together as she grew up [the show really makes it seem like she rarely ever talks to him. And briefly put: this bothers me. But I sort of get it, Supes, you have a lot on your plate, what with wooing Lois Lane and with taking care of Metropolis, but like, I picture you as always finding time for FAMILY, and I get that the Kents have always been there for you (they raised you) but this is your COUSIN. Would it hurt to text her sometimes? At the same time though, I can understand this: he wanted her to have a normal life and to develop into a superhero without his interference, so maybe that’s why he’s sending James Olsen to check up on her? But still… I mean, does Kara feel like she’s losing her culture? Does she feel any bad adjustments due to this low-technology that she has to adapt to? I wish we’d seen a little more of these moments…]? Or did he already somehow have/activate the Secret Sanctum (his Fortress of Solitude, I’m sure you already know of it), in which his father Jor-El has a hologram and can speak with him [I’m not joking, this is true and canon]… [in that case, Supes, shouldn’t you share that fortress with Supergirl, so that she feels more at home and stuff? Or that she can at least talk to another Kryptonian if Kal El isn’t really available for her to talk to? Or is this it? That America has successfully assimilated an alien teenager and now she has no roots to her culture? I mean, I can understand that Kal El wanted her to have “the same safe human-type childhood he did”, but ultimately, isn’t he afraid that she might go through the same identity crises that he went through? Shouldn’t he also consider her going through culture clashes if he only lets her experience human life? These things bother me, as you can see, hahaha]? Additionally, I think that if this version of Supes has access to his father’s knowledge and words of wisdom, I wish Kara‘s mother had the same insight of putting her consciousness into some kind of technology so that she could help her daughter… because just one ‘cheesy’ [but seriously great and motivational] message from the “Queen/Ruler” of Krypton is less amazing, considering that Kara’s uncle is still “alive” and can speak to his niece and son whenever they join him in the Fortress of Solitude. Of course, I could be wrong here, maybe my interpretation of Jor-El’s hologram is entirely biased by the sole times that I’ve seen him appear, too, so I take that into consideration. Overall, I understand that they’ve decided to make Superman less present in order to give Supergirl the whole presence that she needs, but I wish they could’ve explored his reasons to stay away more? Does it make sense that he’s letting Jimmy Olsen keep an eye on her progress? Sure. Does it make sense that he’s staying away and not giving her a Superheroine 101 crash course? No. Does it make sense that he doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the alien attacks? No, unless you have a good reason why you would NOT mention that he’s been working on that in this episode [Kara‘s aunt (is she Supes aunt also?) seems hellbent on taking over the planet. What is she gonna do if Supes steps in? You better give me a good reason why he’s not gonna come in and help his cousin]. I’m gonna end my Superman rant with this: I really liked that they made baby Kal-El have that “S” hair thing, that was cute [here’s a video by Mr Sunday Movies who explains to us why Superman is not recognized by other people, and some of these ways is the different hairstyle between Clark Kent (Kal El) and Superman’s (the trademark “S” hair)].

I liked Alex Danvers‘ relationship with her sister, Kara Zor-El. I would have wanted to see if there’d been some kind of difficulties in their relationship before [most probably, I mean, it’s sort of hinted at… If I believe that Hank Henshaw‘s words “You of all people should know that” sort of point out to something; in her introduction, she does also say: Even though I had the same powers he did, I decided the best thing to do is ‘fit in’. It would be extremely interesting to see what led her to believe that she should fit in, that she should assimilate this culture and repress her own powers, and abilities], which led up to such a friendship that they now entertain. I like that Alex is the big sister, who looks out for Kara (even though Kara also looks out for her, I mean, saving her plane is quite a big deal, and even though she fully believes in Kara‘s abilities to succeed whatever she decides to do) and isn’t afraid to warn her sister from becoming the city’s superheroine; she sure doesn’t hesitate to kill the mood to make sure that her sister understands how much sh@t she’s going to face as a superheroine. Despite everything, as I said: Alex Danvers still looks out for her sister, looks out for her to make sure the Fort Rozz people [how in the world did they know about Fort Rozz? Did Superman tell them? Did they investigate further? Did the villains actually REVEAL their real identities and their motives to the humans?! That would be so stupid, but I would like to know these things, seriously] don’t kill her.

Hank Henshaw [in the comics, Hank Henshaw, as you can read here, is actually a superhero: the original Cyborg] works with Alex Danvers at the D.E.O. [which protects the planet from extraterrestrial invasions and other]; Department of Extranormal Organization. Initially, he didn’t want to use Supergirl, and I wondered whether or not they were in contact with Superman, and whether or not Superman was helping them rally up the villains from the Phantom Zone.

As minor things that I’d like to criticize about Alex Danvers:
1. Why in the WORLD would she jump down the plane after the explosion and exposing her face in order to talk to her walkie-talkie? Like, wouldn’t it be safer to just… scan around first before removing her mask/helmet? How was she certain that the villain wasn’t fleeing to let some kind of companion of his come and finish the job while he led the other people astray?
2. Also, I feel like Alex changed her mind about her sister really fast. What made her change her mind exactly, about protecting her sister [was it because she decided that her sister can take care of herself even though she basically got beaten the crap out of a few hours ago? Or is it because she dislikes the way Hank Henshaw talks to her sister and wants to prove to him that her baby alien sister can do anything she wants?]? Was it shown, because I’ve watched the episode twice completely and so many times incompletely (because that’s how little my motivation was).

Cat Grant is just like the woman we saw in the trailer and seems to be the same that we’ve seen in my previous post. I think I’ve already voiced my displeasure at seeing her like that, but I guess I sort of understand. Kara does need some kind of antagonist to match with the real life that she lives. Does she have to be blonde though? Couldn’t you have taken a different ethnicity? Couldn’t you have given a little more diversity? I mean that main protagonist is also blonde… Is it to provide some sort of symbolism that they sort of resemble each other? Or to provide for some comparison? I guess her physical resemblance to Young Justice‘s sweet Cat Grant still makes me upset LOL. I look forward to seeing whether or not she’ll get some kind of redemption episode (or a whole arc of some kind), but let’s face it… even J.J. Jameson from the Daily Bugle is sort of almost defined by his constant hatred of Spiderman, so I couldn’t hate on the authors to keep Cat Grant as… a stagnant character? That is, if they choose to follow the J.J. Jameson blueprint. I wonder if they’ll talk about the Tribune NOT being downsized, because now, CatCo Worldwide Media has its own superheroine [Cat Grant did say that “this girl [Supergirl] is exactly what they need to “save” the Tribune” so does this mean that they won’t be firing people any time soon or…?].

Let’s talk about Supergirl’s sidekick, Winslow “Winn” Schott. Here’s what we know about him: He writes this blog which seems to be gathering alien sightings [wasn’t it foreshadowing that made him go to Kara and tell her about the sightings of robbery made by men with horns on their heads? I don’t understand how they aren’t aware that there are aliens out there, does it mean that Superman didn’t tell them that he’s one? Or does he mean: “I’m telling you, besides Superman, there are other aliens on Earth!”?] and information of the like, and seems to be a hacker [these things will come in handy, not just as she becomes a better, full-fledged heroine, but also as she might need more information when tracking down the villains, especially in the event where Henshaw‘s team/organization won’t share information with her], and he has a thing for Kara Danvers. She trusts him enough [for some reason? What’s their history, other than he’s her work-desk neighbor?], since he is the first non-related person in her entourage to which she relays her secret. We also know that he was based off of Toyman, who is a villain in the Superman comics and who is highly mentally unstable (as are many villains, no?). For more information about this guy, you can watch this video made by WatchMojo.

Something I really didn’t likeThe Lesbian and the Gayness moment on the roof. In my preshow post, I had hoped (against hope) that they would say something else or that they would write something following that scene which wouldn’t sound so… negative. I guess I expected too much, and/or I’m just a butt-hurt person and it didn’t really offend anyone else…? Additionally, we know that he has feelings for Kara [I wondered for a moment there if she was aware of his feelings for her, and if she’s trying to say ‘no’ to him as she friend-zones him enough so that he won’t ever ask her out again], since he keeps sort of trying to spend time with her (maybe on a date? or is it just because he wants to befriend her in general? And that’s why he’s happy that she wants his help to start off her superhero “act”?). At any rate, I really hope his love for her won’t be used against him for any reason, and I hope this isn’t the sole reason as to why he would become the Toyman, if he ever will be [or if his name was simply used as an Easter Egg for us fans…?].

It was nice to see the evolution of her costume as Supergirl in the comics inside of one single episode, as she learned the ropes [it’s pretty realistic, I mean, it’s not because you saved one plane (with difficulties, because she didn’t know how to fly at first), that she’s gonna know how to be a superheroine instantaneously, there was bound to be mishaps here and there, and it was fun to watch and see (especially the world’s reaction to seeing a female superheroine flying in the sky and saving people, and then her reaction to those people’s reactions, haha)]. It was sort of a pretty good homage to the comics, I guess [I much prefer the non-revealing costume they chose to go with, it might be just my personal preference though, but I think it links up to the recent Superman movie much more and has a more realistic feel to it?]? This does make me wonder if Scott will be working with the Department of Extranormal Organization [or at least if Alex Danvers is gonna be some kind of a liaison between the dynamic duo (oops wrong combo) and the DEO?] any time soon. As a hacker/superhero-alien enthusiast, he could be a great asset, no? Just me? All right.

They did a fairly good job showing us who the real big bad was right off the bat. It seems like it will be Kara Zor El’s own aunt, who is the sister of Kara’s mother, Alura Zor El. Kara’s father is Superman’s father’s uncle, which means that this woman isn’t really related to Superman. However, it seems like her plans to rule the earth SHOULD collide with Superman, so I’m wondering why Superman hasn’t intervened or doesn’t seem like he intervened whatsoever. I wonder if they’ll talk about Krypton’s destruction being caused by her aunt. It seems like Alura, Kara’s mother, was born with royalty in her blood [ok technically she says it’s her “right”?], and that it wasn’t Kara’s father that was born a leader, but her mother, which is a fairly nice spin on the whole thing. I think it might be a comic related thing, too. I wonder if we’ll keep seeing Alura in flashbacks or other things, because it would be a shame not to see her much anymore after these small scenes in which she shows her daughter how much she loves her.

I LOVE the picture that they took of Kara [I can’t find a good picture of it, so here it is, behind Alex Danvers instead] while she was on the plane wing. It looks somewhat enlightened, symbolic of the moment in which she found her true calling, which wasn’t to fetch coffee or layouts for a news reporting company, but to follow the steps of her cousin, Kal El, and to become a hero for the (American) world. It’s sort of a nice contrast to how Superman‘s first picture was taken, right? His was up in the sky, almost unreachable to the humans, whereas her first picture was close to the people, close to where she can protect them? Whereas his is in the skies and during the day, hers is at night, with a beam of light over her (from helicopters?). Anyways, I do wish I’d had a better picture OF that picture.

Otherwise, I wonder why Supergirl just… accepts the nickname after awhile in the episode. She should’ve said why: it’s because she’s not yet a Kryptonian woman; she hasn’t achieved her full potential as of yet, or something like that. I would have appreciated it more.

I’m not sure how I would qualify the visual effects of the series. I don’t mind it whatsoever [yet anyways]? I don’t watch enough live action to be able to qualify the CG as “good” or “bad”. The sound effects are pretty good and somewhat happy-go-lucky when they need to be, but somewhat heroic when the scene demands for it, so that seems fine (by me anyways). Some lines of dialogue, especially at the beginning, were definitely cheesy (and even Supergirl’s aunt said some cheesy stuff back there by the end, though).

There was this one Asian dude – Hayashi (?), who had needed help with comps? And Kara had done it for him, making him call her a life saver because Cat Grant praised “his” [her] work. Now, I know that a lot of us said that we didn’t like the fact that not a lot of visible minorities were shown in the trailer, let alone had any dialogue whatsoever, but I wonder if it was good to cast her helping out an Asian. Is it because the show needed us to know that Supergirl‘s abilities to help CatCo Worldwide Media extends beyond even an Asian’s abilities with comps? Or am I just grasping at straws [I guess somewhere I’m happier that she proved her superiority to a MAN rather than to prove her superiority to fellow woman?]?

Here’s IGN‘s video review of the pilot, and here’s ComicsExplained‘s video take on the pilot episode! Here’s ComicBookCast2‘s video as well. Of course, these people reviewing it are really just guys, reviewing a show that is sort of meant to empower women? So here’s a few thoughts of the Pilot from women! ThatHashtagShow also made a video about the 10 things you may have missedSammie Reads also reviews the trailer.

JUNE 27TH, 2015 -> EDIT: Emergency Awesome also made a breakdown of the Phantom Zone for this.

JULY 25TH, 2015 -> EDIT: ItsSuperEffective has made a list of all the existing Supergirls! If you’re interested, totally check it out!

Like I said or thought, I don’t even remember: I am not sure if I’m going to review every episode of this series, and I’m not sure if I will continue to watch the series either, but here’s the date for the show’s premiere: October 26th, 2015. I’ll be sure to check it out by then at least, for a couple of episodes, maybe it’ll be somewhat better/explained. I do like the actress, I’m hoping for more diversity in casting and less cheesy dialogue [it doesn’t mean that she’s a female superhero that she needs to be treated any different from the male superheroes].

At any rate, I’ll see you around!
Take good care of yourselves!
( ̄~ ̄;)ウーン・・・  Ponyout!