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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 22 [Dreadly Focus] 
Watched: April 6th, 2015

April 6th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I swear, I meant to watch this so much earlier than I have… I forgot how much I loved this show? I do know why I stopped watching though: I didn’t want German Luis to die (and I still don’t, I just really need to finish this anime so I can have some closure and move on to the next anime season, haha).

I like how they remembered that Jiruba dislikes speech, so she only spoke what she had to before returning to silence (I wondered if we would see Jiruba and Zaruba speak together [or somehow interact with each other? How do benign Horrors communicate with each other? Do they have some kind of society or a club? “Hey! I’m also helping the humans!” “Great! Welcome to the club!” kind of conversation, or maybe a conversation about how dumb their Knights are? I dunno], but it seems like they do not). Hahaha. Oh, it seems like even without Jiruba, German can still fight and he can still don the armour, that makes sense, though, since, even with his broken Zaruba ring, Leon Luis could still summon his armour in the first few episodes [then what’s the use of having a ring and a benign Horror if you can still summon its armour?! Is he less powerful without it? These questions plague me]. It seems like any human who touches the Makai Knight’s armors will end up being electrocuted and, prolonged physical contact to it might end up in their death, which is why German Luis had to make his armor scarce when Octavia threw herself at it. But then again, maybe the armour burned Octavia simply because it sensed that she wanted to harm German? Who knows?

It’s so weird that the Tetris Tiles represent the souls of Makai Knights that have fallen, sacrificed to the Anima (as is explained to us anyway). I guess I only find it weird because souls usually have a ghost-like form or something for me? Maybe I misunderstood what Mendoza and German said about the red blocks, too? Garm is one of the smartest oracles in the Watchdog Center, it seems, as we hear from both Mendoza and German Luis, so I wonder what in the world Garm will do to prevent Anima from being revived. In that particular scene, as German openly admitted that he wished to stop and slay Mendoza [I sort of wished he hadn’t revealed his plans so… openly and so early? I guess because he hadn’t known when his son and company would come, and he sensed that he had to hurry up and stop everyone as soon as possible, before even the Watchdog Center could sacrifice Valiente [this is something we know he’s also against, so he would actually go against the Watchdog’s orders in order to save people, which means that he’s really on the same page as his son and his nephew], so he had to be as prickly as possible to Mendoza or something… and/or he really needed to keep the gates open so that Leon and associates could come over and save the day], Octavia frowned so badly that I thought she might be the end of him, but we all know that he’s not so weak that someone like her could take him down [come on, dude, you have to survive! If not for Leon Luis, then you gotta do it for Lady Ximena, I mean, you shouldn’t go ahead and forget about her just because it’s been a few episodes since she appeared!].

As I mentioned time and time again, I didn’t want German Luis to die, and I’m glad that, at the end of this episode, Octavia sort of spared him – after all, she has the younger Makai Knights to take care of first, and she knows that Mendoza already did a pretty big number on German, and he’s basically pretty much weak prey at the moment. I’d like Emma Guzman to take down Octavia and have the two cousins team up against Anima and Mendoza, let German Luis take a huge breather [I mean, he WAS the one who did a LOT of the job, out there!!!], and let him be alive for the rest of the series, until Season 2, you know? At any rate, I was so moved by the fact that both father and son believe in each other so much that they would say almost the same thing in the same episode [about waiting for each other, that is]. I thought that was really cute [I also found cute that Leon Luis was a bit worried for his dad, especially when he saw German take the plunge and fall into the cliff – pretty sure Leon also saw how injured his father was, too].

Are we just never going to talk about this city thing that’s getting closer and closer?! WHAT’S ITS PURPOSE?! TO ANNIHILATE ANIMA?! HOW!?! 

I also liked how Emma Guzman advises the two Knights who are accompanying her not to lose focus and die, as if it wasn’t the most obvious thing to do while in the fray. The funniest thing is when Mendoza actually sent them to our world [although it seems like the world was severely inhabited, but how did he know to send them there? Has he ever been there, and that’s why he sent him there? Or does he just open these portals here and there but doesn’t know where they lead to, just that they’ll close on the victims forever if they stay in there for too long?]. It really made Emma Guzman shine in her amazing abilities as outstanding Makai Alchemist, which is something she definitely doesn’t get to do as often as I would have wished [I like that Leon is still shown to be pretty protective of her, but she’s also pretty protective, in her own way?].

Bottom line: German Luis, if you die, I’m very sad and I won’t know how to mourn you.

All right peoplez!
I’m going to take my leave,
So I’ll see you all next week or something [unless I decide to mourn until next year or something]! 
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