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Title: Sable Maze – Sullivan River [Facebook]
Edition: Collector’s
By: Daily Magic Productions [interview]
Started: September 2nd, 2014
Finished: September 3rd, 2014
Rated: 8.5/10
Difficulty: Hard Mode
Fullscreen: Can be turned off
Duration: ~ 4 hours

September 2nd, 2014 

Hello there people of the Internet,
and how are you all doing? It’d been awhile since I last played a Hidden Object Game and since I decided that I was mentally exhausted today (first day back to school since July), I decided I would spend some time on a game (because that’s what you should normally do (not)).

The one I chose is the first of its series, called Sable Maze – Sullivan Rider, and its sequel is Sable Maze 2 – Norwich Caves, which I believe I will attempt to play for next month’s review. I believe there is a third installment of this game, called Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden, which also sounds pretty good, and which I will attempt to acquire and play for the second month after this one [I can’t guarantee anything though]. 

The story line was well thought out and deals with themes such as bullying, intimidation and maternal love. The concept was extremely good, they have done good research for my eyes (my knowledge about Celtic culture and lore being a little limited). I would have wanted for the character of Derrick and Alyssa (as well as Quentin’s) to be more developed, but for a four hour long game, it was pretty well done!! I liked the bonus chapter at the end because it tied some loose-ends well. It even gave the player a warning about other mazes, which means that there will be sequels (which I will be playing).

The art [which was done, I suspect, by this artist] is marvelously well done and you can simply tell that by the color scheme of the images I show here that it’s meant to instill fear. Not only that, but the cutscenes were well done (as well as the voice actors and the effects they’ve put into these voices).

The first time the ‘boy’ in our dreams appeared to me, I literally screamed in shock. I wasn’t really expecting that [thank goodness I was playing by myself… or maybe that’s what made me panic more]. To be honest, I lost count of all of the times I screamed while playing the game.

The very first Hidden Object board that I encountered needed more interactions (in order to find the objects) than normal Hidden Object Games I’ve played so far. In this game, the hidden object boards present themselves in the shape of a list of words through which you need to find the object on the board. There was nothing too difficult about the Hidden Object boards, otherwise.

As for the puzzles… well the most notable one, which gave me a lot of… the three circles with the clowns, where you had to turn dials in order to reach the correct image for all of the clowns… that one was TOUGH [you can see the image above]. The other puzzles certainly range from “easy” to “difficult”, but if you have patience, you should be able to find everything pretty easily.

I cannot find many things to flaw this game with; it was scary, it was good, so I would recommend it to you! Don’t play it alone or do, but not in the dark, at night, because that was really intense to play.

As I may or may not have mentioned, I look forward to playing the sequels!!
I’ll see you next month (for a game review) or later this week (for maybe a weekly review, if I still do that this year), or even next week (for another monthly review/recs).
Take good care of yourselves!!

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