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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 23 [Doom] 
Watched: May 14th, 2015

May 14th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I hope everyone is going well! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone here on this blog, so let’s get started! Don’t forget that there are spoilers in posts like this!

Let me be super honest: I’ve been avoiding to finish this series solely because I’m still deadly scared that German Luis will somehow perish in these two episodes, but the weekly reviews for Garo The Animation episodes have started to catch up, and I need to get this blog going again, so I decided to make myself to into the mood to watch the series. I guess that, after having waited so long, I’ve done my mourning, so that now, I am almost senseless to his death… but I’d still be happy if he were still alive…

Let’s start the episode now

It upset me so badly that, due to his injuries and due to his fighting before that, German Luis succumbed to Mendoza [well, fights aren’t meant to be fair, especially with bad guys like those]. It also upset me because Lady Ximena actually tried to reach German. What did she think she was going to be able to do, I wondered as she raced towards Alfonso‘s, Emma Guzman‘s and Octavia‘s fight [I liked that Emma and Alfonso got some bonding time by fighting, proving that they’re as compatible fighters as each of them with Leon Luis].

Something else that disturbed me was Octavia‘s obsession with Mendoza [she didn’t even question him when it was revealed to her that Mendoza had given her an armor that eats at its wearer’s flesh and energy]. She actually absorbed his hand into her chest… that was super difficult to accept seeing [even as she attempted to explain her worshipping of Mendoza, I felt like I could understand it, but I really liked how Emma had a comeback for that]. I really liked watching Emma fight against Octavia, even though I must say that I wondered why they had to make a woman fight against another woman. I couldn’t believe that Emma could possibly have gotten shot, that leg gun was a surprise out of nowhere, truthfully [at least… please tell me she doesn’t succumb to her injuries, I know Leon’s a strong man, but losing three women in his life (Lara, Emma and his mom) PLUS losing his dad might be too much for him. And also tell me that Alfonso isn’t dead…].

I liked that Leon‘s relationship with Emma Guzman as well as his previous adventures have helped him mature enough that he didn’t succumb to Mendoza‘s ultimate taunts. After all, she told him, after a kiss, not to lose himself, no matter what. I would have liked it for the Gaia Knight and the Garo Knight to be fighting together, alongside. Alfonso had the people to defend from Garm and the Watchdog center, after all, whereas Leon had to defend the people from Mendoza and Anima, so I guess that’s important to take into consideration.

If there’s a character that I disliked as much as I did Mendoza and Octavia, it’s probably Garm. I understand it, I mean, I really do. In order to stop Anima, if he/she thinks that the only way was to destroy a whole city, with all its people inside (notice how he/she didn’t even think of evacuating the city before doing so?!), in order to save a bigger population, I guess I would also try and do that. But I would’ve evacuated the people, I would’ve attempted  OTHER means. Now, because of her/him, Alfonso wasted all of his energy and how in the world is he gonna be able to fight alongside his cousin now?! And plus, if Garm really is so powerful, couldn’t he/she go out of the Watchdog center and do something?! Just saying, Garm, go and be useful…

Well, no signs of German Luis, it seems…?
I know I said I did my mourning but… I’m still sad [I’ll… I’ll see you next episode]. 
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Ponyta’s out! ♡♥o(´ ▽`)