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Title: How I loathe being a Magical Girl
By: NomnomNami
Links: Smackjeeves and DeviantArt

January 8th, 2014

In a crave for Magical Girls [I strongly think that it may have been because I didn’t get my Magical Girl episode of Doki Doki Precure or other series], I scoured the Internet for something Magical Girl related. The Forces of the Internet brought me to this particular webcomic.

It thrilled me that something was so cute in artstyle and so relevant to my craving for Magical Girl stories.

This is completely or almost different and it has a new take on stories. Where sailor scouts have to maintain their secret identities – like superheroes do, Amelia just chooses to go the Iron Man way, but the twist is: she LOATHES being a Magical Girl! And this opens up to SO MANY levels of plots and everything. It sort of reminds me of Battle Dog, come to think of it (though one is set in its own separate universe).

Anyways, I really encourage you to read this if you kind of like cute artstyle? If you like the concept of Magical Girls? It makes a good parody that you can relate to because some of the Magical Girl Tropes are featured there (and some of them, explained)!

I look forward to this new comic’s updates a lot and I hope that you guys will also enjoy it when/if you pick it up!

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