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Title: Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
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Episode: 24 [Chiastolite] 
Watched: May 14th, 2015

May 14th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I hope you’re faring well!! Summer has probably started, right? Are you working this summer? Are you taking a break from all the stress? I’m… summer has started, but I’m still not sure what I’m going to do until August… Watch anime, maybe? Did you actually think that I would go on another hiatus after watching episode 23? Nah. So here go my thoughts on episode 24! Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned! I’d also like to make sure you’re aware there are gory gifs in this episode post… I guess I was never aware of it before but hey, I suffered through it, you’re gonna do the same.

Tuck that stupid face of yours away, Mendoza… How obscene of you!

What better way to start off the episode with the hateful Mendoza stabbing himself, transforming into some kind of giant embryo [with a giant head (am I the only one who saw that?)] and then becoming some kind of half naked dude with abs that make my eyes bleed because I hate the character so much [by fusing with the Anima, I guess, since it basically disappeared from the scene after he made that weird gesture. How in the world did he acquire the alchemy to seal the anime inside of himself? How in the world was he able to do this? With a demon that powerful, wouldn’t he need some kind of permission?!] who can fire giant fists as well as regenerate from a head cut [that’s just nasty]? I guess that’s what Immortality looks like (since he’s been aiming for that his whole Makai Alchemist career), but, if you end up looking like that, I wouldn’t want to become immortal, just saying. Mendoza, go and review your life choices. You’re wrong on all possible accounts, [I mean, it’s better not to live eternally, you get to see people you love die and are with the knowledge that you will never ever join them, you’ll never have eternal peace. What’s the great thing about that? That’s just my opinion anyway].

I truly love that Leon has matured so much. He was able to find a comeback for Mendoza‘s argument about immortality. I say this so often, that he has matured, because, if you compare him from the first episodes, the rash child who only cared about vengeance and killing off every single monster in his path to obtain it, to this man, who fights to protect people, who fights for his father’s ideology (as well as all of the fallen Makai Knights’ ideology, in fact), you’ve truly seen character development, and that, as a writer, I approve of, I commend, and I will not be able to help but to comment on it.

You tell him, honey!

I was glad to see that Alfonso had not perished. I also liked that we get to see his master, the previous Gaia Knight give him a piece of his mind and one last piece of advice before leaving. I always like it when the two cousins help each other out, especially when it’s in a fight against Mendoza or his minions. Of course, Alfonso and Emma aren’t in any condition to fight, I mean, they’ve given their all, whereas Leon has barely started to fight, so it was almost OK to see them send him his father’s last weapon, in order for him to fight Mendoza properly [because technically, that’s sort of called helping? Even if I would’ve wanted Alfonso to get a piece of that]. And what do I say about the fact that Alfonso was the one who screamed at Leon, telling him not to trap Mendoza into Makai, due to the fact that Leon would not be able to return? I like their bromance so much. I like also like Emma, while she was more silent than Alfonso, also showed that she cared for Leon by keeping the gates open long enough for Leon to come back to them, and she even accepts to be punched in order to stay away – conscious enough to keep the gate open for the man she’s come to love.

Has fusing Makai armours ever been done before in Makai history, I wonder? One knight would have to have the bloodline of two Makai Knight families in order to be able to don the two armors at the same time. Following this logic, I think that even Alfonso could have donned the Gaia Armor as well as the Garo armor at the same time, right?

Truly, Leon‘s final form is so OP, just what he needs in order to fight the “god-like” Mendoza. It was so hilarious that the hero looks a little bit like a demon, whereas Mendoza resembles a human more. It shocked me that Leon‘s flames came back – and I immediately recognized that as his mother, Anna. I was so happy that he got to speak to her, to see her truly for who she was, one more time. It must give him a sense of closure he didn’t think he needed, but he did. In the end, she was able to use her flames to help him. I also love that in the end, both of his parents helped him out. She helped him by ensuring that Mendoza would stay in Makai while German Luis summoned a horse that would lead him out of it. Before German left, I’m so happy to see that he sent a small glance towards Anna before asking Leon to go see Lady Ximena for him [THAT WAS HILARIOUS, like he didn’t want Anna to know that he had been cheating on her when she probably already knew].

In ‘exchange’ for saying goodbye to his parents one final time – even though I’m sure he’ll keep thinking about them as he grows older – Leon was able to return to the surface, to greet Alfonso and Emma, who had been fighting to keep the gates open. Just look at their happy eyes when they see the young man come back to them! It’s amazing [even though we don’t get to know whose arms embraced him first (I like to think they both caught him at the same time)].

I’m so happy to have seen that the fake Garo Knight was able to get a comeback somehow. I also loved that Alfonso stayed true to himself and helped out people as he could, not being afraid to dirty his hands in order to show to them his respect and his support. Ultimately, he gets to find a girl [one of the daughters of some aristocrats from court, and they were seen cleaning some clothes, too, so it means that they might not be obnoxious or anything, so I approve] that he actually might like, so you know what? I’d like to see some of that during Season 2. It seemed like Leon would keep himself away from the construction process – I wonder why? Is it because he has other things to do, or is it because he doesn’t want people to know that he’s Alfonso’s cousin, so he has to keep his distance? Or because he has to take care of Lady Ximena for his father [after all, I mean, and I did predict it, she IS pregnant with German‘s child, and plus, Jiruba seems to say that it will be a boy, since she said that it would be a Knight… That means that the child will have to have Uncle Alfonso and Bro Leon Luis to teach him how to become a Zoro Knight, like his father (German Luis)]? I’m glad to see that they are still so supportive of each other, just look at the way they look at each other! These two have the bromance to last for a lifetime and more. Please make more scenes with the two of them in the future episodes!

This symbolizes both German (because he’d been looking for white flowers for Lady Ximena) but also Lara, obviously.

I’m glad that Leon didn’t forget Lara, that she didn’t turn out to be such a refrigerator girlfriend [look it up], even though he has found another, who still leaves him… He tells Emma that he can’t leave, even though she will leave (implying that he wants to go with her). I liked that Zaruba ended up asking Emma if she would return in his place, because he’s too timid to ask her. I liked that her answer wasn’t a yes or no, but that he should become a good man, which means that he still has a lot to learn, which basically means that he has to go through a lot more adventures and grow up even more. I would love to watch that.

Overall, even though I felt like I didn’t quite understand all of the knowledge there is to know about the Garo universe, it was still a pleasant storyline to follow. I had a little bit of difficulty with the gore but I guess this is almost the same gore concept as Claymore, so I guess I shouldn’t mind as much. If they choose to make a Season 2 – I think they did announce they would do just that – I would definitely watch it, because I want to know where Emma Guzman is going, how the GermanxXimena-baby is growing up to be (and if it turns out that German did have other children with other women) and how Alfonso and Leon have developed their fighting styles and have matured. I can’t wait for more!

Until next time!
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