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July 29th, 2014

Hey there, people of le Internet!
How are you all doing on this beautiful day of July [I’m just hoping it is, because today, it’s a pretty decent day!]? For those of you who have summer class still, I hope that’s going well! For those of you who don’t, but have work, I hope that’s also going well! For those of you who are lazying around, stop reading this and go outside [unless it’s pouring rain], says the Ponyta on Fire who is afraid of tanning in the sun [shameless plug] (well you can do whatever you want, really)!

So, today, I’m sharing with you OnlyLeigh‘s channel. She’s one of the best animators that I know, her art style is so memorable, simple and yet so complex. There are so many details… I can’t help it, I really admire her.

Not only that, but Leigh has an extensive knowledge about just about EVERY fandom there is!! She can parody so many ones, and pretty well, too! I don’t know all of them, and YET, AND YET, I love her videos, because I actually get interested enough about the shows that I look it up, and I laugh enough more because it’s just so accurate!

My favourite videos of her uploads (so far as I write this) are by far:
– Agent Coulson [x]
– Mean Girls a la Hobbits [x]
– Thorested Development [x]

All righties, I’ll let you go now!
See you all!

(´・ω・`)?  Ponyout!  (´・ω・`)?