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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 02
Aired: June 9th, 2015
Watched: June 15th, 2015

June 21rst, 2015

Hello there everyone!
How are you all doing? I know right? I’m actually writing the review for another episode of this series, I can hardly believe it myself! I needed a way to get my mind off of things, so I thought: ‘why not continue reviewing this series, since in two days, I get to watch the 5th episode!!! I need to be ready!!‘, so here I am!

Warning: there will be a gif in which a character is almost half naked, and also, there are spoilers, but by the time you receive this, the episode will have aired for at least a month, so technically… not really spoilers?

This episode begins where the first episode left off, that is the first time Yoon Ha “faces” off with Joon Ki, whom she feels is impolite towards her because he didn’t return her greetings. Joon Ki recognized her from seeing her at the hotel, dressed up like a… well… a person up to no good.

It was even more evident that Yoon Ha was hiding her identity as an heiress, as they took the public transport to go to Lee Ji Yi‘s home/apartment. She doesn’t hide everything though, as Lee Ji Yi guesses that Yoon Ha came to her because the heiress had a fight with her mom [Bull’s eye]. Yoon Ha reveals to her friend that she made a DNA test with her mom’s hair and her own, and it revealed that, indeed, Yoon Ha and her mother had DNA match, and that they were indeed related. This crushed Yoon Ha, I guess, because it shows that, even though Mother and she are related, Mother would still not treat her well. Lee Ji Yi, when told this story, goes for another aspect of the story that jumped out most to her: the fact that the DNA test must have been expensive, and that Yoon Ha must have some kind of rich family. Despite not knowing a lot about Yoon HaLee Ji Yi outwardly tells her that she’s a good person (Yoon Ha) and that they wished they could be roomies. I wouldn’t mind whatsoever if they are end-game [look at their friendship?! It’s unbreakable, all right? Please don’t make them fight for the same guy. They’re too amazing and awesome together to be fighting. Also somewhere deep inside me, I will fight you if you say with certainty that Yoon Ha is 100% straight].

When you have a lot to hide, that means you carry a lot of sadness. (Lee Ji Yi)

It’s revealed to us that even though Lee Ji Yi could marry Joon Ki and get out of “poverty”, she doesn’t want to marry him for that, she wants to be independent no matter what, and doesn’t like the idea of leeching onto a guy [let’s point out here that Yoon Ha‘s mother is sort of leeching off to her father]. Yoon Ha clashes with her and asks what’s wrong with depending on each other with a significant other, to which Lee Ji Yi counters that even the rich people are working [and she reveals that she follows Seo Hyun (the bratty older sister who lost an engagement) on social media, which shocks Yoon Ha (I wonder if Seo Hyun would take selfies with Yoon Ha in the background, what would Lee Ji Yi say?!)]. Together, they agree that they won’t always be poor, since they save up money, because unlike the rich people like Seo Hyun, they know the value of money.

Just because of Yoon Ha‘s suspicious connection to the “Jerk Director” (Chang Soo), Lee Ji Yi begins to pester her a little about her true identity. She even goes as far as to check Yoon Ha‘s clothes for brand labels, because the clothes she wears are so fancy and yet have no tags [Yoon Ha, removing your labels, that’s very good, that’s very good as a person who needs to go undercover, who in the world taught you that?]. Lee Ji Yi begins to lecture her on not pursuing a relationship with someone this rich because it might not be worth it in the end. She really looks out for her friend a lot [and let’s admit it: Yoon Ha also looks out for her friend too, after all, she tried to get Joon Ki to go on a dinner date with Lee Ji Yi and also tried to protect her from Chang Soo the moment she saw that her drunken friend was in the car with him, and I must say she must’ve been scared that her friend had gotten hurt or something], even going as far as to try and convince Joon Ki to reinstate Yoon Ha since Lee Ji Yi apologized for both of them [She also reveals to us (by revealing it to Joon Ki) that bad things happen to people who are mean to Yoon Ha (I wonder if this means that she uses her connections to get back at people who are mean to her at her part-time work (and she shows this as she texts her brother a picture of this bad lady and asks him to ‘take care of it’)], and I love their relationship!

Yoon Ha really has a good big brother [I’ll likely call him Vice President, but from Chang Soo‘s number, it seems like his name is Jang Gyung Joon]. He came over to the house to make sure that Chang Soo didn’t do her wrong when they met up for a blind date. He knows Chang Soo and says that he wants to punish him if he did anything to his baby sister [big brothers should always be like that, I don’t care if it’s cliche].

Afterwards, Jang Gyung Joon called Chang Soo to his office, only to punch him for saying that Yoon Ha has no manners [because she didn’t attend school in Korea; is this true, or is this not true? It would make sense, but then I’m not sure]. Because Jang Gyung Joon did this, Chang Soo realizes that his initial assessment of Yoon Ha [that no one listens to her in her household] was wrong. Nevertheless, even when he’s busy talking with their father and trying to get a solution for the TaeJin company, whenever his little sister texts him, even though he can’t answer a call, he would still text her back within a few minutes! That’s dedication, Big Brother!

Yoon Ha reveals to us that when they were young, her brother never really paid any attention to her, and she’s surprised that he’s so nice now [he says that once you get older, you become nicer, which is something she’s surprised to hearing (maybe because despite their mother’s old age, she’s not anymore near as nice), because you “age, have divorced, failed multiple businesses, and got betrayed by people (his older sister Ye Won for example)” [notice that he doesn’t mention his daughter]]. Yoon Ha reveals to us (as well as to her brother) that she’s jinxed, and that people who love her always disappear, which is why she doesn’t want her brother to be nice to her, she doesn’t want him to disappear [to which he responds that he’s too popular with girls, and that’s why she can’t help but like him]. She also reveals to her brother that, using her secret fund (made by working her part-time job? And she’s been saving up money that she receives) she bought their company’s stocks [I think it means that once she gets enough, she’ll have a say and considerable weight in the family business?]. She also has plans to start a company with Lee Ji Yi. Her plans are ambitious but sound, I think. This genuinely surprises (in the good way) her brother [and he wants to support her, I’m sure].

Seo Hyun (Middle Sister anyway) answers our questions! The reason why she hates her youngest sister, she says, is because she’s detestable, that their parents don’t care about her, so that Yoon Ha can live, eat, sleep and fool around as much as she wants, whereas Seo Hyun, even if she waned to fool around, doesn’t want to work for the company [but I guess she has to]. I liked to see Yoon Ha fight back against her sister at least once [I was sad to see that in the end, it still felt like Seo Hyun had the winning hand].

Due to her encounter with Middle Sister, Yoon Ha decides to tell her brother not to “take care” of that rich old lady who said her friend was a geisha.

Her third and most unlikely ally comes in the form of that one dude who spilled water onto her head and spread rumors about how she was crazy and had a boyfriend. That’s right. Chang Soo. Despite this, when he discovers that she had actually been working in the Food Market in which he’s the director, he ultimately ends up not spilling her secret. Perhaps he admires her for trying to be independent [and maybe because, unabashedly, she told him exactly what was wrong with Premium Food Market, something that, for 2 episodes now, Joon Ki has been investigating (the concept sucks and the profits too)] and maybe he also leaves her alone because she’s friends with Lee Ji Yi [but then again by this point, he hasn’t seen how lovey-dovey the girls treat each other, but she does allude, in their conversation, of having a coworker friend whom she wants to stay with; but it’s really only AFTER Yoon Ha‘s conversation with him, that he sees Lee Ji Yi jump on Yoon Ha to make sure she was okay, so maybe he connected the dots by himself at that moment]. Yoon Ha might have impressed him as she said that she’d rather quit than to ask him formally to not spill her secrets [he does sort of follow her orders, since when Joon Ki asked him, Chang Soo chose not to spill the beans, and I feel like, for Chang Soo NOT to tell his BESTEST FRIEND means that somewhere, Yoon Ha must have impressed him somewhat (or he’s deathly scared of her brother, which I can also acquiesce to)].

Birth of a new ship 

Lee Ji Yi and Chang Soo meet for the first time. For fun (perhaps because), he introduces himself to her as an “incredibly” unemployed person [I wondered if he said this as an inside joke, because he, in fact, does not work and really only lets Joon Ki do all his job for him, but he later reveals to his friend he said that so that she wouldn’t act all lovey-dovey with him if she knew that he was rich and could provide her with money if they dated, of course, we know that Lee Ji Yi isn’t the type to do this, but nevertheless, Chang Soo doesn’t know that], but that his best friend is Joon Ki (whom she’d been waiting for, to give him a breakfast she prepared herself, because she’d noted (and she only reveals this to Yoon Ha) that Joon Ki had lost some weight since the time she’d seen him before). Chang Soo immediately takes a liking to teasing Lee Ji Yi and, before she escapes, comments that she must like him, which she completely denies [to Yoon Ha, though, she compares this relationship that she has with Joon Ki to a student liking their teacher (a comparison I find a little creepy, but who hasn’t read shoujo mangas in which the heroines fall for their young and good looking teachers?)], in front of Joon Ki, and when she denies to not liking Joon Ki when he questions her, Chang Soo comments that she’s so indecisive. Thus, he earns mistrust from her and frown at him whenever she sees him, despite him smiling rather charmingly at her [maybe it’s because he got an injury in the corner of his mouth and she thinks he got into a fight or something, between that morning and the next moment she sees him]. I guess the fact that she knows he ruined the breakfast intended for Joon Ki didn’t help his charms, certainly.

Not only does he seem to sort of like her [I mean like, how can you not, Chang Soo, I’ll forgive you], Chang Soo has taken an appreciation to her cuisine, since he ate the breakfast that Lee Ji Yi packed for Joon Ki [even though, in his speech, it sort of sounds like Chang Soo was jealous, that he didn’t want anyone to have his friend’s attention, which is why, the moment he saw that this girl was interested in his friend, he needed to let his friend know, that she might be a gold digger, he also ate the breakfast himself, because he didn’t want his friend to fall in love with her cooking? Or he was just hungry]. I wonder if, while he’s spending some more time with her [because let’s be honest, they’re probably gonna be spending more time together in the future, yeah? He’s gonna become more invested in helping his best friend with saving the one thing he’s the director of], he wonders if she’ll ever cook a meal for him, and if it’ll be as good as the meals he eats prepared by a professional chef [if you can’t tell, I ship this pairing really bad].

Inconsistency? In the scene when Lee Ji Yi goes back to work after giving the breakfast to Joon Ki, she says: “Deputy Manager’s rich friend just killed my mood this morning” so I guess she didn’t really fall for his saying that he was unemployed (I guess the suit gave him away?). Maybe when he meant that he was unemployed, he meant that he was still rich, but that he didn’t work for the money? But then that wouldn’t make much sense, because she could still gold-dig the hell out of him because he has money. I’m very confused. If someone can explain to me those lines, please? I await your comment(s). But then, while she’s drunk, she asks him why he “deceived her” when they first met, and she says that he thought she was going to try and date him (right on), which he denies and pretends that he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

The moment that Chang Soo revealed to Lee Ji Yi that he was the director of the Yoo Min Supermarket, and that, she started to treat him with respect, he had this face, which makes me think that he realized this kind of attitude form her is not something he wanted by revealing his true identity to her.

And kids, in this moment, I realized “She is the One”

Of course, the writers don’t even stop at building this ship there. I find it so adorable that even though he’s had a bad experience with Lee Ji Yi (I mean, she keeps ignoring him and/or being disrespectful to him), when he sees Lee Ji Yi cry, Chang Soo is like, distraught, he leaves his car and asks her very politely (it feels anyway, even though my Korean is non-existent) if she’s all right (SHE’S NOT, YOU DORK, SHE NEEDS TO CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER). Chang Soo offers her to drink her sorrows away [he even goes as far as to complain, because he doesn’t think that she looks like a geisha (also can I just note how strong Lee Ji Yi is? She kept it in: that she felt bad about being called a geisha from Yoon Ha (even though I think she would’ve complained to her friend later on) and from Joon Ki, and then, at the end of the day, she couldn’t take it anymore, and became a hot mess which Chang Soo had to take care of)] and, when he sees she’s had enough, offers (like a gentleman) to take her back home. I think that, while he was displaying his discomfort and general unease with her drunkenness, he must’ve felt that she was pretty charming and cute perhaps? I mean, she very happily squealed because a wealthy young man (good looking too, girl) held her hand [later on, her drunken self had sort of orchestrated needing his help while unbuckling herself and while he complained about the fact that she was living the stereotype and that he wouldn’t fall for it, he fell for it [so that she can touch him], hahaha, nicely done, nicely done, Lee Ji Yi]. Of course, that doesn’t go so well (for him anyway) since, well, they get into a skirmish which results in him shedding out of his paper-like clothing [that’s right, Chang Soo, you’re being USED, as eye candy for us fangirls] and in her saying “Daebak” [for those of you who are unaware of the term, Daebak would mean something like “awesome”, I think? This link has, as first definition “big win”, and this other one that explains the expression even further, because you all know I’m not Korean and my knowledge of Korean is extremely low] before (finally) fainting. Did she do it out of exhaustion because it was indeed a tiring day [being called a geisha, mentally blocking out her tears so that Yoon Ha and Joon Ki don’t see how upset she is at being called such], or was it because the exhibitionist in Chang Soo impressed her to the highest point [I mean, she did say Daebak, you can’t deny that point. Also look at him, he’s so unimpressed by this, he’s like: this is what I get for hanging out with you people. He’s rethinking his life choices, hahaha]? I like to think it was a bit of both [also oh my goodness, why end this episode in such a cliffhanger?! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! WHEN CAN I START THE NEXT EPISODE?! WHEN?! WHEN???!!!].

Joon Ki returns home to find his mother, who couldn’t wait to see her son, after all, it’s been several weeks since he last came to his parents’ home. He finds her difficult. She shows how well she knows him as she prepared side dishes for him and tells him she won’t tell him to eat food, because he’ll get mad at her [I find their relationship absolutely adorable, I don’t know how much more I’ll have to say it]. She would rather he say “Mom” instead of “Mother”, which is pretty formal, it feels, I guess, to her, that he’s distancing himself from her, which isn’t something she wants. He pretty freely tells her that “if he says “mom”, he’ll become weak and end up living like his parents, poor but happy” to which she only answers with: “what’s wrong with the way we live?” but then stops herself (I guess she understands his motivations) and tells him to “live comfortably. If you’re ever having a hard time, come to me“. She says she’s mad and will go home (she doesn’t seem mad though) and he insists on taking her home, but she’s stubborn and they end up parting ways in laughter, which is good. She keeps encouraging him, and he shows his concern for her by saying he hopes that she’s eating well (i.e. that his parents are living comfortably”.

Joon Ki shows his interest in Yoon Ha when he discovers how fluent she is in Chinese, English and Japanese [both by seeing her in action and because Lee Ji Yi unknowingly pimped up her friend; and also took herself out of the running by honestly admitting to him that she doesn’t think about why the premium food market is not popular, thus proving that she only really does what she’s told to do]. She furthers his interest when Chang Soo requests to speak to her in private, thus proving to both Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi that they somehow know each other. It might also be pretty intriguing that this girl would go as far as to try and set Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi together, just for the sake of her friend. At first, he thinks that she might be interested in him, but then she says that Lee Ji Yi likes him and that she’d like to set them up, to which he counters with: “what if I fall in love with you instead?“.

I think that Joon Ki must have somehow had an intuitive guess that Yoon Ha was probably somewhat rich, or decently rich, because she knew many languages AND had some kind of connection with Chang Soo [by the way, that flashback totally showed us how he hit the brakes before winning and letting Chang Soo win the race. From their conversation, it seems like Joon Ki has been letting Chang Soo win at a lot of bike races].

And then, drama hits the ship, which will either make it fall apart or come closer together. Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha get in trouble with a rich customer who clearly has weird taste buds and needed to take out her frustration on Lee Ji Yi (I mean, the NERVE, telling Lee Ji Yi she looks like a geisha, how in the world do you dare, Sir, anyways, this obviously made Yoon Ha fly to her rescue, which then resulted in them getting into trouble [at any rate, Joon Ki has to bust them out of the police office right on time, so that Yoon Ha doesn’t have to tell the audience her whole name and her background]). Joon Ki insists that she apologize to the customer, but Yoon Ha refuses, and Lee Ji Yi goes alone with Joon Ki, after Yoon Ha is fired by the latter [they go and discuss about ‘pride’ [for Joon Ki anyways, it’s when people don’t get hurt by others] and being treated justly or unjustly when working in retail]. I think maybe this move of Yoon Ha‘s was twofold in terms of goal? She makes Lee Ji Yi spend time with Joon Ki and she doesn’t have to get in-between them since she genuinely believes she was not in the wrong.

Meanwhile, in the world of business and corporations of this drama:

  • As Deputy of the Premium MarketJoon Ki‘s new redesign for the Food Market makes it focus more on giving access to middle and lower classes, instead of the rich people. Joon Ki decides that, instead of advertising for premium food (thus, expensive foods), they should advertise for food that they think will do well in the market.
  • Vice President (of TaeJin Group) met up with his sister Yeo Won (I think her name is, the big sister of the family anyway), to discuss something that she’s done in order to increase the company’s profit. It’s very clear that he does not approve, either [despite the fact that their father would approve of, Ye Won claims, since he’s done just that]. Ye Won did some kind of testing and it backfired on her, it probably put the company in a bad spot, too, which is why Vice President wants her to take responsibility [of course, she doesn’t want to, and she says that it will make the TaeJin group go bankrupt, already, apparently, they’re suspect number 1 to the police anyway].
    • Ye Won reveals to her father that Vice President has the official document which condemns her actions (whatever she did). It seems like the Chairman, her father, already knew what she’d been up to, as instead of denying anything, she pleads with him that if the document is leaked, she’ll get hit, but the entire company will feel its repercussions (which would be a bad thing, business-wise, i guess). Her father shows how much he dislikes her by saying that she overestimates her abilities.
      • Ye Won decides to change tactics and instead of appealing to her father, she appeals to her mother, by giving her something to give to Hae In (Vice President’s daughter, as you might recall from last week’s post), she asks her mother how long the latter will stay in New Jersey (2-3 days, it’s revealed). 
        • Mother could not leave to visit Hae In (AGAIN) because of the crisis in the company.
      • It’s finally revealed that the Tae Jin Company was establishing a secret fund overseas [I’m not good with laws, economy or taxes whatsoever, but I guess if they have a secret fund overseas, then it means that they won’t have to declare their earnings and they’ll have more money and less taxes to pay?] and that TaeJin Company is ruled by YeWon, the eldest sister. This company was found to be in the process of creating a new medicine with a Chinese pharmaceutical company, which the secret fund was set up to, I guess, pay for the partnership?
        • Later in this episode, it’s revealed that the chairman, Jang Won Shik (i.e. the father and head of the TaeJin group) is being investigated by the prosecutors due to what Ye Won has done, even though Ye Won is director at a company which is sort of separate from the Group, but is still tied to the group. Vice President assures his father that there are no ties and that the prosecutors would find none since there is no corruption within their group (is he being naive?). Chairman/Father gets mad at his son who gives him an advice: not to look too confident in the prosecution, because he’ll look like a culprit [his father is ticked off at his own son trying to lecture him].
          • We find out that the Chairman/Father still doesn’t believe that Vice President is able to take on the role of heir and always tells him that he’s “still taking the test”. Vice President was upset that his father told him to cover up for his big sister’s affair/mistake, and that his father kept saying that whatever he said/did that was unlike what he/Chairman/Father would do was what “low people” would do [potential threat/problem in the future? Or even now?].
    • Main Mistress wears these outfits in order to woo the Director/Father of Taejin. She reveals to us how good she is to Joon Ki’s mother, by telling the latter that she’d hid money in cupboards in order for Joon Ki’s mother to take [which Joon Ki’s mother refuses anyway], as thanks for her housekeeper to always leave things exactly where Mistress places them, as opposed to other housekeepers who deliberately move things all the time. It’s revealed to us that Joon Ki’s mother was in Main Mistress‘ employ for three years now. Chairman, in the meanwhile, is a complete jerk to her and even admits to her that he’s only playing around with her [she reveals to us that the Chairman has already been to prison and that she had to go see him during visiting hours only and it was very bad]. She promises to kill all other women that he would meet (it’s scary).

Additional notes: It really seems like a motif (or theme) in all these episodes (it’s just been two but still), that all everyone really wants is Respect, from the poor girl (Lee Ji Yi) who wishes even rich people who pretend to be unemployed could give her some respect, to the rich girl (Yoon Ha) who lives inside of a household where only one person (other than the servants) truly listens to her and looks out for her, and who seeks out respect from even the customers of the Food Market and from Chang Soo, perhaps because she’s tired of not being awarded respect when people ought to give her some. This may be why we hear: “You’re talking informally to me” or “Be respectful” or even “Now I’m going to drop to your level and speak informally to you because you don’t deserve my respect“.

I tried to put some kind of order to this but I ended up just…
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See you all next time!
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