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Title: Sable Maze 2 – Norwich Caves
Prequel: Sable Maze – Sullivan River
Edition: Collector’s
By: Daily Magic Productions
Rated: 9/10
Started: September 4th, 2014
Finished: September
Duration: 5 hours
Fullscreen AND Widescreen: Changeable on laptop!!

September 4rth, 2014

Hey there everyone,
How are you all doing? Yep, I’m still doing well, despite feeling a little down, but that’s just me feeling the dread of the dead months of autumn looming closer and closer. So, as I promised, this month is the sequel of last month’s game (which was Sable Maze: Sullivan River (for those of you who are new to my blog, and nice to meet you, too!!)).

Without further ado, let us start my our review!

I originally started playing this game DREADING the sequel, basically because, if you haven’t read my previous post, the first one was enormously scary.

But this one was definitely not as scary as the other ones (and the color schemes were definitely not as scary (neither were the music)). The Voice Actors did their job well, to convey the emergency of their situations? But that’s pretty much it!

One **small** wee little thing that I would point out is that, while this is the sequel to the Sullivan River game, it seems like we will be playing a totally different character. It’s a bit disappointing, but I can understand that the reason why it’s a series is because of the running ‘MAZE’ motif and maybe even the kidnappings going around in the synopsis of each Sable Maze series games. Of course that’s just my impression. If you were hoping to find a game where you play the same characters, well… this game might not be for you [although it would be presumptuous to not start a game just because you want that specific criterion (also, reversely, if you couldn’t acquire the first game (Sullivan River), but hope to get started in the series, you can still play this game and not have to feel left out in any way, so thumbs up for that?)]…?

It is noteworthy that the Sullivan River IS mentioned, however. Nice touch!

The story line bares a fair resemblance with the first game, in the sense, as I mentioned, where children/students have been kidnapped by some evil force which forced them into a labyrinth. I’m glad that in this one, everyone we saved is ALIVE, though. By the end of the Bonus Chapter, which is only available, I believe, through the Collector’s Edition, you get to finish Tidus and Ariadne’s story lines.

Daily Magic Productions have done their research well, as they incorporated elements of magic, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, elemental magic (Glaceon can tell you that I have a particular liking to this), and even ‘some’ elements of Greek Mythology. After all, Ariadne was a Greek “heroine” whose story is tied with labyrinths.

The game features an Objectives‘ panel [Task, as they call it (for the major tasks anyway)] as well as a possibility to replay Cutscenes, which is appreciated (in my opinion anyway).

As for the art style, I must say that I was just as pleased with this one as I was with the first installment of the Sable Maze series.

The Hidden Object Boards present themselves in one of my favourite shapes. There are little objects to find, but the objects each interact with each other in order to give you the final object, which you will end up needing and putting in your inventory. I think that’s pretty brilliant, and it actually makes sense! The game gains a lot of points out of this!

As usual, the puzzles of this game varies from “easy” to “difficult”. Of course, there was a higher majority of easy ones than difficult ones.

Well at any rate, if you are interested, totally try it out!

All right then,
I’ll see you all laterz!
Ponyta’s out!