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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 03
Aired: June 15th, 2015
Watched: June 16h, 2015

June 23rd, 2015

Hi there!
How are y’all? So, I finished the day two days ago by reviewing episode 2, and I’m gonna try and finish reviewing episodes 3 and 4 for today [hopefully], since I’d like to be caught up before I start watching the fifth episode (most likely today). Without further ado, let us start this episode’s discussion with the usual spoiler warning, as well as… let’s call it almost-nudity alert.

Just like last episode, this one begins right after its predecessor stopped. Thus, we see Chang Soo rid of his undershirt and wearing his vest/coat (I don’t know the names of what people wear), waiting for Yoon Ha to put Lee Ji Yi to rest, so that the both of them rich people can have a serious talk [which eventually will lead him to flash his muscles at Yoon Ha again of course, because nothing begins an episode better than some fan service. Note: Munchlax and Mewtwo both wanted me to give you this gif, so here, I delivered]. Indeed, Yoon Ha doesn’t believe Chang Soo when he says that Lee Ji Yi asked him to take her home, since she knows that her friend isn’t someone who would take advantage of a man’s wealth (we’ve discussed this in the previous episode), and that if he did anything to her best friend, she would do unspeakable things to him, to which he counters by saying that if anything Lee Ji Yi is the one who did something to him [the undershirt]. Then, they have a heart-to-heart, in which Yoon Ha basically insults him further by implying he doesn’t have feelings so he wouldn’t understand why she has to lie to Lee Ji Yi about the fact that she’s an heiress. She reveals to him that her part-time job lets her endure her life at home (since he knows that she’s not well liked at home), not because she wants to feel like she lives a better life than her coworkers at home. She also tells him what she’s told her mother, that she wishes to marry someone she loves, something that is totally opposite from what he originally planned (to marry Yoon Ha for the connections that she can give him, which is why he finds her standards weird, since for him, her best qualification is the wealthy family she comes from). She tells him that she’s been fired by the jerk Deputy Choi, to which Chang Soo reminds her that she shouldn’t talk bad about his best friend [Joon Ki].

Main Couple

While Mother is lecturing Yoon Ha on how she should be careful from now on [Mother says that, in order to make her useful, Yoon Ha will have to marry someone influential, so as to maintain the power within the Taejin group], due to the precarious situation that their company is in, Joon Ki calls Yoon Ha to let her meet with the customer who had wronged Lee Ji Yi and who had almost hit Yoon Ha the day prior [the lady wished to apologize; not because she felt bad, but because someone who “sponsors” Yoon Ha has made it so that the lady’s husband’s company is spiraling down mysteriously because of what the lady did to Yoon Ha (evidently, Big Brother the Vice President has a hand in this despite the fact that Yoon Ha had told him not to do anything after all)]. Yoon Ha agrees and pursues Joon Ki so that he can give her back her job [she was encouraged by her big brother, who’d told her to continue to work, since if she didn’t insist on getting her job back, he would believe her not to be very serious about her part-time job, and he also assures her that her part-time job is also for his sake as well, so he’s “using her” (I think he’s just saying that because Yoon Ha doesn’t want him to be outwardly nice to her, and he knows that, so he just pretends that what he does is useful for him (it will be), so she doesn’t feel bad about asking him favors)].

Yoon Ha gave Joon Ki an even worse image of herself, when she tells him that she doesn’t want to meet with the lady, and won’t accept her apology, that way, it’ll make Joon Ki look bad and he’ll be the one in trouble. Without being flustered by this, Joon Ki convinces her by saying that she lacks responsibility, since she doesn’t mind that something bad might happen to someone else because of her. He initially refuses to hire her again as part-timer because he says she’s someone who would cause trouble again [let’s point out this: it must have hurt, coming from someone who barely knows her, and who sees that this is one of her primary traits that a stranger can see, when her mother constantly reminds her this]. She counters by saying that a son of a wealthy family (she’ll find out later, by meeting his mom and by listening to his flashbacks that he’s not) would know of her situation, that he’s probably never experienced failure. Yoon Ha adds that she doesn’t know how to express her desperateness at keeping her part-time job (something he admonishes her for lacking).

For this, Joon Ki gives her a story that happened to him in his younger years (probably one of the triggers that made him realize that while his parents were happy, they were poor and were mistreated by people who thought themselves superior than them), something that he says he usually never gives out to people he barely knows, when he witnessed his father being scolded for something that, technically, wasn’t his fault, and his father acquiescing to everything and even getting hit for it [the ungrateful and stupid man then tells the young Joon Ki that he’ll probably serve people, the way his father does [I sort of really like the actor they cast for the father? He has a nice, fatherly face and persona? And he’s pretty nice to his wife too, I don’t think they chose badly to live together (in the story). He’s pretty good, I mean?]; implying that poor people remain poor, which is exactly what Joon Ki tells us in the first episode]. The morale of the story though, he tells Yoon Ha as she apologized, was not to feel sorry or ashamed for what happened, but to learn and to use this as drive to go forward [it seems he knows that the way he’s forged himself was because of his parents? I don’t know if he’s thankful or not though? He does say that “laughter never left [his] household,” so in this, he’s been raised in a more happy house than she has, despite all the money that her family has, it’s a nice contrast, and I’m sure she’s there, contemplating it], and not to be ashamed of her poor background (by then, you realize he still thinks she’s poor, or he wants her to think that he thinks that she’s poor). Let’s be honest, I think this is the moment when she might fall in love with him [really girl? Because he tells you that he’s never told anyone this story before? Because he has good work ethics (ok that’s pretty good), but like, no, you need to set higher standards].

Joon Ki further shows (to us) his skills by speaking in English (I like the way he speaks), as well as Japanese (I actually understood parts of his conversation! I felt so blessed). Then, he does a business move by inviting the part-timers from the Premium Food Market to the get-together party that they’re organizing for the employees (sort of like to celebrate the fact that the Food Market is back on track, under good management and is revamping itself), giving a sound argument: since the part-timers are the ones who engage with the customers, by inviting them over and by mingling with them at parties, the employers can make the part-timers loyal and feel like they are important [smart move, boy, smart move].

To advance this pairing, Yoon Ha gets to meet up with Joon Ki’s mother, who was sent to the Premium Food Market by the Main Mistress (who says that she has to buy from there, since it’s for the rich). Joon Ki’s mother, while they’re drinking tea after Joon Ki has to leave for business [seriously Joon Ki? Why do you have to be so busy that you can’t even spend time with your mom and the girl you may or may not have genuine romantic interest to? Yoon Ha worked so hard to call him over, too!! (and then she promptly lost work time to spend time with the mother and her son)], basically shows off how happy she is with her husband [I mean, they know how to use cellphones, and send each other cute emoticons? I ship it. My parents can’t even do that], and the TaeJin heiress gets a glimpse at the happy and warm life that Joon Ki had, but that she had been deprived of. I really wonder (am seriously really bothered) if it was a good thing that she just went and accepted the offer for tea the moment she was invited. Did she want to work? Did she want to see Ahjumma (sp?) more? Did she want to see how he acted with his mother? Did she want to be presented to her future parents-in-law quickly? Girl, read the mood: the mother really wanted to spend some time with her son and now you went and made it awkward, because she was nice to you and you wanted attention. I don’t know, like, accept the second time they ask for you for tea, not the first time, you seem to eager, girl.

During the get-together, Joon Ki ‘saves’ Yoon Ha from having to drink soju (a drink she… doesn’t want to drink), and he makes sure she has food next to her while they’re eating. Have you further begun to have feelings for Joon Ki because he’s been somewhat affectionate and because he’s shared a personal story with you? Please, please…

Meanwhile, in Bro land…

Joon Ki and Chang Soo have a bromance that could potentially be end game but that won’t be because… drama [and also potentially probably maybe the fact that Joon Ki has been letting his friend go and basically using the said friend in order to climb up the social ladder and in order to gain a better job than his parents ever would, and in order to maintain this relationship, he needs to swallow his pride and let Chang Soo win against him at every single game/race/match they hold against each other]. I wish the relationship had been more genuine, I would enjoy it THAT much more?

I think that perhaps Joon Ki probably thinks of Chang Soo as like a friend, but sometimes, you see him brush himself off from when Chang Soo touches him [in episode 2, after Joon Ki gets Lee Ji Yi back at the department store after they apologized to the ungrateful lady], you feel like maybe he’s not that much of a good friend. When you consider that it seems like Chang Soo‘s brother wants Joon Ki to be working for him rather than Chang Soo, and you consider that Joon Ki has remained loyal to Chang Soo all this time, despite his friend’s shortcomings [his laziness, and everything, I wonder how the two of them met and how they became friends, it would be a great story/flashback, especially when the two of them ‘break up’ and reminisce about the amazing and awesome time they had together, then, Chang Soo will realize that a lot of the things he’s done for his friend was his friend basically leeching off him, and then Joon Ki will basically realize that, amidst those moments when he had to swallow his pride, he did have fun, and though his friend sort of imposes his riches onto him, Chang Soo is not so bad?], maybe he does have feelings of sincere friendship [like: it started off as using Chang Soo but then they developed a bond and he was reluctant to let Chang Soo know of the deceit so he needs to continue it?]?

Meanwhile, is Chang Soo’s big brother trying to cause dissent between the dynamic duo by telling Chang Soo to be careful of Joon Ki (probably because Joon Ki is using him for his money and Chang Soo’s big brother (what the hell is his name, why is it taking me so long to learn it oh because his name isn’t mentioned often and he doesn’t appear often enough for me to hate his face)) while trying to convince Joon Ki to join him (Big brother) and leave Chang Soo‘s side because it’s a losing battle? Chang Soo believes his brother is jealous that Chang SOo has a capable friend by his side, no one who would “risk their life for him and fight for him” (he believes that Joon Ki would do that for him?!), that is why Big Brother is trying to separate them [and not even subtly too, since Chang Soo has seen it happen right in front of him].

Someone will probably think that we’re dating. (Joon Ki)

It is revealed to us that Chang Soo (rather typical of him, I think? Whenever he likes something or someone, it’s pretty obvious) almost regularly professes his love for his friend (or at least the preciousness that Joon Ki is for him), but that Joon Ki never does the same for him [and never really expresses his friend’s importance to him out loud, either, preferring to say that Chang Soo is a fool, rather than to say “I like you (as a friend, and also as provider of money)”]. Goodness, will Joon Ki only ever say “I really like you” to Chang Soo when his friend is on his deathbed? Because let’s be honest here, this is a drama, there can be assassins anywhere and there can be deaths at any corner, I just hope it doesn’t happen to Chang Soo?

Let’s not forget sister-land…

After a hard day at work (and I’m quite sure Lee Ji Yi didn’t waste time celebrating with Yoon Ha that the latter was reinstated as a part-time worker), Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha eat lunch together, in which they discuss how Lee Ji Yi basically used the director (Chang Soo) and then ripped his shirt [Yoon Ha is surprised her friend remembers the incident, especially considering how drunk Lee Ji Yi was, I like to think it was the abs she remembers the most]. Lee Ji Yi worries that Chang Soo will ask her for money to repay for the shirt, seeing as it might probably be a few month’s salary docked off her pay.

To divert the subject, Yoon Ha asks her friend what it means when a man shares a personal story of his to a complete stranger [I wonder why she didn’t offer parts of her pay to pay for the shirt that she helped rip, or is it because she thinks that this talk about money is going to go nowhere? Or is it solely because she’s been bothered by the fact that Joon Ki said it was the first time he’d said that story to someone who wasn’t close to him. And then after her friend says that she’s “done” with Joon Ki, and that Yoon Ha can have him if she likes him, Yoon Ha launches in analysis about how his parents are pretty amazing (isn’t that just gonna make Lee Ji Yi more jealous?)], to which Lee Ji Yi answers that it’s basically to “get laid”. It may have been a bad move from Yoon Ha‘s part to reveal to Lee Ji Yi (whom she KNOWS loves Joon Ki) that Joon Ki is the one who revealed the story to her [Yoon Ha encourages her friend’s budding love romance, but after Lee Ji Yi leaves, you see her hesitate a little bit, is she feeling something like jealousy there?].

Later on, as Yoon Ha goes to the washroom, the two ladies have a heart to heart, because Lee Ji Yi may be a high school graduate [revealed in the previous episode, while she was drunk (unless of course the subtitles lied to me)] and she may not always think about the things that happen in Premium Food Market that could cause its decline in sales [revealed in both episodes 1-2], but she isn’t unobservant. She’s noticed the little ‘attentions’ that Joon Ki has provided Yoon Ha with during the get-together, and she knows [perhaps the fact that Yoon Ha shared the fact that Joon Ki shared a personal story to her, almost to see how badly in love her best friend was with the dude, maybe Lee Ji Yi could see Yoon Ha also becoming interested in Joon Ki]. Lee Ji Yi also knows, from the little that Yoon Ha has ever told her about herself and her relationship (or lack thereof) with her family, that Yoon Ha needs someone good (she presumes it’s someone good like Joon Ki, but let’s be honest here, let’s be honest here, you know that the one person who’s good to Yoon Ha here, would be Lee Ji Yi) positive that will make her happy. And to do just that, Lee Ji Yi stepped down as “love rival” (even though let’s be honest, even Flareon knew that it was so obvious and didn’t want Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi to be end game. The sacrifice that you make, Lee Ji Yi, will not be forgotten! I really hope that in this drama, she doesn’t get too much hurt [like, the minimum amount of angst, whereas Joon Ki can have all the angst he wants, he has the muscles, he can shoulder it].

I’m so happy that Lee Ji Yi didn’t throw a fit when she realized that the two of them (Yoon Ha and Joon Ki) seemed to have romantic interest in each other. Sisters before misters, Lee Ji Yi, you’re so nice. She mentioned in a moment that there had been a time when she’d been so unhappy she’d lost the will to live. Will we ever get more exploration about that, I wonder? Lee Ji Yi is such a good WingLady, I mean, she went and pretended that Yoon Ha was drunk (when Joon Ki knows that Yoon Ha didn’t get that much alcohol to drink) so that Joon Ki could take Yoon Ha home.

Let’s talk about the couple who really steals the show…

After seeing that Joon Ki isn’t in his office, while she’s returning to Yoon Ha‘s side, Lee Ji Yi has the unfortunate luck (or is it?) of running straight into Chang Soo (is it a coincidence, or…?). They speak of “noblesse oblige” [explanation here, in case you ever need it], but when he doesn’t seem like he’ll accept to spare her the payment, she tries to sway him by saying that she won’t be able to pay rent, that she’ll be restraining to eat, because she has to pay for the shirt. [Chang Soo, you need to understand that for us people, money doesn’t grow out of trees, so we have to think about how we spend the money. We gotta think ahead! You can’t expect her to say “no” to your question! Also: I’m glad she answered truthfully, I’m sure that somewhere inside, Chang Soo appreciates her honesty too (unlike Joon Ki, who hides his intentions!!)]

In the end, in exchange for “noblesse oblige,” Chang Soo insists that Lee Ji Yi treats him with a kindness as well, to which she says that she understands (but eventually shows him that he doesn’t understand, since she can’t afford the type of coffee that he would drink). This “kindness” [which he rejects] offers them a chance to speak with one another, in which Lee Ji Yi tells him that despite the fact that he’s annoying and rude (and a lot of other ‘qualities, which she feels free to say despite his status as director, because he did ask for honesty from her part), she finds him attractive [his reaction to this, of course, reveals to her that he’s interested and easily manipulated by pretty girls (especially if you freely tell her that despite her “flaws” you want to be with her, aren’t you scared she might take advantage of you?! (but then again, mind you, both Joon Ki and Yoon Ha have told Chang Soo that Lee Ji Yi isn’t the type of girl to take advantage of a guy because of his wealth)), if you want my opinion].

Joon Ki warns Chang Soo to leave “the innocent girl” alone, and not to give her the wrong idea about what they could have together (a relationship).

But like, look at Chang Soo checking Lee Ji Yi out too (meanwhile, Joon Ki is either checking Yoon Ha out as well, or he’s just considering what his next move should be, in order to get more influence (that’s right Joon Ki, I’m onto you and in the move that I am, you’re being painted as the bad guy (when society and the currency system really should probably be))), the original person who posted this (click on the image) is right: he looks smitten [that’s why, I guess, he wanted to meet with Lee Ji Yi sometimes, just to lift up his spirits, because when he tells her to be honest, she delivers, AND also, obviously because his heart goes ‘doki doki’ whenever she says good things about him, and he probably just likes to have her around (so marry her, that’s the rule, Chang SooIt’s so ironic that she refuses to spend time with him because she thinks that being friends with “Chaebol” is not as fun as following them, since she’s best friends with Yoon Ha (I really can’t wait until Yoon Ha tells her of her heritage)].

I think Chang Soo also impressed Lee Ji Yi with his singing abilities [he also impressed the other workers, of course, haha]. She was pretty creeped out when Chang Soo showed up at the corner of the street that leads to her house, saying that it’s pretty dangerous for a girl to walk in the dark corner. When told that she feels inferior when she’s next to him, Chang Soo assures her not to feel that way, since he’s very good friends with Joon Ki despite his situation [she points out that it seems that he softens up only after she gives him a compliment; girl, you know how to manipulate him now]. She says that she knows what it’s like to be in a relationship since she had been in one before, and reveals to him that she’s “not interested in a relationship that won’t work out” (she’s pretty realistic and that’s a really good thing, I mean, it’s true, a Chaebol has many responsibilities and I guess there might not be many who would marry a girl who’s a part-timer). What I understand is that she despises people who don’t date in order to marry, but she knows that if he says that “he likes her”, she might fall for him (I think that’s probably because he’d be like a rebound guy?).

…and then the boring politics…

Within the business world of Premium Food Market: after the remodeling and reconstruction, Joon Ki has decided to have an event for the reopening: a cook-off, it seems, which is why he’s been messaging so many cooks from various places, for a “collaboration,” during the episode. Chang Soo reveals that he’s done some number crunching and found out that it might be better to restart everything.

The Chairman/Father/President is being cornered by the media, asking him if he personally asked Ye Won (biggest sister) to create the secret funds (and I guess, to make the deal and work with the Chinese Pharmaceutical company? Why did we get mentions of this Chinese Pharmaceutical deal in one episode, and then they proceed to only talk about the secret funds? Aren’t the two related?) and about how the Taejin Group (his group) is now more and more believed to be doing illegal activities [well that sounds like it’s really just aimed at him and at Ye Won, since the Vice-President/Big Brother seems to be pretty legit].

Ye Won is outraged that her father decided to go to the prosecutors without her [thus proving to her that he either does not trust her, or that he would still not have her help whatsoever for the mess that they’ve both made]. From the intel that her secretary/butler tells her, it seems like her brother, Vice President, is trying to convince the company to go to his side somehow. Because Ye Won is still mad at her brother for calling their father as witness for the prosecution (and then convincing their father to go without Ye Won to said event), she confronts him directly. When she does this, Vice President basically tells her that she has one month to work in the Taejin group, and then, he wants her gone from the group, she can work in the company, just not in management [she thinks this is because he considers her a threat to him, to which he answers that it’s because she has a bad way of leadership]. Meanwhile, Ye Won counters with saying that her brother never wanted a position in management, and that his emotional and unrealistic way of management couldn’t possibly be the new kind of leadership.

After this encounter, Ye Won dares utter out loud the words: “I wish there was someone who could carry out the negative actions I think but can’t do myself. I wish someone would kill him.” Right after she says this, she tells her secretary to call the Main Mistress (who did tell her in episode 1 that she supported her, so is she somehow gonna ask Main Mistress to kill her brother? Or was it really just to help set up a safe house where she could speak with her father?).

Ye Won attempts to meet with her father in order to convince him to, if he kicks her out, kick out Vice President as well, since he’d been deceiving their father. Since she didn’t have a plan that could benefit him (their father), and only came up with proof, he basically makes her feel like she’s failed and that this was why she was never his favorite.

Father admonishes Vice President for failing at blocking Ye Won, and basically saying that he can’t lead the group. To punish him, I think Father told Vice President to move to lower quarters, like he’s been demoted, to which Vice President refuses, which then makes Father throw a fit, because he probably feels like his authority is being undermined by both his children? How stupidly petty.

In order to boost up the public interest and public opinion about the Taejin group overall, the Mother has been working hard on the Bazaar, which is something I guess was set up by her charity? She’s interrupted by Main Mistress (who gives her a strange envelope (with money? maybe?) in order to help her do “good deeds”). Main Mistress, when told that she never scheduled an appointment with Mother, slapped the poor girl, and obnoxiously flaunts herself around, mocking Mother‘s glare and muted. It feels like Main Mistress attempts her hardest to make Mother jealous or something, or to provoke her, but Mother keeps her calm and quietly and tactfully, with well-chosen words, dismisses Main Mistress. Main Mistress, not content with showing off that she had a good relationship with Ye Won and with The Father, asks Mother to invite her to the main house, so that she could see where they live, this must have been what triggered Mother to rip out the offering.

Mother is not happy with Ye Won, who went to Main Mistress for help (instead of her, thus proving to Main Mistress that she can acquire more from what Mother has than her husband). Ye Won reveals that she and her husband have started using separate bedrooms since last year (something, I guess, that proves that you and your husband have grown apart, but I mean, if you keep muttering death threats to anyone who displeases you, Ye Won, you’re bound to have a marriage in which your own husband sleeps away from you and locks his door (you go girl, rule them with fear)). Ye Won further reveals that she is depressive and suicidal, and when prompted (by Mother, of course), she reveals that Gyung Joon (Vice President) is trying to get her kicked out of the company. From her point of view, since she doesn’t have a good marriage, the only thing that she wants is “work [at the company]” [oh boy, they’ve really been brought up weirdly if she couldn’t even go and explain to her brother those things so they could work together, instead, she was taught that pride was everything, so she didn’t confide in her brother in the episode 1 [but then again, when you live knowing that your mother FAVORS your brother over you, you sort of learn to resent him, I guess, I can relate to this on so many levels]]. I guess I can sympathize with Ye Won, especially when it’s revealed that her mother knows absolutely nothing about her, and that she trusts Vice President more than his older sister [both Mewtwo and I felt quite sorry for the big sister after that scene].

After speaking to her daughter (or failing to, rather), the Mother retreats to speak with her son, Vice President, who informs her that he will take Yoon Ha with him to a trip so he can rest and relax [Boy, have you forgotten about your daughter already? Shouldn’t you go and visit her? If you’re trying to change the image of your company, give off the image of being a good father to your daughter, for example!!] and to plan out of the Taejin group’s future. When he reveals to his mother than he’s going to take Yoon Ha, the Mother is rather distressed [she asks him why he doesn’t take her or something, does she have a reverse Oedipus complex?]. You find out how kind-hearted Vice President is when he was a child, as the Mother reminisces [it bothers me how she can even quote her son on how kind he was, but can’t do anything right for her daughters]. At least she does one thing right: she advises her son not to kick out Ye Won completely out of the company. I guess that, as someone who has lived a failed marriage, she can sort of understand Ye Won‘s position.

By the end of this episode, Ye Won is backed out in a corner and confronts her brother once again, creating a complete mess, and threatening him. As I understand it, Vice President has to take depression medications (and other ones as well). He guarantees to her that, even with him gone, she will not be the heiress, nor have the position that she wishes. Frustrated, when she exits the Vice President‘s room, she barely acknowledges her youngest sister [does she even ever care about Yoon Ha?].

As if he knows that something will happen to him (does he think that Ye Won will attempt to do something to remove him from the position of Vice President? Did he bug his office place after he left Ye Won in there, so that he could record everything that was said in his absence, especially a coup like this?), Vice President presents Yoon Ha with a key to some kind of box which he tells her will explain everything. She rejects it, because she believes that nothing will ever happen to him, which he understands. He lets go of the situation easily, but I’m sure he’s going to bring up the key again or sneak the key into her stuff. When his little sister says something like: “it might be fated” when speaking about her relationship with Joon Ki (whom she doesn’t namedrop, of course), he doesn’t dissuade her, he doesn’t even tell her that it’s unbelievable, that she should investigate more and make sure his intentions are genuine (of course, she’d told him that it was, so far, one-sided, but… you DO find out later on that Joon Ki has pieced together who Yoon Ha is [but for how long has he known?], and now, we’ve got to wonder what his intentions are; is he only showing interest now because he’s genuinely interested in her, or is he only interested in her background?). Instead of doing all that, Vice President encourages his little sister, and he gives her advice on confessing first [how brotherly of him {I wonder if he shouldn’t do the background check first? Or is he not doing that, so that this shows how much he trusts his sister?}, to tell her that it’s no good to hold back your confession for years (I wonder if he has some kind of experience with that)].

Mewtwo was telling me her thoughts on this episode and she came up with something that I never would have thought for myself: the actor who plays Chang Soo might ship Li Ji Yi with his character, since in his Instagram, he has so many pictures of the two of them together. I like that. It makes me ship it even more.

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Just in case the picture doesn’t show, here it is.

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