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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 04
Aired: June 16th, 2015
Watched: June 17h, 2015

June 24th, 2015

Greetings, everybody!
How are you all? Today is a special day in my province, so not a lot of shops are open and everything, so I’m going to take the opportunity to review the fourth episode of this drama [can you imagine it? Since there is 16 episodes, and this is the 4th one, we’re like, 25% done with the drama!], since I didn’t have the time to do so last time.

Please be aware that there will be spoilers and that, like last times, there will probably be long rants… I’m sorry-not-sorry.

We begin with bromance… 

I don’t know how much time passed between this episode and the last one, but it seems like little time has passed. It starts off with a bike race between Joon Ki and Chang Soo, followed by a romantic breakfast between the two of them, in which Chang Soo asks his friend if he can promote Lee Ji Yi to a higher position, because he doesn’t like the dangerous neighbourhood/house that she has right now.

…then, because I don’t want to end with a bad note, let’s talk about the political aspects… 

Back with the Yoo Min Supermarket, a coworker (probably of equal-ish status, Deputy Sung) tells Joon Ki that he doesn’t have to deal with a part-timer who does something bad, since he can leave it to the superiors to do that. He also tells Joon Ki to let him climb the ranks with him as well, since he can only climb faster with the support of others [the way it was worded, I wonder if he meant that Joon Ki only acquired his position due to being Chang Soo‘s friend]. Joon Ki responds to this by reminding his colleagues that “coworkers can also become the biggest threats”. Pissed off, Deputy Sung asks Joon Ki if he knows what people say behind his back. After talking metaphorically about hunters being hunted, the two of them part ways. I wonder if Deputy Sung will become more important one of these days, but for now, let’s put a label of “Joon Ki’s work rival” on him.

The Supermarket is also making a star chef: Raymon Kim [from googling his name, it seems like he’s a real person, too; he did look really impressive in his demonstration as well as in his abilities to explain and actually cut and prepare the ingredients] appear in its midst, to show what the customers can do with the food that they buy. That’s a pretty good idea, in order to attract a lot of attention and more interest in the Yoo Min Supermarket.

Thanks to this, the performance level of the Yoo Min Supermarket has raised since the previous month’s (this is great news). Chang Soo tries to convince his friend to move back to the Planning Team with him, so that the two of them can figure out how to thwart with his brother, because Chang Soo can’t do it himself.

Back with the Taejin Group, the Mother still questions Vice President‘s decision of taking Yoon Ha with him on vacation, however, she has the bazaar to work with and they know that the Charity will hopefully bring the Taejin Group and Company into the better eyes of the public. Together on the television, Mother and Father really look somewhat happy in each other’s presence, even pointing out things to each other, while their two daughters trailed behind (of course, Yoon Ha was NOT invited).

Jealous of the position of power that Mother holds, Main Mistress would like to be called “Miss” by Joon Ki’s Mother, and wants to feel ‘high class’ as well, so she shows off her wealth by buying bags for Joon Ki’s Mom [I guess this even further shows how much of an inferior complex she has, what with not having the real woman that can stand by the Chairman/Father‘s side in public].

Incredibly sensible [even though he’s stopped thinking about his daughter Hae In (I’m just saying, how in the world can you go and offer your little sister all these things which you won’t even offer your daughter?! HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HAE IN ALL OF A SUDDEN?! Or will she come back when the writers think that we’ve forgotten about her? Because I haven’t (as you can see))], Vice President tells Yoon Ha to take the two weeks vacation time to spend with her beau instead of spending it with him, since he doesn’t want to separate the two lovebirds. He tells her that if he were their Father, he would choose Yoon Ha as successor and mysteriously leaves before he could give her any kind of explanation.

Disaster strikesTaejin Group’s Vice President‘s boat has crashed for some strange reason and he is unreachable, his body has not been found. Everyone is worried by his death, especially Mother, we already know has an unhealthy amount of love for her only son [she’s totally gonna go crazy with the loss of her son, I’m predicting this, I mean like, she told her youngest daughter to go die] and Yoon Ha, who had a healthy and good relationship with her brother. Mother blames Yoon  Ha‘s bad luck, since Vice President was supposed to go with his youngest sister [and since she already had a theory that everyone she loves will end up leaving her, Yoon Ha takes the explanation as to her brother’s disappearance harshly]. Ye Won, of course, shows very little remorse, as she drops by her brother’s office to reminisce, while their Father is just staring at the wall for some reason. We do NOT see any shots whatsoever of the Middle Sister, who is only shown as she looks after their mother.

Not only that, but after this incident, the stock prices have dropped, decreased, so the affairs are not going well whatsoever. As a response, Ye Won has gotten what she had worked hard for: the position of Vice President in the group of Taejin. In order to improve the company, Chairman/Father tells Yoon Ha that they need a hand, and that she’ll be helping out, whether or not she wishes.

Devastated, it’s difficult for Mother to move on and to be the “center of the family” [especially since she threw a fit when Father and Se Hyeon could eat so calmly], because she only did that mostly for her son. I found it so hypocritical of her to accuse them of not “having a heart,” or of not “being humans”, especially since she treats her daughters with so little respect. Father just says that their household is rotten and storms off completely.

What happened to the Vice President? 

I have multiple theories…

  • He really did commit suicide [Chang Soo‘s mother says there are rumors of such, and we know that he was fairly unhappy under his father’s reign, and we know from Ye Won that he was taking antidepressant, so the idea that, one day, he just couldn’t take it anymore, seems pretty justifiable].
  • It was an accident.
  • He is actually hiding in the shadows (and is working towards the revival of the Taijin Group from where his parents can’t influence him, and where his sister Ye Won cannot get to him). Both this one and the first idea point out to him helping out Yoon Ha into becoming the successor? Maybe? I mean, that key though…
  • Ye Won‘s assassin somehow got to him [She did say that she wanted to have someone who could kill him].
  • His Father got to him somehow [after all, his father didn’t approve of him going on vacation, and his father knows that he’s not easily as manipulable as his sister is. We all know that he is ruthless and that he has gone through certain means in order to get rid of his own siblings. Who’s to say he won’t do so to his son once he finds Vice President has outlasted his utility?].

The World of Sisters… 

I’m so happy that, while deciding to ‘woo’ Joon KiYoon Ha doesn’t forget her one and only friend, the only person who would risk her own happiness for her (except maybe her big brother?), and offered Lee Ji Yi a good lunchbox as thanks [I hope she does so very often afterwards; she can forget packing for Joon Ki, because he has decent money, but it’ll help Lee Ji Yi so much if she did]. She shares her decision to confess her feelings to Joon Ki soon (following her brother’s advice from the previous day, of course), because she’ll be vacationing with her brother for two weeks, and she can’t stand to not know what his feelings towards her are. She also reveals to her friend a new tidbit of information about her: she’s been rejected several times, so she thinks that she should basically be ‘immune’ to it [but then again, she’s been rejected at blind dates with Chaebol sons that she never intended to marry anyway, so do those rejections even really count?].

Even though she’s quite happy, who does Yoon Ha go to first, to announce that she’s officially in a relationship with Joon Ki? That’s right, her fairy godmother, Lee Ji Yi, I hope that they’ll do the same for Lee Ji Yi when she finally ends up with Chang Soo (if she does, but I ship it so hard, I just… I just really hope that it happens). And of course, appropriately, Lee Ji Yi is superbly happy for her friend [even though perhaps Yoon Ha should maybe lay off a little bit how happy she is with Joon Ki, after all, Lee Ji Yi used to love him… that’s like, rubbing it in. Yoon Ha knows that her friend has a crush on Joon Ki for awhile now, and it’s not THAT easy to get rid of such a crush, from personal experience, that is], look at them celebrating! This shows how much of a good friend and prime Yoon Ha supporter Lee Ji Yi is. Please conserve this friendship forever, people!

I’m glad that Yoon Ha is planning to tell her friend who she truly is, maybe she’s going to try and make Lee Ji Yi dislike her, so that her bad luck doesn’t rub off of her as well, I mean, why spare Joon Ki but risk it with Lee Ji Yi, yeah? I found it so nice of Lee Ji Yi to check up on her friend in her moment of need. FRIENDSHIP!

Real Main Couple 

As predicted, Lee Ji Yi isn’t receiving well that Chang Soo wishes to raise her station despite her having done nothing deserving such position, which is something Joon Ki expected of her [I think he’s happy that she has such a good mindset]. This incident leads Lee Ji Yi to obtain Chang Soo‘s phone number, which is a good thing, right? In order for Chang Soo to start hating her, she starts to do things like asking him to lend her money and tells him that she doesn’t believe anything is free in this world, and that she wants to deserve the position of temporary employee (over the part-time employee position that she has (so this means the hierarchy is: part-time, temporary, full-time?)). He counters by saying that he’d wanted to help her because he wants her to live in better conditions.

The two of them clash ideals: Chang Soo doesn’t connect ‘dating’ and ‘marrying’ together (due to his position as Chaebol’s son, I guess) and Lee Ji Yi does, as she’d expressed it in episode 3.

When walking home from work, Lee Ji Yi finds a lamp over the dark corner that she usually has to walk past to head home. It is revealed that Chang Soo had a hand in there, but that way, at least, she can feel somewhat safer whenever she comes home. I think that’s pretty sweet of him of doing that for her, since it is pretty unsafe for a young woman as pretty as she is to walk around at night [well, I don’t know in Korea, but here, it is, and I like to think it’s like that mostly everywhere]. She threatens him with a brick (the same used by Yoon Ha in episode 2, perhaps? Poor brick, being used and tossed around, it’s the real victim in this drama) to stop doing these nice things to her, because she’ll start to want dating him. Instead of saying anything else, Chang Soo decides to leave her alone (probably because he got what he wanted: for her to start falling for him?).

Since that time that she threatened him with the brick, until after, when Yoon Ha has come, it seems like Chang Soo hasn’t spoken to Lee Ji Yi [since he was in vacation in Thailand with his mother who turns out to be that one lady from the Charity event who compared her necklace to Mother‘s own. Note: She also seems like she disapproves of her son’s “love” for Joon Ki], who has started to miss him, it seems, as she comments on how miserable the lamp looks in broad daylight, whereas it looked pretty romantic at night. I think she probably is mad at him too, for not calling her [she’s also probably relieved since she already knew that the relationship would not last between the two of them, and she also knows he’s a jerk and an irresponsible person, so really, she avoided a bullet there; but then again, at the same time, he provided her with attention where Joon Ki practically ignored her back when she still had a crush on him, so maybe she feels at a loss there and maybe that’s why she misses him?].

Joon Ki and Yoon Ha

I don’t know what to say other than: Why Are You Going So Fast And Furious? Because of the last episode that we watched, it was confirmed that Joon Ki is aware of Yoon Ha‘s status as wealthy young woman, and so, I can no longer feel comfortable shipping something that seems to have been completely orchestrated by him. As far as I know, Yoon Ha has only known Joon Ki for what? Less than a week, perhaps? I can give it maximum one month. Let’s say they’ve known each other for a month. How is she certain that Joon Ki doesn’t have ulterior motives [which we know that he does]?

She begins by telling him what Lee Ji Yi seems to already know: that she doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents nor her big sisters, but that she does have a fairly good relationship with her big brother. She tells him that she doesn’t have much to offer to him, but she asks him if he’ll date her [he knows she lies, since she has money, she has many things to offer to him, of course]. Nevertheless, she confesses, only to get rejected because he wants to feel manly and wished he could confess first [after having ignored her to go talk with Lee Ji Yi? You rude handsome man, no, okay? That’s bad]. Very openly, he tells her his relationship with his family, which is very important to him [even though he avoids coming home for two months, and doesn’t spend as much time with his mother], what salary he has, what kind of house he has and that he has a car (dude, she also has a car, even though she pretends she walks to work).

Since Yoon Ha is on a 2 week leave, she can spend more time with Joon Ki and confesses to him that she feels like their relationship is a dream and doesn’t really believe it. I don’t really like the fact that he grabs her wrist to pull her to him, isn’t that a little brusque? She feels super shy around him now, which is such a contrast to how she called him a jerk at the beginning of the third episode. I’m happy that he encourages her to eat like a glutton instead of like a “rich person” but I didn’t like that he told her to “act frail” so that he can look manly [I mean, it could look romantic, and I guess that’s cool, but don’t insist, man, don’t insist, don’t make Yoon Ha think that she can only depend on you when she is a strong young woman who can stand without you].

The death of her brother puts a toll on their relationship, since Yoon Ha attempts to distance herself from him (because she has been brainwashed since she was young that everyone she loves will leave her, and that she brings with her bad luck. Her brother’s death reminds her of this, since she remembers that he was born with incredible luck, but it didn’t save him from her ‘jinx’. This is something that she doesn’t want to make him endure), and chooses not to answer his calls nor his texts for the duration of her vacation time.

Since Joon Ki knows who she is, and he’s seen her brother’s death in the news, was it out of concern that he texted her with a “get well” message [and then, sending her multiple attire change, I guess she’s been ignoring his messages for awhile now]? She says that she misses him, but can you really miss someone whom you haven’t known for awhile [it bothers me]? Additionally, now that Joon Ki has heard rumors about how perhaps Yoon Ha could be on the succession list for the Taejin Group, will he even more pursue the relationship [I’ll point out that he hasn’t told his so-called best friend that he’s dating Yoon Ha, and now that Chang Soo has officially revealed to him who she is, it’ll look even worse when and if Chang Soo discovers their relationship]? Is that why he’s gonna try and “be there for her” [while she’s at her most vulnerable?]? Because of the nature of this ‘toxic’ relationship, and especially because Yoon Ha is needy for attention [what with the way she was raised, I can’t blame the girl] and responds so well to Joon Ki‘s, I am probably always gonna second-guess his intentions.

She finally reveals to him that she’d intended to leave the Taejin Group and live on her own, so that was why she was amassing funds by being a part-timer, I wonder if he intends to manipulate her into staying in the Taejin Group since he’ll finally have gained that ultimate step that he had wished to achieve?

I’ll see you all next week then!
(メ´Д`)ハァ Ponyta’s out ?(´Д`メ)