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YouTuber: IISuperwomanII
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Started: July 22nd, 2014

July 22nd, 2014

Hello people,
How are you all doing?
So, I’ve been scanning around my Facebook News Feed today (July 22nd, 2014) and my cousin (Glaceon‘s sister) has shared this one video from Superwoman on her timeline and I clicked on it (it was the Types of Crush video which I will talk about later on) and I absolutely love her now and I decided to subscribe.

Man, I can’t even… stop laughing at her videos, seriously.

This girl has the awesome way of speaking, and she knows what’s up! I like how I can relate to her videos even if we’re not completely from the same culture.

  • This person has this video about the types of crushes YES. YES.
    • I must tell you that I’ve had these crushes… oh my, even the summer crush… oh my goodness…
  • The Types of Parents video is freaking awesome [x]
    • Because everyone from any culture can relate to this.
    • Some of these types of parents that she describes actually come into the types of parents in teaching!!
  • The Rules of Racism [x]
    • People, people! You know me, I’m Asian from Canada! I found these references very funny, okay? It’s very funny!
    • Plus Ryan Higa is in there.

She even features other people in her videos, like Ryan Higa, Timothy DelaGhetto, and more readers, MORE, MOAR! Whoa! I can’t wait to find out more videos from her! Check her out when you can! She’s pretty cool!

Have fun watching her videos, because I know I will!! 🙂

 Ponyta’s out ’cause she doesn’t know what to watch first!