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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 05
Aired: June 22nd, 2015
Watched: June 23rd, 2015

June 26th, 2015 

Have you all been well? I’ll be honest: I’m not doing well, but hey, what can you do about it? The best way to keep myself from falling right now is to work on making this blog last for as long as I possibly can. Hopefully, the sense of accomplishment from that (and also maybe to draw for Incolo, because the weekend is fast approaching) will make me feel somewhat better. And so, I warn you of the half-naked scenes and the spoilers (even though this drama has stopped airing at the time of this post), and I start this episode:

Main couple

Sooo, did they stay there on the roof for the whole day? Like, were they making out for one whole day? I seem to recall that Yoon Ha had come into the food market in the morning, since she was supposed to come back to work anyway, but then Joon Ki just grabbed her hand and pulled her to the roof, where she admitted her whole family background, and advised him to leave her, only to beg him not to leave her. They kiss, of course, because Joon Ki is so desperate for food, money, shelter, reputation and fame that a beautiful snotty face is not a turn off whatsoever… And yet now, seemingly only a few moments after the end of last episode, it’s like the sun is setting and everything gets dark. Why?

Now here’s something I’m starting to dislike with their relationship: He likes people who are faithful and who keep in contact often, so she swears that she will do just that. The reason why it bothers me I guess is the fact that this could turn out to be him being “overprotective” and/or over-bearing. The fact that she willingly submits herself to that, I just wonder if she’s even more too needy for attention than Mewtwo and I thought.

I can understand that she wants there to be no lies between the two of them, but does she really have to tell him everything? [and also, shouldn’t she be careful, after all? He knows she’s the daughter of Chaebol, and he could take advantage of her, they’ve known each other for less than what? A month? Can she really ask him to stay at his house for the night? Isn’t he gonna try something in order to get into her family faster? I won’t like you if you impregnate her, Joon Ki] Shouldn’t she request to know more things about him? Like, how many girlfriends he’s had, how they were, how many friends he has, how many siblings or cousins he have, those things [I mean, he does mention that a little bit, but I wish he’d told her more, that way, she could find out that all the girls he dates are rich and could bring him some kind of fame/status YOU’RE BEING PLAYED, GURL, REALIZE THIS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AND HE CRUSHES YOUR HEART]? It’s so funny that, in the first few episodes, he kept saying that her determination to work for her part-time was flimsy and didn’t show, but now that she admits these things to him, he makes a U-turn without apologizing that he said those things before, and compliments her determination.

I didn’t really understand the bra section thing. Did the writers put it there to advertise that shop specifically? Or to point out that there are very little similarities between cup sizes in different brands? Or did they do that so as to show that even though Yoon Ha flaunts herself at the first boy who gives her attention and seems perfect (because he wants her money), she’s still too shy to let him know her real measurements? Or it was specified in the actress’ contract to emphasize on her feminine attribute the most? Or was it so that that saleslady could tell Joon Ki how lucky he is to have her (because obviously, having her money isn’t enough, having a girlfriend with a big chest is even better)? Or is this another way of telling us that, in this society, the bigger the chest, the better it is? Isn’t that going to put even more pressure on women who do not have those? I could have done without that scene, to be honest.

I also want to point out that it’s all been filmed as one single day, so how in the world does she still have energy for biking [is the couple bike a symbol to how she’s so dependent on his attentions?] when she went shopping, and then, they went to eat dessert? Mewtwo and I agree: after all those two activities, we would have welcomed crashing and going to sleep [as much as you can sleep when the guy you like is sleeping on the couch somewhere else in the same room, that is, but who are we kidding, I wouldn’t have put myself into that kind of scandalous situation (note: when I like a guy, I can’t even talk to him so… of course I couldn’t put myself into any situation whatsoever)]. I’m putting it out there, maybe Yoon Ha is smart: by tiring Joon Ki out (he didn’t nap and he had to cook food for the two of them, brought her shopping (being dragged to shop for me is torturous because I tire easily) and then eating dessert together (ok he only drank), AND bike faster at her beck and call) he won’t be trying anything on her during the night, but then again, I HIGHLY doubt that those thoughts came into her mind.

I’m glad that he understands that she separates her background to her own personality, and perhaps now, she knows that her boyfriend doesn’t think that her background is separated from her. This is putting seeds for when they eventually confront each other about how he’s gonna abuse her power and wealth [LET’S NOT FORGET THE ONE THING SHE HATES THE MOST IS A LIE (but then again she lied about her own status to Lee Ji Yi and to Joon Ki, I mean, DO YOU HATE YOURSELF GIRL?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME) YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER JOON KI YOU HAVE MUCH TO LEARN]. She also gets to know a little bit more about how Chang Soo and Joon Ki met (will we get a flashback?! I WANT TO KNOW HOW THE BROMANCE STARTED), and I’d also like to have a flashback on how Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha‘s first meeting [Yoon Ha says that Lee Ji Yi will accept her, but will she?!].

All the politics…

At Yoo Min SuperMarketDeputy Sung jumps into the conclusion that Joon Ki and Yoon Ha are dating (which isn’t wrong), but since you know that he’s probably a spy from Chang Soon‘s brother, you know it’s not gonna turn out well. He sticks up to Chang Soo the moment the latter comes into the grocery store, introducing himself to him formerly, annoying Chang Soo, who wants to patrol in peace [of course though, Deputy Sung will notice that Chang Soo is monopolizing only one saleslady (Lee Ji Yi) and goes to report this to the Executive DirectorChang Soo’s brother].

With the Taejin GroupMother is drinking (again) and is super mad that Main Mistress is sending her gifts to make her feel better (and healthy stuff for her blood pressure or something like that). She’s so mad, in fact, that she violently physically abuses the Main Mistress, after all, a mistress is a mistress, I guess, the Wife gets a lot more privileges and gets to get away with a lot more stuff than a mistress does. I can somewhat understand the whole physical abuse thing, since Main Mistress sort of kept taunting Mother all throughout these episodes, telling her about what the Father/Chairman does and everything, and finally now, without Vice President, her son, to hold her back, Mother just unleashes a sh@tstorm onto Main Mistress. What I didn’t like is making Butler Hong clear the dining table. All that food was wasted, poor Joon Ki‘s mother, she must have poured all of her time and energy into making good food, and yet, this happens. Mother threatens that she’ll come back to hurt Main Mistress every day, and I wonder if she’ll really do it [Main Mistress does say that she’ll fight back but I wonder, especially since Father/Chairman doesn’t even really seem interested in her ever in all the times I’ve seen them together].

Not satisfied with just hurting Main Mistress, after much drinking, Mother goes to attack the one source of her pain for many years, while he was sound asleep: her husband. She laughs at how he doesn’t have any hair, and hey, at least he didn’t hit her or anything, he understood her pain enough to just let it go. I wonder what he’ll do the next day though… will he punish her or someone close to her since she did something like this? Let’s not forget that he’s the one who told her to leave him but blocked her funds so she couldn’t do it. She laments on how he was warm and comfortable and nice, once upon a time [which is something that Vice President also remembers, as he tells Yoon Ha].

Meanwhile, Ye Won has taken her seat as Vice President and her new secretary [apparently, she’s been eyeing this one for awhile, is she trying to cheat on her husband? He’s younger than she is, and she wants to make sure that he’ll be her vassal, to be able to do everything that she wants, before she even wants it (is this wy the other dude was fired? Because she said I want my brother dead in front of the previous secretary, and the dude didn’t do anything about it, so she was mad and kicked him out? How petty)] reveals that Yoon Ha (her youngest sister) has been buying stocks. I don’t think that Yoon Ha could have bought so many thoughts, but, as the secretary says, perhaps Vice President has something to do with that, making sure that Yoon Ha has enough stocks so that she can have weight in the company and in the group. He must have done so after Yoon Ha revealed to him that she’d bought stocks with the little money she earns and with the money that she was given for various events. Ye Won recalls that Vice President had warned her that, even with him gone, Ye Won would not really be the successor.

I don’t understand why she seems so mad that Vice President had a close relationship with Yoon Ha and then formed an alliance with her. Why is she even surprised [by that AND by the fact that her sister might be hiding something from her]? I mean, Ye Won barely speaks with Yoon Ha, does she expect that Yoon Ha wouldn’t go for the one sibling who actually treats her right?

The fact that Ye Won was able to accept her brother’s death so easily point that she might have had something to do with it. She tells Mother such, and then, says that she understands Mother‘s feelings, since she also have a child [I wonder at the dedication that she has to that child. It seems like Ye Won really only is focused on the advancement of her career. Ye Won doesn’t have a good relationship with her child’s husband, either, and she’s never brought her child up until now, it doesn’t even seem like that child ever interacts with its aunts and uncle, what kind of family is this actually I don’t interact much with my cousins or my external families, so I guess I can understand]. True to her words, Ye Won attempts to take everything from her brother, including their mother’s affection as well as his rooms. She tells mother to rely on her (the same way she did with Vice President).

Furthering her plans, Ye Won also tries to brainwash Butler Hong into abandoning the search for her brother, by saying that it’s for her Mother‘s mental status and so that she can accept reality.

Main Ship

Chang Soo asks Lee Ji Yi to sell to him the herb [chicory ssam, I think, if my subtitles are correct?] that she’d been setting into the stall, and she gives him a description of it (I wonder if it’s supposed to be another analogy to him, I mean, she says: “it tastes pungent and it gives a piquant taste“, maybe it’s a metaphor for their relationship). Smoothly, he flirts with her in front of everyone else, acknowledging that his line is pretty corny, but still. Let’s not forget that he’s been ignoring her, not calling her or texting her, or coming to see her in “their corner lamppost” for 2 weeks, and she’s been missing him and been angry at him for that, which is exactly what she reminds him (and she even admits it too).

Now that she’s had 2 weeks to think about her position on dating, marrying and love, Chang Soo asks her if she would marry everyone that she dates, she has a somewhat… different? Modified answer: dating, while understanding since the beginning that marriage will not be on the table, is different [meaning that she would not mind dating him as long as they’re both certain that they won’t get married]. And that’s why they begin dating [Chang Soo even argues that while dating him, she might even realize that she won’t want to be with him/won’t want to marry him, to which I would counter with: “maybe she’ll come to that realization, but maybe you won’t be able to go on without her by your side anymore.” He’s been fairly realistic with Yoon Ha back during their blind date [I mean, he tells Yoon Ha that she’s naive, pretending then, that over his 2 years older than her, he can make more sound decisions, isn’t he scared of his brother whatsoever?], and now, he’s almost completely illogical [am I the only one who thinks so?]. Dating someone means that you’ll get to know the person more, and maybe he’ll develop feelings. Is it really something he wants to risk? I’m sure he’s watched enough dramas to know where this is going!!!].

You can tell I’m not into this kind of arrangement, haha, especially since Chang Soo is not quality boyfriend. He insists on flaunting his wealth in her face, deciding to go “like a typical story”, but not carrying any of the stuff that he buys for her, letting her climb all of the stairs with all of the things that he persists on buying (for her) and then only pulling her chair out for her reluctantly when she asks him to do so [then again, he does say things like: “I will do everything for you, what do you want to do next?” but will he commit in the end?]. But they’re going “like a typical story”. So that she can accept the clothes that she gives her, since they’ll be dating, he needs her to have a decent wardrobe, I guess [but then again, we have to remember that, prior to meeting Chang SooLee Ji Yi was a girl who didn’t want to use a man’s wealth and wanted to be independent, so this clashes with her ideals. Majorly, and I’m very happy with her that she told him this openly after their date].

Three kisses in one day though? Wouldn’t you call this: “moving fast” too? Mewtwo was extremely happy that they used songs from Ed Sheeran.

Lee Ji Yi is still a little bit more realistic [even though I wish she would’ve told Yoon Ha about this budding relationship… and I wish Yoon Ha would have cared enough about her friend to make sure she was OK. It feels, during this episode, like they haven’t spent much time together whatsoever [haven’t they been WORKING together that day? Right before and after Lee Ji Yi had to go bring the herb to Chang Soo‘s office? Couldn’t Lee Ji Yi have told her friend then?!]. They’re in their own dreamland – but like, at least Yoon Ha told her about her relationship with Joon Ki, what will happen if Yoon Ha discovers her best friend in the world is dating Chang Soo????], since she can realistically guess what the Japanese Chef (love listening to them speak in Japanese) says she’s prettier than all the girls Chang Soo has ever brought to this restaurant. I’m glad that she kept calculations [and that she kept in-character this whole time, she really only indulged him (and let herself be indulged), but then afterwards, she had to return to reality. Her realisticness is very good] and then realized just how wealthy he was, because by telling him, maybe he’ll be more and more aware that he’s been flaunting their monetary gap [he might even realize that he does does that to Joon Ki, too, have you also noticed? And Joon Ki seems to just accept it, whereas Lee Ji Yi doesn’t freely accept the things that he acquires for her, I think Lee Ji Yi could be better for him in a way that Joon Ki will never be, because she’s so honest with him [she tells him that she can’t take his stuff, she tells him that his ears are weird, she tells him directly what she wants: for him to move the chair for her when she could totally play him and manipulate him into giving her whatever she wants. And he knows this. He must appreciates her honesty] even though she knows that he could take it the wrong way and be mad at her, whereas Joon Ki just silently takes every challenge given to him and just pleases his friend by making Chang Soo believe that he wins races fair and square (this is gonna make him so upset when he realizes, man)].

I’ll admit to one thing though, and I’m sure that they’ve both realized this: they seem to have great fun together when he doesn’t emphasize on how differently they live or how differently they earn their wage [I’m continuously hoping that she’ll be a good influence on him if they continue this relationship] as well as, maybe, how intelligent he is compared to her (I think she didn’t want to reply to his text because she didn’t want him to correct her. Come on man, I do that to my students, not to my friends. I just silently judge them when they make mistakes and don’t correct themselves. Have some tact, SHE’S YOUR temporary GIRLFRIEND). During the day, Lee Ji Yi even comes to admit to him that she’s starting to like him more and more, and that that relationship can’t continue. He seems to have been quite affected by those lines, since during his shower, and then after, when he looked at himself in the mirror, all he could think of was Lee Ji Yi saying that she’s falling for him or saying that he’s good looking [the shower scenes were very much appreciated by both Munchlax and Mewtwo, well done, writers, well done]. I guess this is as close as we’ll ever get (so far anyway) to him admitting that he’s also starting to like Lee Ji Yi. This isn’t gonna end well if your mother isn’t cool with the idea, man! You should know this! Will you have enough to protect Lee Ji Yi from your brother and mother?!

I extremely liked the bout where the actors actually filmed a period type drama. The scene imagined by Lee Ji Yi (about how the Master would probably throw the Servant-lover to the wolves, letting his Mother do whatever she likes [break Lee Ji Yi into pieces], as long as he gets to play around with another peasant girl? Is that what I understood well?) does mirror what his mother would likely do [after all, she did almost scold him and went into his quarters just to remind him of what kind of daughter-in-law she would accept], which might be why his big brother might have told her about Lee Ji Yi [his mother does pounce on any information she can get on Lee Ji Yi from Chang Soo, even whenever he mentions her vaguely. She really has great motherly instincts]. His mother, just like his brother, also remind Chang Soo regularly it seems not to trust Joon Ki too much [it seems like we’re not the only ones who saw how Joon Ki acts around his friend; PAYING THE LEASE TO HIS HOUSE/STUDIO?! PAYING HIS CAR?! MY GOODNESS JOON KI what are you, a call girl, selling your goods to the only friend you’ll probably ever have?!]. At least his mother points out sensibly that by being around Chang SooJoon Ki might feel bad about his own monetary situation [START TO NOTICE THESE THINGS ON YOUR OWN ALREADY, MAN; it’s also said that Chang Soo thinks his abilities are greater than his brother’s, since he (Joon Ki, not Chang Soo, man, notice) brought the sales and everything up for Yoo Min Supermarket, he think he should get more stuff than his brother].

Look at those two lovebirds. If they’re not endgame, I might be upset (but then again you know I have other pairings in mind too lol)

Take good care until next week!
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