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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 06
Aired: June 23rd, 2015
Watched: June 24th, 2015

July 1rst, 2015

Hi there, everyone!
Are you all doing all right? I trust this post finds you well! I’m doing a little bit better, thank goodness, because I really have to plan out the year for Incolo (it’s already pretty difficult to submit a comic strip every week, haha). But for now, I’d like to catch up and finish up with these episodes of High Society. As usual, there is gonna be spoilers, and also probably gifs of half-naked men. You’ve been warned.

Trouble is brewing in la-la land?

This episode, like almost all of its predecessors, begins where the previous one left off [a moment of showering from Joon Ki [in which he reminds himself that he does only look for a good background and wealthy family and that’s his main priority, since that reality is his dream…] as Yoon Ha falls asleep, and then we jump to the next day]. It’s an even bigger indicator that this story is moving way too fast for it to be any kinds of realistic [of course, you’ve already heard me speak these opinions before, I think]. Maybe that’s why Yoon Ha looks a bit nervous as she goes to sleep [or maybe her thoughts are: what was I thinking? I’m in a guy’s bed and I’m sleeping over… what will happen?]… but then again, since she hugged him and said that she was slightly disappointed (in his lack of action), I think she had nervousness more because she was expecting something more (romantic?) from Joon Ki.

You liar, Yoon Ha. That’s pretty darn specific. You want him to kiss you again, don’t you?!

Let’s take a moment to talk about that lack of proximity between them when they’re in private. He doesn’t hug her, he doesn’t kiss her [he’s pretty un-romantic], he stiffens when she does. Has he ever said “I love you”? I mean, he did the noble thing by not laying a finger on her on her first night in his studio, so she’s got to be thankful for that. It’s already scandalous enough for her to be staying there without being chaperoned… And plus, when the journalist asked him if Joon Ki was seeing Yoon Ha and that they were dating, he didn’t necessarily deny it, but he didn’t accept it either. The same way that he doesn’t tell Chang Soo “I love you” or stuff like that, but he does string Chang Soo along, with other words and actions as “friends”, which is something I think Chang Soo has started to pick up on, since he invited the couple to drink with him at the end of the episode, as if to confront them.

Since Joon Ki is the one who leaked her “reverse Cinderella” story to the press, I wonder:
1) what Yoon Ha will think of him now [Yoon Ha, you better either break up with him or ask for some kind of compensation for him ruining your working life (even though she technically quit)]
2) if he’ll admit it to her [after all, he had that moment after she quit her job, to go and tell her what was happening, and probably so many more moments, and yet, he just didn’t do it; he’s not learning from his tortuous relationship with Chang Soo, evidently] or if he’ll just let the story flow and for her to find out on her own [we all know how this kind of road will lead to more pain for all of them, especially if he ends up falling for her truly and she just believes him to be a liar. Dramas… tsk tsk tsk].
3) Since Yoon Ha is quitting, will the newspaper article make her come back? Will she have to stay there in order for them to have the publicity? Additionally, why did she really choose to quit? Did she give a reason? Does she think that’s what her brother would have wanted? For her to lose motivation in finding what she needs now, because her brother died? Oh wait, I think she said that she thought she had enough money to move forward with her plans…

But hey, at least Yoon Ha got the chance to meet with Joon Ki’s mother again [after the lady had to have a rather unpleasant talk with Main Mistress [who learns, throughout this episode, that while she is preferred to the Chairman, she’s not allowed as much freedom as Mother/Wife is], who believes in the use of her body in order to raise her rank and in order to get luxury, whereas Joon Ki’s mother believes in being happy and in love, despite the financial situation that she’s in with her husband], and this time, the older woman understood that the two of them were going out. Not only that, but Joon Ki’s mother seems to have given them her blessing – something that it seems she hadn’t given to his previous girlfriend, perhaps? I wonder if she’ll tell her husband about Yoon Ha, and if she’ll see the news on the Internet and/or in the newspaper, about Jang Yoon Ha [after all, she knows and remembers Yoon Ha‘s full name very well]. Will she know, then, that her son is using Yoon Ha as he’s using Chang Soo? Surely she knows that… [and that’s why she caters to Chang Soo‘s whims whenever? To thank him for everything that his son is allowed to have thanks to Chang Soo]?

In Politics land…

In the Taejin Group family, everything is not going so well. Father/Chairman is mad at Butler Hong because the latter let his wife, Mother [how can she really only complain about her daughters, but never about her son, I wonder…], get so drunk that she went and attacked him in his sleep [he says that Yoon Ha is influenced by her mother and is also losing her mind]. Mother promises there won’t be any next times, but who knows, I hope it won’t result in Butler getting killed or being punished for something he couldn’t possibly prevent.

The news of the divorce of Ye Won and her husband finally hit the Taejin Group and makes it even worse for the press and overall image of the group. She informs them that the papers were already signed and that she already gave full custody of the children to her husband, who loves them (more than she does, it seems, since she so rarely mentions them whatsoever, so that’s suspicious whenever she herself says: “I understand how you feel, I have a daughter too), also explaining there’d been friction between her father-in-law and her, because she wasn’t able to convince her own father to back up the father-in-law in a secret funds investigation, and that, not only that, there’d been no love in the marriage either [this reverts to Yoon Ha‘s argument that she doesn’t want to marry unless there’s love in the relationship, I’m quite sure that Mother can see this; unless she’s so far off that she doesn’t even consider her daughters as such anymore], so she didn’t want to stay there and would much rather be with her family in times of need [I call b@ll, because this woman seems to be able to manipulate others by summoning tears, thus emotionally manipulating others; which is how she managed to acquire the outbuilding (IS THE SECRET KEY THAT HE GAVE YOON HA STILL IN THE OUTBUILDING?!)].

Meanwhile, just because Yoon Ha isn’t in the house, Middle Sister (I’m just gonna stop trying to remember her full name) snuck into her wardrobe and seems to intend to steal some of her clothes [we find out that these clothes, while they are pretty and Middle Sister even likes them, come from unknown brands to her]. Is this something that’s going to come up one of these days? That Yoon Ha is actually a master at choosing and finding indie clothes/brands and will use this to her advantage to make money? At any rate, Ye Won and Middle Sister seem to be scheming to kick Yoon Ha out of the company. They’re giving her too much credit. Right now, she’s not even planning to do anything, she’s just being happy with her boyfriend-who’s-using-her-for-her-money.

Yoon Ha is appointed as Team Leader of the Strategy Department in the Chinese Office, which sort of makes sense, I guess, since she’s studied abroad in China, I think? Does it mean that she’ll have to move out? At any rate, it seems (and I’m not sure) that she’s moving out and refusing the offer. It also seems like, unlike she thought, Yoon Ha definitely wasn’t as discreet as she thought, since her father seems to have always known about her part-time job [which she quit, old man, she quit without giving them further notice, and didn’t even really feel bad about quitting and not working on the same day. She should’ve given them notice. I’m disappointed in your irresponsibility, Yoon Ha]. Her father tells her that the family will quit giving her allowance/money, they won’t support her anymore, and that she has to give back what it previously gave her before, too, but she counters with the fact that they’ve scarred her mentally and physically in the past, and that she deserves all that she’s received thus far, and that she’ll keep them, since that’s payment for what she’s endured [does this mean that she’s going to keep the villa and houses under her name? I hope so, because I don’t want her to move in with Joon Ki. Maybe Lee Ji Yi can move in with her].

Has everyone else than me forgotten about Hae In, Vice President‘s daughter who’s studying in New Jersey? Was she only a plot device? Is she actually of any importance?

While riding his bike, Joon Ki either had an appointment with or ran into a friend of his, who’s a journalist, telling him the whole story about the Taejin Group youngest daughter – Yoon Hawho’s been working a part-time job at the Yoo Min Supermarket. By leaking the information to this newspaper journalist, wouldn’t that be betraying Yoon Ha‘s trust? At any rate, it’s a publicity stunt in order to raise the interest for the supermarket from the public [HE SHOULD’VE ASKED HER PERMISSION TO LEAK HER STORY, NEVERTHELESS, SHE WOULD’VE UNDERSTOOD]. Not only that, and unwillingly so, the article also provides the Taejin Group with good publicity, since their youngest daughter did more than Middle Sister does with her social media – she mingles with the people, she gets her hands dirty and she kept her identity hidden.

Chang Soo‘s older brother summoned Lee Ji Yi to his office in order to see what kind of girl she was, and in order to see, I guess, why his brother would fool around with a “commoner”. Because of this, Lee Ji Yi felt a little bit ‘down’, which is why Chang Soo did two things: he invited her to a date (we’ll talk about that in a moment), and he enlisted Joon Ki‘s help in humiliating his brother somehow as form of revenge [some kind of scandal, like adultery, for example]. His brother did seem like he was welcoming Lee Ji Yi with open arms, telling her that he would remove all obstacles in the couple’s way [even going so far as to suggest that they have a baby together, so as to hasten the process, that’s ridiculous, I mean, the two of them don’t really plan on getting married YET]. I think this is because Older Brother is jealous that Chang Soo was always their parents’ favorite (since he sees them daily on weekdays) and sought to undermine that favoritism by showing his parents that Chang Soo has a commoner girlfriend whom he cherishes too much and will probably wish to marry one of these days. In order to throw his brother off Lee Ji YiChang Soo had to do something I imagine pretty bad: he admitted that he has a whole array of women that he can choose, and that he’s really only fooling around with Lee Ji Yi.

Confession time

As far as I’m concerned, Yoon Ha had previously planned to tell Lee Ji Yi about her real identity the day BEFORE. You know, the day before she quit her part-time job [also known as the first day she was coming back to her part-time job after her 2 week vacation and/or her mourning period for her brother whom, you may have noticed, she very seldom talks about anymore]? What happened that day? Ah, yes. Joon Ki “stole” her for a second, they made out on the roof, leaving Lee Ji Yi slightly bitter about them filming a drama, and then, Yoon Ha worked (presumably with Lee Ji Yi, but since they cut to the end of the day, we’ve no idea whatsoever if they had ANY kind of INTERACTIONS whatsoever). And then, since, for girls in love, it’s always “misters before sisters” (just as Lee Ji Yi has demonstrated here), Yoon Ha spent the night with Joon Ki. I really miss the girls seriously interacting and not ignoring each other because now, they’ve found ‘men’ [because is that what’s gonna happen if I find a boyfriend? I’m gonna ignore my friends whom I already don’t have much time/motivation to talk to, and I’m gonna spend more time with the so-called significant other? No thank you].

Since Chang Soo revealed to Lee Ji Yi that Yoon Ha really did come from the Taejin Group, I felt like she did acknowledge that Yoon Ha did tell her, but that she didn’t listen. I wonder if she felt more disappointed in herself for not paying closer attention to her best friend and family, or did she just feel betrayed because Yoon Ha told her this too late. And hey, at least one good thing happened in sisterhood-landYoon Ha went and cheered her friend up, since she had been summoned by Chang Soo‘s older brother, who sort of intimidated poor Lee Ji Yi. And not only that, but Yoon Ha herself went to see Chang Soo and (almost threatened him) told him that if something happened to Lee Ji YiYoon Ha would herself would punish those involved.

Trouble in Bro-land

Meanwhile, Chang Soo has started to drop hints at Joon Ki that he wants Joon Ki to either tell him that he loves him (because bromance rules), or to do something that proves to Chang Soo that he really does consider himself a best friend, and doesn’t do stuff solely for the money that Chang Soo can provide him with. I was still expecting a flashback to the moments they met, when they were studying, but… maybe next episode?

He looks so done.

I think we know that Chang Soo was lying to his brother when he said he implied he was only really fooling around with Lee Ji Yi, because he admitted to Yoon Ha something I think he hasn’t been able to admit to anyone else: that he loved Lee Ji Yi more than he’d ever loved any other women that he’s dated [he hasn’t even admitted this to his mother, since he knows that’s pretty much forbidden, but I guess he feels more at ease telling Yoon Ha because Yoon Ha knows the good person that Lee Ji Yi is and could possibly understand his feelings for Lee Ji Yi]. He seemed pretty convincing then, I thought. If his confession back then didn’t rouse any sympathy that you should have for the poor boy, then perhaps consider that he blew off another blind date [with a girl who used to be a classmate, if I recall, and to whom he was always very “cold” to, it seems. I wonder if she’ll appear again, or if it was just a cameo, or if it was really just to show that Chang Soo really does prefer Lee Ji Yi to these “fake” women], in order to spend the rest of the day with Lee Ji Yi, to do absolutely anything that she wants to do, even though – and he’s not scared of stating it – he doesn’t want to.

How can you say that to her, look at her, she’s so sad!!

Furthermore, and I feel like this is even more important, perhaps, than just resigning and reluctantly doing whatever she wants to do, like selfies with ridiculous stuff on their heads, or just doing fun activities that will make him mingle with the crowd of ‘commoners’ who are still nice to him when they bump into him, even though he’s quite clearly uncomfortable [but he just can’t resist seeing her sad face, which is another PLUS argument for this couple, I mean, he sees her sad and would do anything to make her smile, I like that], is the fact that he apologized to her. I mean, for me anyways, Chang Soo doesn’t strike me as a person who likes to apologize [he’s such a prideful person, he didn’t even apologize for drenching Yoon Ha in water? Well he didn’t really care, I guess. I wonder if he’s ever apologized to Joon Ki himself, and maybe he has, since he feels so intensely towards his friend. Not only that, but he knows that their relationship is pretty genuine. Lee Ji Yi would never seek to acquire more than she’s been given, and sometimes even refuses what she was given, too!! He’s definitely grateful to be in a relationship where he doesn’t have to keep his guard up at all times]? I don’t know if you also might find him that way, but for him to have apologized to her the way he did, and being embarrassed [because he doesn’t want him to see him so… vulnerable and sorry for what he’s made her go through because of him?!!!?] and all that seriousness in his expression (look at him, he genuinely looks so tired), made the scene particularly cute to watch [her excitement at the amusement part and the way she acted was extremely cute also], and also, it made me ship them even more, to be honest, hahaha. I really hope for them to end up together…

I’ll see you next week, then!
Ponyout (´゚ε゚` *) ハァ???