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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 07
Aired: June 29th, 2015
Watched: July 2nd, 2015

July 2nd, 2015 

How are you all doing? I trust you’re doing well, and that, by the first of September – when this will be posted, I will be doing well as well, haha, so many wells. At any rate, you know what we’re here to discuss!! The seventh episode of High Society!! Let’s announce here and now that there will be spoilers.

As usual, we return to where we initially left off: Joon Ki slyly avoiding answering Chang Soo when the latter asks him if he really does trust him. Can Joon Ki really be manipulating rich people the way he does if he can’t even answer Chang Soo and just avoids the subject by drinking? Is his character really any… realistic? Of course, when cornered, and with Chang Soo asking them directly if Yoon Ha and he are dating, Joon Ki acquiesces [perhaps because he knows that if he doesn’t tell Chang Soo, the latter will begin to mistrust him, and that isn’t something that’s good for their relationship/bromance].

As Chang Soo tells Yoon Ha that she shouldn’t go see Lee Ji Yi to reconcile with her, Chang Soo says that maybe Yoon Ha should lay low for awhile, since, if it was him, if someone had deceived him for such a long time (and he’s probably eyeing Joon Ki as he says this), he wouldn’t want to see that person ever again.

After meeting with Joon Ki‘s ex-girlfriend, Chang Soo discovered the reason why everyone has been telling him to be careful around Joon Ki; because he’s ‘selfish, calculative and cunning,’ her words, not mine – even though I’ve thought them, haha, and also because she ‘didn’t have enough qualifications for him‘.

When he asks Chang Soo to be honest and to tell him what is wrong between the two of them, instead of turning around the bush, and when Chang Soo is indeed honest and says: “I can’t figure you out,” Joon Ki gives this senseless answer: “I know you are you. After all these years, how can you not know me?” or something like that. It pissed me off that he would think of being dishonest with Chang Soo when the latter was honest. I leave the door open for chances that Joon Ki is telling the truth, and that, when they were young, Joon Ki had told Chang Soo something along the lines of: “I’m gonna use you for your money, my friend”. I’m glad that Chang Soo says that Joon Ki doesn’t really know him either. Despite everything, Chang Soo will still ask Joon Ki to look into things for him and still asks him for favors. I wonder if they’re going to stay in drama-land for long [because I don’t think I can deal with that, haha].

Oh dear, I just realized this but: Chang Soo has two brothers. We’ve only seen one. Where’s the other one? Will we see him? Why would his mother [goodness, she’s so strict when it comes to Chang Soo meeting with “commoners” but when it’s about Chaebol daughters, she won’t hesitate to encourage him to cheat] mention it, otherwise?!

I didn’t think that Joon Ki would tell Yoon Ha the reason why she was in the top search topics on the Internet. It seems like he didn’t tell Yoon Ha straight up that he had something to do with it, though. And it seems like he did have further ulterior motives than just publicity for Yoo Min Supermarket, since he tells Yoon Ha that such article could benefit her in the sense where she would have a better standing in the household. It visibly shook him that Yoon Ha said she wanted to be independent from her family. It did so since he was planning on becoming a member of that household [so of course, when she calls him to tell him that she’s resolved to stay at home and work at the company, look at his overjoyed face].

When questioned about how deep their relationship was – even though, technically if you’ll recall, Yoon Ha is the only one who really opens herself to him and he only told her this one story in his childhood which made him become a gold-digger [that’s right, i said it, Joon Ki, youz a gold-digger] – Joon Ki says that “time isn’t important in a relationship between a man and a woman. The depth of our feelings is important.” I thought: ‘How cheesy and completely untrue. Your feelings are not for her but for her money and her background, and you should tell her as soon as possible‘.

Maybe they’ll use the Ex-Girlfriend Min Jung, to move this relationship forward, since she appeared and now, thanks to Chang Soo, she knows that Joon Ki is dating a Chaebol daughter (Yoon Ha) [or rather, maybe she’ll have an inkling, since Chang Soo is still so loyal to his friend that he wouldn’t tell her, I guess because he knows that Min Jung can be somewhat… annoying?]. Meanwhile, I wonder if Father/Chairman is going to have something to do with their relationship further on, since he knows that Yoon Ha is dating Joon Ki now (and that Joon Ki has looks that can slap a model).


It seems like everyone thinks that Yoon Ha has been preparing her move, in order to sway public opinion as well as in order to ascend importance in the Taejin Group and Company in the shadows, very meticulously, when we all know that it’s not true, haha.

Mother and Middle Sister didn’t know about Yoon Ha‘s part-time job, but they were equally surprised when it came out in the news. Middle Sister is completely jealous, whereas Mother doesn’t understand the whole problem [one would consider that Mother isn’t completely “there” emotionally for her daughters anyway, so it’s not a surprise that she’s so not caught up with what Yoon Ha has been up to; and she only really interacts and reacts when Vice President is mentioned].

I’m very glad that Yoon Ha decided to stand up against her Mother and told her exactly what was happening. Even though, that’s true, her Mother does have a point: her older brother died and now she’s traipsing around with this one gold-digger and seems to have forgotten about him. I don’t remember if I wrote about that, but yeah, that’s a little bit upsetting [her Mother didn’t have a right to say it like that, though]. The two of them will have to work together in order to expose whoever took Vice President from their lives, haha.

I’m glad that finally, Yoon Ha has started to be more involved with the family business and the whole plot [especially since she remembered that Vice President wants her to be the successor, not Ye Won and certainly not Middle Sister, and if I recall, he’s told her this at least thrice]. I wonder where the key went though [nevermind, it’s in her wardrobe, please let Middle Sister NOT find it and let Yoon Ha see it before it’s too late], I’m pretty sure that Vice President must have put it somewhere in her belongings, so that Ye Won, if she were to inherit of his outbuilding, would not be able to find it. Can I just say though that I love watching Father interact with Yoon Ha, especially since it took about 5 episodes to see them finally really interact. His facial expressions to everything that she says is just so hilarious to watch.

Hae In is finally mentioned when Vice President‘s will comes into question: Ye Won thinks that her brother would give most of everything to his daughter [which of course, he does, and appoints Min Hye Soo [that would be Mother, I think] as her guardian until then].

Meanwhile, because I had totally forgotten about her, Main Mistress has decided to change her style, accordingly to what Father’s Butler advised her to do. Joon Ki’s mother liked her older style better though, and she’s not afraid to tell her so. She’s actually thinking of getting a child, but with a bit of coaxing from Joon Ki’s MotherMain Mistress admits that it was just a passing thought, as a revenge tactic [it’s likely that she’s not gonna act on it, but at least her style changed? She’s trying to become more refined? Let’s just hope it doesn’t come into the attention of Mother or it doesn’t piss her off. Maybe some day, they’ll even become friends…? I mean like… why not team up together against the man who makes their lives impossible? GIRL POWER instead of fighting each other for this one man who won’t give you the time of the day!!!].

I’m so happy that it seems like there’s no bad blood between Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha [despite what Chang Soo had predicted; this just goes on to prove that Lee Ji Yi is such a better person than Chang Soo is]. Like I said in the previous episode, I don’t like it when girls fight over guys, and when girls think that their friends should be sidelined because of the guys’ presence in their lives.

Even though Joon Ki wished for Yoon Ha to go settle her family matters first (because you know, he wants them to force her back into the household so that he can make a name of himself over there and maybe, by accompanying her back home, he can formally be introduced and make a good first impression, because sometimes, that’s what I think his head is), I’m glad that Yoon Ha stuck to her ideals and prioritized her friend, Lee Ji Yi, who needed to be apologized to first, for that, I have mad respect.

I’m glad that, as I’d thought, Lee Ji Yi wouldn’t be too mad about Yoon Ha ‘not’ telling her about being in the Taejin Group earlier, but acknowledges that Yoon Ha did tell her friend. She felt mostly bad because she felt stupid that she didn’t connect the dots earlier. After all, Chang Soo and Yoon Ha knew each other. Not only that, but Lee Ji Yi even proves that she’s a good friend by ‘understanding’ why Yoon Ha couldn’t tell Lee Ji Yi straight up that she was a Chaebol daughter, since people could take advantage of that. Afterwards, Yoon Ha started to tell her friend her whole life story – how lonely she was, how her mother treated her, and everything. Lee Ji Yi felt very empathetic to her friend’s situation, and because of that, I’m glad that Yoon Ha was able to share that kind of loneliness to her friend, rather than sharing it with Joon Ki first.

I’m jealous though that Middle Sister tolerated Lee Ji Yi but not much Yoon Ha…

 I’m happy that, for the first few days before going to work, Yoon Ha decides to please her friend and give her what she’s dreamed of doing [Quote of the episode: “Of course, I prepared a man as well”]. Yoon Ha is like a fairy godmother if Lee Ji Yi is CinderellaLee Ji Yi‘s day as temporarily rich, with Yoon Ha, was so nice, especially that every servant, from the driver to the cook, was so nice to her. Middle Sister was even so nice, to actually accept Lee Ji Yi‘s compliments so nicely, and not say anything about how she had written something wrong on her grammar and stuff. I wonder if Middle Sister will attack Yoon Ha on that later on.

Seeing the girls’ day preparing and having fun really contrasts well with how the guys prepared themselves. They’re just driving there, and not even talking to each other warmly or anything [instead, choosing a topic about what Chang Soo will do with Lee Ji Yi once their relationship is done, because Joon Ki knows already that the relationship can’t last and he’s such a killjoy]. Such a stark contrast. I really want to compliment the people who did this episode on the dresses and clothes actually – I love the clothes – that they chose for the ending of this episode. The dress is really pretty, and I liked Lee Ji Yi‘s the best. In the end, it really does seem like Lee Ji Yi didn’t decide to go with an open-neck revealing dress, which she had wanted to choose, from her previous conversation with Yoon Ha.

Chang Soo surprised me when he said he’d invited Joon KiYoon Ha and Lee Ji Yi so that the foursome could explain themselves and wipe clean the slate (so that Lee Ji Yi wouldn’t feel bad about Chang Soo and Yoon Ha going on a blind date before). I like that he does all of these things because he really does like Lee Ji Yi, and then, when Chang Soo barges in on Yoon Ha and Lee Ji Yi being all lovey-dovey – because you know they were and that none of us would disagree to them being endgame – he’s all jealous. It throws him off even more that the two of them are not hating each other, but helping each other put him down. It was hilarious.

I knew it. That Chang Soo isn’t the type of guy who would apologize to any girl for anything. The fact that, in one day, he apologized – and meant it – to Lee Ji Yi – and I know that he meant it because he’s a rather straight-forward character [except maybe or especially when he’s passive-aggressively sending messages to Joon Ki that he’s disappointed in him and wishes for his best friend to be frank and real and not using him for his money], he doesn’t mind saying to a blind date that he’s busy and doesn’t really want to see her, etc. – that fact that he apologized twice and meant it means for me that he really does care for Lee Ji Yi and wishes for her happiness [he is absolutely nothing like the obnoxious young master from the period piece that they imagined]. As a note: I absolutely adore that he openly says what he likes about her: her optimism and “positiveness” [it seems like it’s such a fresh thing for him to experience, since not a lot of Chaebol girls that we’ve seen him have a blind date with so far have been very… ah… optimistic or nice in the way that she is to him. As a plus: Lee Ji Yi doesn’t try to “use” him]. I also loved that scene because they hugged in such a significant way (for me anyway). She leans in to him and he just welcomes her there, unlike how, in front of their friends, he just refused point blank to show that he was affectionate with her [even though to Yoon Ha, he’s already admitted that he really, really deeply cares about Lee Ji Yi, but I don’t think he’s ever really done that with Joon Ki, especially since now he knows how calculative his so-called best friend is, after all, in that car ride, it seems like Joon Ki was still advising him to go easy and not to fall for Lee Ji Yi]. Oh god. Chang Soo, with Lee Ji Yi, is sort of a Tsundere [my definition: Jerk with a heart of gold, but in case you need a reminder, here’s a link] but with Joon Ki, he’s a Yandere [my definition: he openly says to his friend that he loves him and all that, but if something bad happens, he could become dangerous, which is why Joon Ki avoids saying that he’s using his friend, yep].

On that most positive note,
I’ll see you all!
Take good care of yourselves!
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