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Title: Sable Maze 3 – Forbidden Garden
Edition: Collector’s
By: Daily Magic Productions
Started: September 7th, 2014
Finished: September 7th, 2014
Rated: 8/10
Duration: 4 hours

September 7th, 2014 

Hey there everyone,
How are you all doing? Whoa, I’m scheduling this post for a year in advance only now. I feel like I really haven’t played as many HOG as I thought I would, but I’m trying, all right? I’m trying!

I hope that the school year agrees with us all all right by this time (well we’ve only just begun and/or haven’t begun yet) and/or that the work year is treating you well (and me if I’m working in that time period).

Anyways, without further ado, let us start the third installment of the Sable Maze series, shall we?

Originally, while starting the game, especially with the beginning cutscene, I was slightly disappointed. I was feeling that way because, after the first installment of the series (Sable Maze: Sullivan River), this game seemed MUCH less scary than its predecessors. However, as the game progresses, some elements and cutscenes did take me by surprise, so I couldn’t really say that I’m complaining at this point. Let’s call it… warning you that it’s not Sullivan River level of scare.

At the time when I’m writing this, I am not aware of a fourth installment of the series. However, be assured that I will play it and review it here when it does! It’ll be tagged Sable Maze or Daily Magic Productions, as are the others!

It terms of the storyline, I found it really decent. It wasn’t as intriguing and scary as the first game (Sullivan River), and I couldn’t say that it definitely overshadowed its direct predecessor [Sable Maze: Norwich Caves], but it was nice! It sounded a lot like another story that I had heard of before, and, if I recall well, Queen Mab is a queen from a Shakespearean play, so, as usual, kudos for the research.

As usual for Daily Magic Productions, this game presents excellent art style and auditory effects, such as voice actors and, I believe, melody. I found, however, that the Voice Actress for Queen Mab was just slightly strained. Maybe it’s just me, but at first, it was strange to hear her. Afterwards, however, her voice didn’t bother me as much.

I liked the fact that they re-used stock images from previous games. The only notable one that I remember is the “Smelling salts”, which was featured in the second installment of the game as an item to be used. It is also used here, to wake the character’s father up, hahaha!!

I liked the fact that there featured puzzles inside of Hidden Object Boards sometimes, that was pretty special. As usual, the puzzles varied in difficulties, but most of them were fairly easy to do, as were the Hidden Object Boards.

Like many games that I’ve played (but have probably failed to mention), finding collector’s items throughout this game (as difficult as it may sound), will enable you to play extra puzzles [which I quite enjoyed playing]. It also makes you more aware of the location that it offered to you and certainly adds a certain other difficulty to it. I’m always very frustrated when I find out at the end of the game that, despite all of my extra time spent scouring the game, that I have not found everything (I’ve outgrown this though). It’s not a big deal, it just motivates you to play the game one more time, I guess?

I’ll see you later, peeps!
Have a great month!