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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 08
Aired: June 30th, 2015
Watched: July 2nd, 2015

July 2nd, 2015

How are you all doing? So, after watching episode 7, I just couldn’t help but start watching episode 8, because I knew that I was slightly behind in reviewing and watching, so I went ahead. Let’s start, shall we?

Please be warned that there will be spoilers!

I didn’t speak of that cute scene when Chang Soo point blank refused to say that Lee Ji Yi looked cute, even though he knew that she wanted to hear him say it, and even tried to trick him into saying it (but he didn’t fall for it). That was a cute moment that wasn’t too cliche, and was played out well by the actors, I really liked that. I mean, it’s not too cliche, it comes straight from his personality, so he’s pretty constant. Plus, it proves that he learned and adapts from being close to Lee Ji Yi (remember how, drunk, she tricked him into touching her hand because she “couldn’t” unbuckle her seat belt? There you go. He didn’t want to touch her, but she sort of made him. In a sense, even though we say that Lee Ji Yi would not take advantage of him, she certainly knows how to push his buttons to obtain what she wants somehow haha).

Look at them: so ridiculously happy

Meanwhile, Joon Ki and Yoon Ha waste no time in reminding us that they’re going too fast. At least she’s quite radiant and she looks quite happy to be with him. If you haven’t noticed, it seems like while Chang Soo was being bad mouthed by the two girls, Joon Ki, instead of jumping to his friend’s rescue, mind you, couldn’t stop staring at Yoon Ha [maybe he wanted her to catch him staring at her? Maybe he just thought she was pretty, and was too embarrassed to tell her so in front of his best friend?]. It’s so weird that, at the beginning, she says that she doesn’t want to dance, but then, the moment she sees her best friend waving at them, she changes her mind and joins them on the dance floor [is it really because she wants “to match Lee Ji Yi‘s mood“, or was it because she wants to spend as much time with Joon Ki before she’s sucked into the world of corporations, companies and everything?]. At least Joon Ki is quite consistent: throughout that dance scene, he barely moves much, whereas Chang Soo at least moves his head to the beat and moves with Lee Ji Yi a little bit (I’m quite, quite sure that’s because he wants to please her). Seriously bro, have you read a romance novel and then decided to go through all the cliches [you can’t go and be more original or something? Okay but I’ll be honest, if a hot guy did all of those things at the beach, even if they were cliche, I would probably NOT mind at all, so I can understand Yoon Ha for being so happy, I guess… but knowing what we know about Joon Ki just makes me look at their happiness and his happy face with such a very very very skeptical expression that it’s hard to be completely on board with this kind of relationship]?

By showing Joon Ki having a flashback as to his conversation with Chang Soo, I wonder if that’s a sign that he’s feeling guilty, or if it’s a sign to say that he’s just wondering if Chang Soo has caught up with his lies. It certainly doesn’t help that Reporter dude who was their kouhai called and revealed that Joon Ki had been giving him “lots of economy-related news sources” and that they had a “symbiotic relationship“. If Chang Soo changes his phone number without telling Joon Ki, will he tell Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha at least, I wonder [well later this episode, Yoon Ha receives a call and she knows it’s Chang Soo, but Joon Ki couldn’t even join Chang Soo, so I guess… somehow that change was successful]? Wouldn’t that risk leaking to Joon Ki again? Not content with just that, when he found out just how early on Joon Ki found out about Yoon HaChang Soo actually did something that I thought would take longer to do: he confronted his friend head on, during the date at his villa. Of course, we find out a few things (finally finding out what Joon Ki thinks about was a relief, it made me feel a bit better. It seems like now that he’s assured that Yoon Ha will give him support, Joon Ki is being a little bit more himself to Chang Soo (or maybe it’s because Chang Soo has cornered him, who knows?) and now, he admits that he thinks Chang Soo has been deliberately (or subconsciously, because he’s, deep down, a good person) keeping information about Yoon Ha‘s real identity from Joon Ki because deep down, Chang Soo knows that only Chaebol children can mingle with Chaebol children [it took until THIS MOMENT for Joon Ki to tell him that “he likes him” too)), and it resulted, ultimately, in Chang Soo feeling hurt and insulted by the fact that he didn’t know his friend whatsoever, and he threw the first literal punch [I like to think also that, somehow, Chang Soo knows he has to act like Yoon Ha‘s brother, and the fact that Joon Ki didn’t deny that he only came after Yoon Ha because he knew about her background; but it wasn’t like Chang Soo‘s blind dating was any different from his system. Not only that, but his friend only showed him a part of him that he actually wanted to see].

The two day (and one night) vacation continues and they look like they’re having a perfect double date, even going so far, if you’ve noticed, as wearing matching clothes [except, to a certain extent, Joon Ki, who just wears blue [which potentially matches with Yoon Ha‘s skirt], because hey, he’s the outcast here, he’s the one who’s not true to his words and keeps lying through his teeth! LES GENS JE TE JETTENT DES PIERRES, BEAU MEC]. But they look like they have the most fun, and are looking so happy [and Chang Soo was worried that Lee Ji Yi might fall as she ran with the plates – either he was worried for the food or he was worried for her, I’ll take the latter. I’ll love it if it’s the latter].

During the blind date, Chang Soo arranges (I think he does anyway) so that he and Yoon Ha are alone, so that, as a big brother (he’s two years older, after all, and he knows that her brother died, and that perhaps, just like his mother said, Yoon Ha was vulnerable and Joon Ki is just taking advantage of that – whoa, am I giving him too much credit?), he can advise her [maybe he chose his words wrong, since at some point she’s mad that everyone thinks that this is her first relationship, but girl, you act like it’s your first relationship [I really shouldn’t judge though, because I’ve never been in a relationship proper anyway, but I still will judge because even I know to be careful]] to not move too quickly with Joon Ki, and not to give too much of herself to him. He probably also feels like he speaks of experience, since Chang Soo also gave a lot of himself into this relationship with Joon Ki, and now that everything is sort of falling apart, he’s rightfully becoming suspicious of his own best friend. Of course, though, Yoon Ha interprets what he tells her differently: like he doesn’t fully give 100% of his heart to Lee Ji Yi and he doesn’t plan on marrying her, so she’s the one who’s partially scolding him for that.

Meanwhile, of course, Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi were able to get some time to talk, in which Lee Ji Yi mostly congratulates Joon Ki on being such a righteous person and still catching the good girl. I wonder if, as she grows closer to their elite world, Lee Ji Yi will be able to make Joon Ki change for her best friend’s sake, because goodness knows we can’t leave that to Chang Soo.

Chang Soo and Lee Ji Yi share such sweet and cute moments together. They’re small events [but look at them smile and laugh without having to limit themselves in front of people, I don’t think I’ve seen Chang Soo smile and laugh like that since that time when he was at the pool with Joon Ki], not grand gestures of love that are completely fabricated [because both of them are true to themselves and are pretty honest with each other, I find? Or rather, because the two of them already, before they even started their relationship together, had decided that this relationship had a boundary and, because they knew the limits, they knew they could have fun within the boundaries, until they’ve reached the happy conclusion (that Chang Soo can’t stand to be without Lee Ji Yi and that he’ll defy his parents for her)], which I like. I absolutely love the way they look so lovey-dovey even in the behind the scenes, which I can’t find the English Subs with [the actors seem to have such great chemistry together, seriously]. Psst: If any of you know links, comment them.

We are shown a flashback between Joon Ki and Chang Soo, and at different times, too, which means that the two of them were actually reminiscing the same moment, at the same time after their first true fight as friends. I guess they’re more connected than we thought. I really wish we’d seen more about the flashback…

Joon Ki and Chang Soo were so absorbed in their flashbacks that they upset their girlfriends. Only Yoon Ha seems to have noted this out loud [to which Joon Ki just shrugged off by saying that men throw punches to show affection, showing, again, that he won’t share any of his problems or thoughts to Yoon Ha, only catering to her needs, which can be good, but can also be pretty bad in this relationship], whereas Lee Ji Yi took this very hard, almost crying on the way back [and when he chased after her, he found her crying (something we know he doesn’t like to see, especially if he knows that it’s his fault that she’s crying). She tells him not to fight, and especially not to get hit, because she doesn’t like it and it scares her. He also tells her, like Joon Ki told Yoon Ha, that men fight and that they’re both like that also. But the fact that Lee Ji Yi asked him not to fight, I think, calmed him down quite a bit]. I guess seeing him unhappy and brooding, and not sharing his thoughts with her made her feel like she couldn’t help him in any way? Maybe that’s why she previously said that she wanted to hear his thoughts [that way she could say something to make him feel better? But if she doesn’t know what he’s thinking about, she can’t possibly know what to say to make him feel better or to make him laugh again, because we all know that we want to see him smile and laugh the way he did at the beach].

As students [in the flashback], it seems like Chang Soo and the other Chaebol children only hung out together, and that pissed off a lot of the more “common” students, who mostly went to complaint to Joon Ki.

Following their fight, they haven’t spoken to each other until Joon Ki had to personally deliver paperwork to his “friend”, who says that they should keep their distance from each other from now on. Joon Ki questions whether or not he was a friend to Chang Soo, but Chang Soo skirts around the subject, but Joon Ki says that he knows why his friend is upset, that now, Chang Soo‘s partner (I’m assuming love partner?) can become his partner (Yoon Ha, who could’ve become Chang Soo‘s girlfriend, chose Joon Ki) and this unbalances the status quo of chaebol only dating among chaebol [it also doesn’t help that he tells Chang Soo that he’s childish. He also adds that Chang Soo has always needed validation. And that’s what Joon has provided to him until now, until the time when he realizes Joon Ki has been using him, despite knowing that Chang Soo HATES being used. Joon Ki just seemed to use the status quo between chaebol children to his advantage here, to hide the real betrayal, that Joon Ki‘s been using Chang Soo and omitting truths about how he feels in order to cater to Chang Soo‘s ego, and thus, to gain access to things that Joon Ki wouldn’t have even if he worked hard to achieve, but he did seem to imply that it’d been easy to ‘manipulate’ his ‘friend’].

Meanwhile, in the Corporate world… 

Ye Won instructed her secretary to find out more about Joon Ki and to leak their love story to the press. Nevertheless, Ye Won fully understood what Joon Ki is up to [she could fully use him against Yoon Ha later on, seeing as she does earn more than Yoon Ha and is more cunning and emotionally manipulative – we’ve seen this]. Not only that, but Ye Won has already decided to get her Mother on her side, in order to get profit of having at least 20% of the shares to their company. While she’s poking around to see how she can help her MotherYe Won inquires about what Mother will do with Joon Ki since Ye Won thinks that they’re serious [she suggests to let Yoon Ha marry out of love since she – Ye Won – didn’t have that, and since Mother didn’t seem to have that. To this, Mother counters that she has had love with their Father/Chairman, and that, when they were young, he was different (this was also something that Vice President had in mind, but it seems like the eldest, Ye Won had no inkling of this, so how did Vice President, who was younger, know this?)]. Furthermore, when Mother and Main Mistress met at the beauty parlor (or something), when Main Mistress attempted to invite Ye Won over to her house, Ye Won proved her loyalty to Mother by refusing.

Meanwhile Father/Chairman decided to act and ask his Butler to give Joon Ki “fear”. I wonder if this means that he wishes for Yoon Ha to be more focused in her role as Taejin Group member and as a Company Director. He probably also wants Joon Ki to not abuse of Yoon Ha‘s – thus his (since he’s her father and earns most of the money) – fortune. Mother was so sad about Father/Chairman being so cold and calculative towards everything, that she drinks again and then suggests a divorce [to which he seems surprised but simply squints at her as she leaves. Will he punish Butler Hong because she drank again? ’cause during these past episodes, we’ve seen her drink casually and everything, and Butler Hong doesn’t even do anything about it].

Ye Won‘s stark refusal to come over to Main Mistress‘ house shook her. After all, out of all the Father/Chairman‘s children, Ye Won was the one that Main Mistress liked the most, and was outwardly rooting for [knowing Ye Won‘s personality, we know that she’d been using Main Mistress]. Ye Won even called her “old” whereas in another episode, she had called her “other ‘mother’” which had pleased Main Mistress a lot. Not only that, but Joon Ki’s Mother wasn’t able to lie to her, showing her that, while Main Mistress says that she was kind, Joon Ki’s Mother doesn’t necessarily think that she is? I’m not sure I understood that last part correctly.

Poor Chang Soo is getting some severe pressure from his mother and his brother now. His mother is now almost scolding him over the trust that she gave him – and that he ultimately betrayed, she believes, by going out with Lee Ji Yi. And now Chang Soo’s Mother calls Joon Ki into the whole thing and asks Joon Ki for information about Lee Ji Yi. The questions stay the same as before this section: Will Joon Ki betray his best friend for higher connections?

Joon Ki’s Mother also shows up and his son asks her questions. Once again, they clash in ideals, since his Mother doesn’t mind living in ‘poverty’ as long as she has love in her life [because love then leads to happiness? and she points out that living in happiness while poor is extremely hard, so they gotta nurture that], whereas he would rather live with wealth and maybe even without love, but as long as he has the wealth part. He’s so absolutely fixated on that idea, it’s scary. It seems also like he hasn’t realized that he actually likes Yoon Ha, whereas his mother has realized it, as she’s seen them interact together. Something that his mother tells him is that a person who lies at first will continue lying. This probably makes him think about how he originally lies to Yoon Ha, and yet, he’s continued to lie since then. Will he tell Yoon Ha the truth? Especially since, even on their date, Chang Soo has called her and will call her again to tell her something? And I bet Joon Ki knows what his friend will tell Yoon Ha

Of course, I’m keeping the whole sisterhood paragraph away from the couple’s paragraph because I don’t want them to blend together. I loved that, despite them being with their boyfriends on this trip, the girls don’t restrict to just staying hand in hand and lovey-dovey with their boys. They also went and faced the cold waves of the beach together, and not only that, but during the barbecue, when Joon Ki offered to help Lee JI Yi and almost touched her hand, you could see Yoon Ha be pretty disappointed, and Lee Ji Yi made it perfectly clear to Joon Ki that he shouldn’t do such things to other girls anymore. Not only that, but Yoon Ha jumps to Lee Ji Yi‘s aid when Chang Soo says that all women he knows like it when he buys them expensive things [because obviously, Lee Ji Yi isn’t one of those women, and he shouldn’t mention other women in front of her since he knows it makes her uncomfortable]. I can deal with having such a kind and awesome wing-ladiness [also I love that Lee Ji Yi just gave her heart to Yoon Ha instead of Chang Soo, which made him jealous].

It was hilarious to see that the two girls were trying to blame each of the other’s boyfriend for the fight. It really made it seem like the two girls were going to fight each other out (which was scary, because you know I don’t want the girls fighting), but then they went to Yoon Ha‘s home gym and they looked fine, so I was glad. I was also glad that Yoon Ha finally decided to pitch her idea of working with Lee Ji Yi to her. The idea that the two of them can talk about other things than their boyfriends is awesome. I hope that Lee Ji Yi will accept, because I think the job could fetch her a good salary and she can fray her way honestly, and not because she’s Chang Soo‘s girlfriend or anything.

In the next episodes, I want Yoon Ha to see Joon Ki in the true light that he is; and I don’t mind if she finds out because Chang Soo told her [oh and the key, I know she’ll find it, so I need to know what documents were in the safe and what kind of things Vice President has been scheming. Will he admit to having committed suicide??]. I want Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha to work together [Again, dies this mean that they’d have to move in China?]. I’d like Joon Ki to still remain faithful to his friend and NOT accept a job at Taejin Group, especially if Ye Won offers it to him. I want to see Chairman’s Butler put fire to Joon Ki, we’ll see what else he’s planned. Hae In‘s appearance. The parents’ divorce.

Take good care!
( ゚Д゚) つ〃∩ ハァ? ハァ? ハァ? Ponyta’s out!