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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 09
Aired: July 6th, 2015
Watched: July 7th, 2015

July 9th, 2015 

Good morning everybody!
How are you all doing? Yeppers, this early in the morning, I’ve decided to acquire episode 9 of High Society and yes, yes people, there will be spoilers (unless you’ve already watched this, and I hope you have, since it’s been a couple of months since it’s finished airing).

I still don’t feel as connected to the whole “drama in bro-land” right now, so we’ll start with the whole drama about Yoon Ha and Joon Ki‘s relationship [obviously, it’s reiterated that Joon Ki never revealed to his journalist friend that Yoon Ha and he were dating, which means that Ye Won and her team were the ones who snapped pictures of Yoon Ha and Joon Ki on their date and published it as attempts to tarnish Yoon Ha‘s reputation and image]. Well, their relationship is holding strong (sort of), they’ve both been busy, but by the end of the episode, they finally get the chance to meet up and be a lovey-dovey couple (mark my words, this is just a prelude to a storm, because this is a drama).

Meanwhile, Joon Ki has had meetings with various people who are supposedly looking out for Yoon Ha.

It starts with the Chairman/Father‘s butler [in order to make Joon Ki disappear from Yoon Ha‘s life, the butler offers Joon Ki whatever he wants, which is something we’ve seen happen many times in multiple dramas, so this offer doesn’t come off as a surprise]. It’s funny that Joon Ki says that he doesn’t have a motive [and that the motive of him advertising his relationship with his girlfriend to his reporter friend is pretty flimsy], and that they’re over-thinking his relationship with Yoon Ha, just because we sort of know that he does have a motive: getting out of poverty. The fact that he says to the butler that he’ll support Yoon Ha when she breaks off from the household made me pause. Didn’t he try to make her rethink leaving the household? Was it just my imagination? Is this a lie?

And then, he has to meet with Chang Soo‘s brother, to top it off. In this meeting as well, he’s repeating the fact that they’re just dating, and that their relationship isn’t much, since it’s not like they’re going to announce a wedding between the two of them. Chang Soo’s Brother encourages their relationship, though, unlike the butler, because of multiple reasons: it makes Chang Soo look back in front of their parents for letting a rich girl go to his poor best friend, and it makes him look good, of course. Joon Ki‘s relationship also makes some kind of advertisement for the company, too, which is a plus. It makes me wonder if Joon Ki would decide on betraying Chang Soo and side with his brother from now on.

Then, it starts with Ye Won’s Butler, who seems to wish to recruit him or something like that. I wonder if Joon Ki would leave his best friend’s side (you’ll see later on in here that Chang Soo has evidence that his friend, despite being the way that he is, is still loyal to him) to work for Yoon Ha‘s company (that is, Ye Won‘s), but then Chang Soo will have lost to Yoon Ha, how will he react to that? Joon Ki shows off his deduction skills by immediately pointing out the holes in Butler’s job hunter story and questioning whether Ye Won wants him for his capacities or if it’s because she wants to use him for something [by saying that he wouldn’t move unless he was fully prepared, I wonder if he’s hinting that he wants to see what they’re capable of offering to him, unlike what Ye Won things, I don’t think Joon Ki is going to be easy].

Due to their relationship popping up in the news, Yoon Ha has got her own fair share of meetings. During all these meetings, it’s clear of one thing: Yoon Ha believes that, at the beginning of their relationship, Joon Ki had no idea who she was since they met while working at her part-time job, so it was unlikely that he was dating her for her money and fame. It’s also clear that unlike Joon Ki, who isn’t considering marriage, Yoon Ha is.

The first one was with her Middle Sister (who actually looks pretty nice in her dress), who accuses her of being born to ruin their family.

Father/Chairman, though advised that it’s a good idea to just let the relationship increase popularity and thus, give a positive image of the group and the company, insists that Yoon Ha should end it with Joon Ki. However, she counters by saying that since she’s working for him, he shouldn’t have to meddle in her personal life. She also says that they should have a mutual relationship: he needs her for work (and she’s good at what she does), and she needs the money (which is why he shouldn’t take away everything that was given to her). Chairman finally doesn’t deny that she’s right, but makes a compromise: they can’t get married.

Chang Soo even has met with her in order to ask her if she believes that Joon Ki really does like her. Yoon Ha is firmly implanted in the idea that she was the one who approached Joon Ki first, but we all know something that she might not: even though she approached him first, he made moves in order to make her notice him: like pouring water into her drink, or being attentive in those ways so that she would see him as a man. I think that even though she approached him first, he was the one who still initiated in a more indirect way. The fact that this episode, everyone has told her to be careful of Joon Ki, telling her to guard her heart and everything, might foreshadow that she’s going to find out about how Joon Ki had approached her with a motive.

Look at these lovebirds.

Yoon Ha surprises Joon Ki in many ways during their date; by giving him a gift nonchalantly, so that he doesn’t think it’s amazing and will refuse to take it, for example [I guess for Joon Ki, this would maybe contrast with Chang Soo, who seems to be the type to give his friend – in this case, Joon Ki – a gift, only to have him say something like: “Thank you so much my friend that I love so much” as thanks]. While she tries to apologize to him for giving him a bad time because of her family and the press, he only worries about the fact that she’s walking backwards (and nearly misses falling, but then he catches her). This could really be the hint that shows to us that he’s come to care about her – just as we’d predicted he would. She also surprises him by revealing to him what she found: the USB stick and the shares to the company that her brother left her [I guess this would show him how much she trusts him, that she’s willing to tell him her plans]. He tells us that she’s a “geum-sa-bba” (my subtitles say this means: “easy to fall in love with quickly”, so… does this mean that she’s charming? and that he loves her? Well, we do find out that he has fallen, at the final scene).

Even as she shows him her new quarters as Team Leader, he encourages her to move up the ladder, to which she tells him that she’s got no ambition to follow. She only wants, after all, to find out about her brother’s disappearance/death, and then, she doesn’t want anything more to do with a household who rejected and mistreated her. Did you see how quickly he lost his smile then? I wonder if he realized that what she said was true, that she wasn’t going to change her mind about leaving the household as well as the company. I wonder if the dark reality Joon Ki thinks about is that: her leaving her household, and then, he can look at that in a bright light, because he loves her? Is that what he means in those final scenes?

Politics Island

Meanwhile, with the Taejin GroupChairman/Father is scolding Butler Hong for letting Mother drink alcohol yet again. Seriously, does he wish for Butler Hong to stay in Mother‘s rooms at night in order to keep her off the alcohol forever – and, while he’s at it, keep her from going into the Chairman/Father‘s room and throwing things on the ground and asking for a divorce? What does he expect that this poor man can do?! Nevertheless, Father/Chairman wants to fire Butler Hong, but then Mother has argued that Butler Hong came from her family and that she’s under her employ, not his, and so, Mother should get to keep him.

Mother reveals to us that she misses her family very much – specifically her deceased mother and father – and that she feels guilty about Yoon Ha, so many the reports of her cheating on her husband (with Butler Hong?) could be true? She also misses Vice President a lot [it seems like everyone in this show has played golf with Vice President at least once in their lives, in which he gives them wisdom], and remembers how big of a heart he had [after all, he cares about all the company employees that are under him and works very hard to right wrongs, which is not what Ye Won does]. She also doesn’t regret saying that she wishes to divorce him, since she stayed with him to protect someone (Vice President), but that now that he’s gone, she won’t be enduring his terrible behavior anymore, and she will protect her people (like Butler Hong).

Yoon Ha has found the key that Vice President hid in her drawer. I’m glad that it didn’t take that long for her to go. She also found his safe, since he made sure to show her not only where it is, but the password to all of his belongings (on two separate occasions, so this means that this episode is very heavy on flashbacks). From what we’ve seen, it seems like everyone has a safe in their house. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to have a safe hidden somewhere in my room? I want safes like that. Haha. It seems to me like he’s prepared her for an occasion like this, for a long, long time. He also had revealed to her why he had come to like her as a sibling: she was raised in negative conditions, and thus, had many opportunities to be depressive or self-destructive [like him? He was revealed to be depressive, yes?], and yet, instead of doing anything, bad with the money and everything, she got better, she chose to improve herself. He also advises her to learn how to guard her heart and affections – since their lack of knowledge caused their parents to change. In the safe, Yoon Ha finds the actions/shares to the company which he bought for her [Joon Ki later serves as explanation that he couldn’t have bought her more because, as the Head of the company/group, if he buys too much, he’d have to report it], as well as a USB thing which probably contains lots of information.

In the mean time, Main Mistress is doing some exercises to maybe have a better form. The Cook of the TaeJin family has become her ‘spy’ of some kind, relaying to her every bit of information that could be important for Main Mistress, like how Mother/Wife was drunk yet again and mistreated her husband (or something of the like) for example. I wonder if Main Mistress rejoiced because this means indirectly that karma got to Mother/Wife because she mistreated her.

I’m glad that, amidst everything, Yoon Ha and Lee Ji Yi take the time and spend as much time together as they possibly can, even going so far as calling each other to rant about stuff [namely the articles just popping up about Yoon Ha‘s relationship, and then about Lee Ji Yi fighting with her boyfriend]. I like that Yoon Ha wants to try and cheer her friend up for fighting with Chang Soo [and prioritizes her friend over going to see Joon Ki and make sure that he’s okay with their relationship being thrown into the public the way it has] because of the fact that the girls are closer and that they will be working together. Her advice: “when you feel depressed, giving your eyes something else to look at is good” is pretty sound. Yoon Ha reassures Lee JI Yi that if workers make fun of Lee Ji Yi because she got through the company because she was friends with Yoon HaLee Ji Yi can just make fun of them. Then, Yoon Ha dishes out the advice that her brother has given to her. I think it might be a way for her to move on from her brother’s departure, that she begins to be a little bit more mature and grows more as a human being. Yoon Ha says that despite everything that Lee Ji Yi has gone through a lot of bad stuff, she protected herself, and that her strengths are enough qualifications.

One of the highlights of this episode was when Lee Ji Yi met up with her Team Leader, to inform him that she was going to quit working at the supermarket in order to work with Yoon Ha at her company. I say that it was a highlight because Team Leader is really quite funny and ultimately, looks out for Lee Ji Yi forever, advising her, and keeping her grounded. I mean, even though Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha think that they’re going to be on equal level in terms of work, they all know that Yoon Ha‘s the Team Leader in her own company, Lee Ji Yi‘s job position won’t compare… but at least Team Leader acknowledges that and she also knows that’s true.

It was even more funny that he asks her for advise on how to meet chaebols, since she has. And that she’s saying that the one thing she thinks that she uses to attract these chaebols would be kindness, and you know what? It wouldn’t be untrue. Chang Soo loves her for her optimism and her character – and the fact that she’s pretty, of course. Yoon Ha loves her for loyalty, friendship, amazing chemistry… what.

Meanwhile, Chang Soo has had a couple of problems stemming from his supposed relationship with Yoon Ha, which his mother cannot believe could be qualified as friendship, because their families want an arranged marriage between the two of them, but he’s already with Lee Ji Yi and seems intent on not making her sad.

Chang Soo’s brother comes over to his office to rub it in that Joon Ki actually stabbed Chang Soo‘s back – a fact that their mother also says a lot. Chang Soo is shown proof that Joon Ki is still his friend, since Joon Ki did as Chang Soo told him: started to spread shade on Chang Soo’s brother by revealing that someone in the Yoo Min Department Store has been using his corporate card suspiciously. Chang Soo uses their father against his brother, since now, because of this scandal, their father and his wife are going to cause trouble to Chang Soo’s brother.

His Mother also shows to Chang Soo how ‘loyal’ Joon Ki actually is, since, even though they ‘fought’, Joon Ki wouldn’t give Chang Soo’s Mother the phone number of Lee Ji Yi, whom she actually wanted to meet. Despite the fact that Chang Soo told her not to meddle in his business, Chang Soo’s Mother acquired Lee Ji Yi‘s number through his brother, who believes that Lee Ji Yi quit because she is leeching money off from Chang Soo [but their Mother says that he loves money and wouldn’t waste it, and says that the older brother should be taking care of his younger brother].

I think that his meeting with Yoon Ha has made him see Lee Ji Yi in a different light: in the sense where Yoon Ha knows what capabilities Lee Ji Yi has and knows that’ll be good for her company, whereas Chang Soo had thought Yoon Ha only wanted Lee Ji Yi there because she was her friend [much like he did with Joon Ki, so I guess he doesn’t want Lee Ji Yi to end up like Joon Ki?].

Chang Soo and Lee Ji Yi get into a small fight about the fact that Lee Ji Yi will be working for Yoon Ha, but doesn’t want to work under Chang Soo‘s company anymore [and she also, obviously, doesn’t want to be paid to spend time with Chang Soo, even though he openly suggested that], and also because Chang Soo asks her where her pride is, since she would work under a friend [Lee Ji Yi counters by saying that her friend values her capacities and strengths, which is why her friend would employ her. She also brings up Joon Ki, asking Chang Soo if that’s how he treats Joon Ki, by thinking that Joon Ki, who works under him, has no pride]. She also points out something that he should’ve figured out already: she doesn’t want to break up, so she withholds a few thoughts like how she doesn’t like that he goes on blind dates while still dating her, for example, and that since she does these things for him, the least he could do is to respect her decision to go work with Yoon Ha.

Of course, Lee Ji Yi doesn’t get off the hook with meetings, since her friends also got to endure some. Her meeting is with Chang Soo’s Mother, who rejects her completely as a potential daughter-in-law [because she knows that Chang Soo is only playing with her because she’s different]. Lee Ji Yi reassures her by saying that she wouldn’t ever marry a guy whose family doesn’t approve of her, but I really wonder if she’ll let these matters go… she’ll probably try to break them up by any means [I mean, she knows that Lee Ji Yi quit her job, but she doesn’t know that she’s gonna go work for Yoon Ha‘s company, so I guess, for Chang Soo’s mother, she believes that Lee Ji Yi really is going to leech off of Chang Soo].

Dejected about her encounter with the Mother-in-lawLee Ji Yi was walking home, all sad, but then Chang Soo just came to see her, and she suddenly hugs him, in tears. I wonder if she’s going to tell him about his mother bullying her into breaking up with him. Will she offer Lee Ji Yi money, or will she just become mean and not let Chang Soo spend any ounce of his father’s money? I wonder if he has any idea that his mother has gone to see his girlfriend despite the fact that he told her to leave Lee Ji Yi alone. I wonder if he’ll get mad at his mother. His mother often pointed out in this episode that he loves money too much to let go of that lifestyle. So will he try it out? Is he really willing to abandon for Lee Ji Yi‘s sake? I wonder.

With all this,
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