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August 10th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
How are you all doing? I’ve been doing well! I don’t know how the world will be in 2015 when you will see this…! But I do hope that everything will be going well for you!

Do you need some kind of awesome time wasting videos? Try Emergency Awesome!!!

I found out about this guy as I was looking through Legend of Korra Book 3 episode reviews on YouTube. I had also seen some of his videos about superheroes. That’s right, he does Doctor Who videos, superhero posts, and even Legend of Korra!

His “high five” at the end of each post as well as his spoiler alerts and waiting for a little moment to make sure that people click away when they don’t want spoilers are just awesome things he does in his videos make him so friendly looking, too!

I can’t even link you exactly to all of my favourite videos, because I love his superhero videos [for example, FlashArrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.], and I’ve already linked to the Legend of Korra videos on my separate posts!

I like how I discover new characters in the superhero universe thanks to him, for example, I didn’t even know Firestorm, for example!

Talk about a rich YouTube channel! His content can satisfy just about anyone, and plus, he does giveaways! What’re you waiting for?! Go and check his videos out! This guy is pretty good, seriously!

Ever since I found out about this guy, I’ve been linking you to many of his reviews, actually, so this post is actually late compared to how often I’ve linked his videos here, but I thought I might as well make an official YouTube finds post here on WordPress!

All right peeps,
I’m just gonna hit the bed now,
See you all!!