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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 10
Aired: July 7th, 2015
Watched: July 8th, 2015

July 23rd, 2015

Hello there!
Is everyone in good health? In good shape? Good, we can start! Please mind that there will be spoilers from here on out. I can’t believe that after this episode, there’s like 6 more to go, and we’ll be done. In three weeks, this drama will be over! To be perfectly honest, I’m ready for this to be over, I wasn’t sure how much time I would be able to keep up with this.

Lee Ji Yi x Chang Soo

This episode starts with Lee Ji Yi walking home and meeting up with Chang Soo who asks her why she’s coming home so late. Of course, we know that it’s because she’s met with his mother, and she’s upset over it. He insists that she has to tell her what happened, he doesn’t like it when women cry (I guess that’s because he feels uncomfortable or maybe helpless, because he doesn’t know how to make her feel better). To cheer her up (or, he puts it as: to reward her for listening to him, but seriously, Chang Soo, you can’t hide it from us that you really like this girl and that you prefer when she smiles at you), he brings her to a free place where she can enjoy the view. It’s free, he explains [because she teases him by saying that he’s ‘cheap’], because that way, she doesn’t have to feel bad that he’s always bringing her to expensive places [see?! That’s pretty considerate of him! Right?]. He even reassures her by saying that she’s the first person he ever brought to such a place. Since the place was pretty far though, and they had to walk, Lee Ji Yi complains that her feet hurt, and, without saying aloud what she wants out of him, gets him to actually piggy-back her [you’ve got to give her props, she knows exactly [I think?] how to manipulate him into doing what she wants him to do (just like at the amusement park, remember?!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU GO GIRL, but then, look at the way she just clings on to him, like she really doesn’t want to let go, despite the fact that his mother is quite scary, she wants their relationship to last so bad]. Seriously, I feel like she’s helping him become a better person? In the sense where, you’ve seen the way he treats other girls whom he had a blind date with: ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLY. Because of that, and because you can contrast that with how nicely and how considerate he is with Lee Ji Yi [piggy-backing her, bringing her to a place to cheer her up, doing anything he can to make her smile, tease her until she brings out her feisty side, even going as far as going back on what he said about her being a bit too chubby, saying instead that Size 26 is the best… in short, he sort of knows exactly what to do to make her feel better, no?], you just know she’s a good influence on him. She’s making you into boyfriend material, Chang Soo, you better treat her right ALL THE TIME.

Of course, he doesn’t always… err… treat her right? I mean, he’s capable of breaking a perfectly good moment when he knows that she’s ‘lying’ to him, and makes her sort of tell him what happened even though she had planned on not saying anything (about meeting his mother). She confesses that she doesn’t want to break up [it’s sort of what has been bothering her, so technically, she did tell the truth, but she didn’t tell him why she had those thoughts], and that it’s still early for them to think about marriage, so it should be okay for them to be dating, tearing up as she said so. Of course, it’s revealed to him later on (when he comes home), that the reason why his girlfriend was so upset was because his mother had bullied her [it’s a bit creepy, Miss, that you know your son’s dating patterns, but I guess that’s normal, since you have to protect him from gold-diggers]. Because of the ‘strange’ way that he’s been acting, and I guess, to teach him that he can’t just go dating people that she doesn’t approve of, she doesn’t give him the hotel stocks that he had previously wanted, and sort of implies that his father also disapproves of his relationship, and promises that she’ll be bothering Lee Ji Yi again if they’re still dating.

Run kids, run. Keep smiling, too.

After all of that, of course, I guess, perhaps because she’s frustrated that the previous day’s warnings were not enough, or because she REALLY doesn’t want to lose to her son (who chose to protect Joon Ki from her wrath), Chang Soo’s Mother takes it out on Lee Ji Yi by meeting her for the second time in two days. The encounter, as you can guess, does not go well, since she makes Lee Ji Yi realize that Chang Soo is actually being punished by hanging out with her (the loss of the hotel stocks and all that). Because of that, the lovey-dovey couple attempt to break up with each other [Lee Ji Yi because she doesn’t want him to be hurt by his parents, and Chang Soo because he doesn’t want his mother to keep harassing Lee Ji Yi and make her sad, because he doesn’t want to see her cry], but of course, that doesn’t work [did you see how hurt she was when he agreed that they should break up? I think that a small part of her wished for him to refuse, to say that they should continue to be together]… because they’re both dorks and they don’t really want to break up (the rain totally ruined it, after all). When their break-up fails, he suggests that she should stay with him for the rest of the day? Did I understand that one?

That’s right kids, don’t break up on a rainy day, it just adds on to the cliche and it breaks my heart. The latter is the most important thing. Respect my heart.

Yoon Ha x Joon Ki

After visiting Yoon Ha‘s new offices at the Taejin company, Yoon Ha shows her non-romantic but practical side to Joon Ki, refusing to let him drive her home (for a second time) since he’ll have to walk back or take public transportation or take the taxi home, which would be inconvenient for him. It was quite cute of him to have asked her to text him once she gets home safely (that way he doesn’t have to worry about his marriage prospect dying and him being back to being poor?! Okay, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, especially because he admitted that it does seem like he’s fallen for her (maybe after he got to know her much better).

However, it was at that particular moment that Joon Ki’s ex-girlfriend, Min Jung, saw Yoon Ha for herself, and, after confessing to Joon Ki that she still loves him [don’t worry though, he rejects her completely, saying that once a man breaks up with a woman, the woman should just understand and move on (I didn’t really like that, Joon Ki, go easy on that girl. I mean, it’s not her fault and it’s certainly very cold of you to say that, especially after she says that she’s still in love with him. Feelings aren’t things that you can just discard because the other person doesn’t like you, man. I’m hoping that you’ll understand that throughout this series, dude), and it’s revealed to us that she was the blabbermouth who kept talking about her family (GUESS WHAT: CHANG SOO DOES THE SAME THING DOESN’T HE?! Oh goodness, I hadn’t expected to see a parallel there, but there is!!) and that he really didn’t need to dig into her background in order to find all that information he dished on on her in the first episode], went through all the trouble of finding Yoon Ha‘s phone number (seriously, stalker much?! ALSO HOW DID SHE DO IT?!) and arrange for them to meet up [can I just say though, I LOVE Yoon Ha‘s outfit at that appointment? It was so on point and pretty!!!]. Of course, because you’ve watched enough dramas, you can guess that Min Jung is doing that so that she can tell her exactly what kind of man Joon Ki is (the type of guy who would go investigate a girl’s background before choosing to date her, so that he can elevate his social status; and then break it off if he doesn’t see it as fit). Of course, as you can believe, especially since she rebuked her father, her mother [wait more on that later] and Chang Soo about their misgivings with Joon Ki‘s true intentions, Yoon Ha refuses to believe what Min Jung suggests, and counters with the fact that Min Jung must still love Joon Ki (bull’s eye), and that she’s saying these things to get Yoon Ha to dislike him (so she could get him back), oh and of course, Yoon Ha adds that 1) it’s very unpleasant to find that your boyfriend’s ex stalked you in order to find you, and 2) she will believe what she’ll see, and so far, she’s seen nothing that points to the behaviour Min Jung is describing (you’re wrong, Yoon Ha, you’re so wrong).

Meanwhile, as he came home, Joon Ki is confronted by his mother, who was shocked that Yoon Ha was actually from the Taejin Group, and was worried for her son [don’t, ma’am, your son is an evil mastermind with a heart]. Joon Ki reveals to us another way of thinking about his parents’ policy of raising him as a man who is on equal grounds with others, even Chaebol’s children, that what really matters is character. So of course, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with him dating a daughter of Chaebol, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with him pursuing that world, especially since he dislikes poverty so much. Additionally, just as we’ve suspected, somehow, Joon Ki hasn’t come home in a long, long time [avoiding him?!], and his father misses him [he looked so hurt that his wife saw Joon Ki but that Joon Ki didn’t come to see him].

What’s gonna make Yoon Ha believe that Joon Ki is using her, Ponyta?! It’s so frustrating how trusting she can be of this dude she almost just met!!!!” you might ask me. Well the answer lies in the final scenes of the episode, when Yoon Ha meets up with Joon Ki’s mother who reveals to her that Joon Ki kept a picture of her when she was a small kid, and that he has a brooch that she’s lost back when she had her first blind date with Chang Soo. With her head reeling, Yoon Ha realizes that Chang Soo had been warning her about Joon Ki‘s possible deception, and that her parents had been right all along, that she had been duped by this pretty boy who has the looks of a model but chooses to go into business instead. That has got to hurt a lot, I feel, especially since she had been so adamant about how he hadn’t known about her background back when they had first met, and that it was impossible, thus, for him to be loving her only for her background [but then she must also be realizing that one serious discussion they had about how she and her background were practically the same].

Meanwhile, in Politics land, because you can’t forget about all of that!! 

Father/Chairman has been reminiscing a few of the moments that he’s had with Vice President (his son, Geong Jung, not Ye Won, I’m just so used to calling him Vice President, deal with me), at a golfing course (I swear, this guy only has memorable moments with people when he beats them at golf). In that important moment, Chairman had advised his son to “throw away his heart,” that is, to not feel anything, because caring for so many people (especially when your position is so high up), might consume him completely (that might be why he became depressive and needed the anti-depressant drugs?!), oh and of course, if he is too trusting of people, he’ll get back-stabbed for sure. It’s revealed that, unlike what Mother thought (that he probably didn’t cry at the news of his son’s death), he is still capable of crying [and also that he does care for his child]. I’m sincerely expecting A LOT MORE emotions and character depth from this guy in the next few episodes [plz].

I guess, seeing as how it feels like he regrets his son’s departure from this world (did he really leave, though?), Chairman/Father may not be responsible for Vice President‘s accident. So now, that leaves with either Ye Won (likely, since now that he’s out of the way, she can get everything that she wants) or Vice President‘s doing [like I said, he was depressive, what if he just decided to die? Or, what if he decided to fake his death for some reason [maybe faking his death and living another life completely would make sense, that would be why he invited Yoon Ha to come with him, because he knew she didn’t love that life, and wished to leave. And then he realized that she still had one tie to their life (Joon Ki) so he thought it would be selfish to force her to ‘fake death’ with him? It would make sense]?].

Also, Father/Chairman’s butler/assistant has taken the liberty to go warn Main Mistress about Joon Ki’s Mother, I guess since they see Joon Ki as a potental gold-digger, they presume his mother will be as well. It’s a good thing that Main Mistress likes her maid so much, but I wonder if this will become a problem in the future…

Cook is giving inside information to Ye Won (seriously, Cook is working for Ye Won and Main Mistress personally, it seems! What are they paying her?! Or is she just like that for anyone who asks her the right question? Like a spy? Would she know where Vice President really went/planned?) about how the household has been holding up. The fact that Ye Won is so insistent on confirming whether or not Butler Hong will leave makes me wonder if she just wants there to be no intermediate between her (Ye Won) and her mother, trying to encrust herself into her mother’s life, which is why she seems to be giving her own mother advice on how Yoon Ha‘s love life should be no one’s business but hers, since she’s still young, and she also tells her mother that Yoon Ha is unlikely going to be listening to her mother even though the latter argues her case (she’s right, Mother, listen to her, but don’t let her in completely, she’s like a snake). Furthermore, she instructs her mother that divorce isn’t such a bad thing (hint hint, Mother should divorce from Father/Chairman) especially if she’s prepared. In a judicial case, she can get more out of the divorce, like proving that her husband (both her husband and Chairman/Father, actually, have done so, so hey, parallels!) was cheating on her [I wonder if this means that Mother will be trying to do the same thing in order to secure herself something in the event of divorce. She totally could. Main Mistress would be happy to have him all for herself].

Meanwhile, of course, to Ye Won‘s disadvantage, Yoon Ha has discovered the kind of ambitious and non-caring person that Ye Won is, thanks to the USB stick that their brother left her. Yoon Ha remembers how her brother advised her that, overall, in the end, being ‘kind’ will always bring out better benefits than being ‘mean’ [I FINALLY ENDORSE THIS (depends for who though)]. Yoon Ha agrees that she would rather do “an eye for an eye” than being kind.

Of course, Ye Won won’t stop at being the “replacement for Vice President” for their mother, but attempts to “befriend” her youngest sister despite having ignored her for weeks on end, because we know that she sees her youngest sibling as a rival now that their father has indirectly pit them against one another for the position of successor. It started off somewhat friendly, with Ye Won asking Yoon Ha to come over to her new chambers (Vice President‘s old buildings) so she could fill the void their brother left, but then gradually, when Ye Won is faced with the fact that Yoon Ha was way too close to Vice PresidentYe Won changes her mind about welcoming Yoon Ha into the outbuilding [make up your mind, woman, don’t change your strategy all of a sudden just because you’re scared of Yoon Ha]. Of course it doesn’t help that she antagonizes Yoon Ha by saying that she doesn’t really think Joon Ki is worth meeting since she’s 100% certain that they won’t get married and that Yoon Ha will end up in an arranged marriage anyway. That’s BOUND to make her dislike you, Ye Won, you have GOT to work on those social skills you’re lacking.

Meanwhile, Butler Hong has done his investigation on Joon Ki and has reported to Mother the information she needs to assess whether or not this guy is legit and can be brought into the household. I guess she really doesn’t think Yoon Ha has the bien-etre of the Taejin Group at heart. Mother is adamant about not letting the two of them date, even though Father/Chairman has decided to keep the news up in order to improve the group’s public image. Mother complains that Father/Chairman really doesn’t think of his children’s well being, especially if it’s to better the group/company. I found this perplexing, especially since she herself doesn’t treat Yoon Ha well either… perhaps she believes that she’s cutting the ties between her daughter and that no-gooder Joon Ki to save Yoon Ha from the heartbreak of knowing that Joon Ki is using her for her money? Seriously, I’m hoping to see these two ladies work together (I think I’ve said this already) whether it’s to find Vice President (who’s either in hiding and working in the shadows, or in hiding because he wants nothing to do with the group or he’s been kidnapped by Ye Won).

Meanwhile, in bro-land

You might remember that Joon Ki and Chang Soo have been… civil with each other, but haven’t hung around each other as much ever since they’d fought [reminder that Chang Soo has found out about how Joon Ki basically used him in order to get further in life and that Chang Soo really, really hates being used. Not only that, but Chang Soo has just discovered that someone else that he cares most about after Joon Ki (actually Joon Ki has considerably dropped in his esteem), Lee Ji Yi, might be better off without him since his mother is so relentless. Shout out to Chang Soo for dealing with all of those feels in one single week, seriously]. This is why it’s so significant that when Chang Soo’s Mother mentions how she’s planning to fire Joon Ki the next morning, since the latter backstabbed her son (which he responded rather angrily, because it seems she doesn’t believe he can handle his own business), Chang Soo ‘saved’ his ‘former’ best friend by skipping breakfast and letting his friend drive them to work before the woman could even fire him. I interpret this as: Chang Soo still cares for Joon Ki. Frankly, I don’t think that Chang Soo’s Mom will let go of this until Joon Ki is out of the company [so will he go work for Ye Won then? But then who’s going to help Chang Soo beat his brother?!].

Following this, Joon Ki shows to Chang Soo that, from now on, he will be as truthful as he can. What better way to do this but to beat him at bike racing from now on [and thus show to his friend his true abilities and thoughts?]? Then, he lays himself bare for his friend: yes, he has ‘used’ the opportunity of the school bullies to befriend Chang Soo. He finally says the words that Chang Soo had always dreamed he would say: “I like you” (lol, it really took all this time, Joon Ki?! REALLY?!). He also admits that his ambition is not to lead per say [he says something limits him, I guess it’s his familial background?], but he wants to be “second-in-command” of something, and for that, he needed a powerful friend, but, he didn’t want to be “second-in-command” to just ANYONE, because he knows that other Chaebol children are worse than Chang Soo, and since he knew that Chang Soo was “pure” and didn’t really mean to be the way he was intentionally, he chose him (I’m just guessing/paraphrasing here). Of course, Chang Soo isn’t comfortable with this manipulation, but then Joon Ki says that’s pretty hypocritical, since Chang Soo builds connections in the same kind of way, so Joon Ki should be allowed to do it the same way without it being seen pejoratively. Joon Ki calls it elitism and I guess he would be right. While he’s at it [you’re on fire, man], Joon Ki also adds that he doesn’t think that Chang Soo‘s relationship with Lee Ji Yi will last because Chang Soo is the only thing blocking himself from marrying Lee Ji Yi, not his household or someone physical, it’s his elitism, the fact that money should be shared among those who were born of families who already have it, I guess [notice: just like Chang Soo’s mother had told him the night before, so that particular thought probably stings the most]. Joon Ki says then that Chang Soo will never be able to overcome this elitism [I wonder if he said that because he knows his friend: he knows that Chang Soo won’t be able to resist the challenge, and that when he’ll put his mind to wanting to marry Lee Ji Yi because he loves her, he’ll be able to overcome it eventually, or if it’s really just him becoming as truthful as he can to his friend]. To this, Chang Soo just replies that Joon Ki doesn’t know him as much as he says he does [so he caught the bait?], but Joon Ki says that while Chang Soo may be able to overcome the people who get in his way, he’s not likely to overcome himself (food for thought, Chang Soo, food for thought, and growth).

Moving on, and, I guess, linking up to the whole making connections part, Joon Ki reveals to his friend that, given his family’s condition – and the fact that they delude themselves into thinking that they can live happily in poverty – Joon Ki will do anything he can to save them from themselves, even if it means accepting offers from other powerful people [another honest confession on his part, so that’s good?]. And then, I guess, as another incentive for Chang Soo to change, he says that he’ll accept to work with Chang Soo again only if the latter proves himself to be a strong individual (strong enough to shake off the belief system that he’s grown up with, I guess?). Following the fact that Joon Ki says he loves his family, Chang Soo asks if he loves Yoon Ha, to which he responds that even though his means were dishonest, he has come to love her [I guess that since he’s been pretty honest to his friend up until now, there would be no point in lying to Chang SOo about his feelings, I guess… unless…].

I guess now we’re left wondering about the state of these two’s friendship…

Yoon Ha x Lee Ji Yi (yes, of course, I still ship it)

I’m very happy that they took the time to show the two girls hanging out together without their men. Of course, the fact that they talk to each other about the fact that others questions their relationships with their men makes this not pass the Bechdel Test (right?), so that’s less cool [I also sort of wished that Yoon Ha could try and intervene on Lee JI Yi‘s behalf? Like: “Hey ex-potential-Mother, I’m best friends with this girl, you lay a hand on her and I’ll make sure my group demolishes yours” or “Hey Auntie, this girl is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, her intentions are pure and I can vouch for her. Just leave her alone please” but then again, Yoon Ha has other fish to fry, I guess…], but I love forever that they make it a habit of spending time together and complain to each other about what’s happening in their lives. It’s healthy to have someone else than your “significant other” to confide to, I think? This, of course, will forever make me SO MUCH SADDER if the two of them “break up” their friendship. Writers, DO NOT DO THIS TO ME.

With all this being said,
See you all next week!
(πーπ) Ponyta’s out (πーπ)