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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 11
Aired: July 13th, 2015
Watched: July 26th, 2015

July 26th, 2015

I hope this post finds you well!! I’m good! I’m good! There was a blackout which resulted in me NOT having Internet for 12 hours today. So what do I do? I catch up with some episodes of High Society, especially since this week will be the final episodes!! Realistically, I won’t be able to catch up since it’s already so late, and I had work to do, but we’ll see how it goes! As usual, please be aware of the spoilers that the following may have!

Yoon Ha x Joon Ki 

It must have been puzzling for Joon Ki when Yoon Ha suddenly stopped being all lovey-dovey with him, when she’s always been that way with him ever since they were going out. I’m glad that he immediately found out why she needed to ‘reorganize her thoughts’ and rushed to find her. After all, just like he admitted to Chang Soo in the previous episode, he does love Yoon Ha, and now that she’s found the way that he ‘orchestrated’ their love affair, he knows that she’ll think him to be a fraud, and that he doesn’t truly reciprocate her feelings. Of course, meanwhile, Yoon Ha has a flashback of every single people who warned her against Joon Ki, starting of course with Min Jung, his ex, which probably hurts her even more.

What’s good is that the two of them confront each other first [Yoon Ha being the logical person that we didn’t always know her to be (because she jumped head first into this relationship) reviews everything that she understands, like Joon Ki pretending not to know that she was a Chaebol child. I’m glad that he was completely honest about that first day when they met, as well as about giving ‘their relationship’ a shot even though he didn’t actively plan for it to happen, although he did plan a little bit, especially that part with his father, I think that was the nail in the coffin, especially since he specifically said: “I don’t share this story with just anyone,” to make her feel special…]. I’m glad that she knows at least that his mother was not a part of him wanting to get close to her, to date her, and then to marry her so he could take advantage of being in a rich family for once. His being brutally honest isn’t helping, but what he shouldn’t have done: say that she was so ready to fall in love that in her mind, she transformed all these nice small gestures that he did into an explosion of affection (which we kind of know he’s incapable of at this point, but yeah, ). One of the best lines in that dialogue has got to be when she told him that his survival instincts were still functional, since she was going to roll over him with her car (she said that because he had stepped out of her way) [I wish I had a gif for that, but I haven’t found any good ones, sadly].

Joon “I know you just threatened to roll over me but, oh my goodness, my heart almost just leaped out of my chest when hearing that crash, are you all right?” Ki

I’m not happy that she almost ran into a dog/cat/animal afterwards, but at least she didn’t hurt it or herself. The worry in Joon Ki’s eyes when he realized she had gotten herself into a crash should prove a little bit to her that she cares, but she was too enraged. She came back at him with other arguments, that she had been so depressive, especially since her big brother’s death, that she had been suicidal. Yoon Ha believed that her love for Joon Ki could help her get through it, and it had, but now… The fact that he couldn’t reply to her (he chased after her but she got away in taxi and now everything is wrong), almost proves to her that he doesn’t care. Then again though, Yoon Ha, your attitude proves that you weren’t emotionally stable enough to be in a relationship? In my opinion anyway? Especially if you are too emotionally DEPENDENT on Joon Ki, it can’t be a very healthy relationship… I’m just saying… maybe it’s just me, and “me” here has never been in a romantic relationship… maybe it works for some people…?

Okay man, Joon Ki, how dare you buy rings when you haven’t known her for a year yet [GETTING ENGAGED?!??!?!?! REALLY???!!! Is this because you really love her? Because based on what you just told her, you didn’t really SAY outright that you love her, so you are not helping her… you’re not!! You’re just making her believe that you never loved her!!]?! Don’t you think that it’s going a bit too fast?! Geebus, these dramas… *shakes her head in defeat* [plus, might I add, young people and old couples of any kind, COMMUNICATION is key in any kind of relationship. Here, you have an ideal example of how COMMUNICATION did NOT work between the two of them because Joon Ki is not being completely honest and doesn’t know how to communicate] Now, one must wonder if he’s crying because he’s lost a chance to be in her family, or if he’s lost a chance with the woman he loves? I like the parallel between the shower-mirror scene with Joon Ki in the previous episodes, and Yoon Ha’s.

Gotta love that dress tho

Se Hyeon was the one who leaked Yoon Ha’s phone number to Min Jung, and she was so happy to rub it into Yoon Ha’s skull that she was right. For her first day working at Taejin Company, Yoon Ha doesn’t have it pretty… her sisters are almost bullying her, and her first assignment is to convince Yoo Min Department Store (hey, the place where she used to work as a part-timer!) to give their company a cosmetic location where they can sell their merchandise. Of course, Ye Won had been working on it and it had been stagnant, so that’s why Father/Chairman had decided to give it to Yoon Ha. Before Yoon Ha could completely solve the matter, Ye Won arranged so that Joon Ki (I guess?!) finds a way to sway the Yoo Min Department Store’s stance on Taejin Company, so… he was requested to come into the Taejin Company to discuss the planning. Of course, he came and Yoon Ha completely stood him up [but if Joon Ki is anything, it’s logical, he deduced that it was Yoon Ha]. He acknowledges that it was her, and that, whatever she will do to him, as punishment for his ‘crime’, he’ll accept it, especially because he doesn’t want her to be ruined, a fact which she questions, since she doesn’t think that he cares about her whatsoever. After a bit of back and forth about how he couldn’t lie to her anymore, he confessed his love for her truly and also accepted that life is more important than love, that he will accept Ye Won’s job proposal.

Joon Ki was sad because he realized that, upon realizing that he had lied, Yoon Ha could no longer love him with her heart, whereas he still loves her [of course, it’s not like she lied to him about liking her so that he could like her because she wanted his money; this could be hypocritical of me to say though… then again, you realize that she did sort of lie to him; by not telling him who she was, and one of the ten reasons why she likes him is because of his loving mother – something she lacks in her life… so it sort of is the same, but not the same at the same time…]. She even promises that she’ll make life at work a living hell (okay she didn’t employ those words), but he says that he’ll accept them head on, because benefits and life is more important than love. He wants his family to become richer, and if he has to step on his love for Yoon Ha to achieve that, he’ll do it [Dude, bro… why, I guess you’re just proving to her (by saying that and by doing just that) that you’re just as ruthless and as heartless as she is right now thinking that you are… how could you do this? Not very calculative of you… but then again, if it’s to show to her that you really want your family to succeed in this world, and that you REALLY sincerely care about them, then I guess that’s good? You proved to her that you have a head on your shoulder and that you can ignore your feelings well…? But what will she do with this knowledge now? I don’t ever want to think of Yoon Ha as someone who could use someone’s family members against that someone… but Shakespeare says it best: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or something along those lines, I don’t know these quotes by heart, or do I?)].

Whatever the way that he’s going about it, I didn’t like the fact that Joon Ki pinned Yoon Ha against the wall? I mean, I understand that she was walking away, and that she wasn’t going to look at you more than necessary, and you needed to make a point, Joon Ki, but she specifically told you NOT to touch her the day prior. Who are you to think that you can just touch her and try to woo her again, when she’s not going to welcome it?! Just respect her space [I know you want your proximity to her so that she can think of you as a man again, but seriously, KEEP. YOUR. FREAKING. DISTANCE. SHE CAN SUE YOU FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND WHERE WILL YOUR MONEY GO?! CERTAINLY NOT TO YOUR PARENTS AND YOUR BROTHER!!!], and, like you said, just accept whatever she says.

Also what’s it like, saying that even though he did wrong to her, that she should still love him? HEY BRO, YOU CAN’T SAY THAT like it’s a CERTAINTY. What if you beat her up (that’s doing a wrong) or just punched her, like Ant-man-Hank-Pym-Whom-I-almost-no-longer-respect, should she still continue to love you and stay with you?! NO SIR, NO!!! NO!! STOP PROMOTING UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPSSSSSSS!!! *calms down* I’m… sorry…

Chang Soo x Lee Ji Yi 

Meanwhile in paradise, of course there’s trouble, since Chang Soo asked her to stay with him for the night. Like I said in my previous post, I didn’t really expect him to invite her over. You can’t stay at a guy’s house without a proper chaperone, Lee Ji Yi!!! Please call Yoon Ha and turn this into a slumber party or something. I love how awkward they are once they’re in wherever they are. I mean, they want to avoid being awkward in the same room with each other, but they decide to stay in that specific room because it’d be weird if they went out right after they had come in. I love how tense Chang Soo is, he’s more innocent than you would think, I guess (he moves away from her when she sits next to him), or it’s just the fact that he doesn’t want to hurt this one girl that he REALLY, REALLY loves a lot. 

The story between the scorpion and the frog was an interesting one. I think I had heard it before, too. The fact that Chang Soo is thinking about his relationship with Joon Ki when he tells this story means that he can relate it to that now. The Scorpion is obviously Joon Ki since he can’t ‘strive’ in the business world without Chang Soo (the Frog), and he can backstab his friend (but in my opinion, the situation is also in reverse. Their relationship was more mutualism than parasitism; later on, when Yoon Ha confronted him about his knowledge about Joon Ki, he even admitted that he was also using Joon Ki so they’re sort of even. This guy has grown up). The Scorpion ended up stinging the frog, because it was in its nature, and they both ended dying together. Lee Ji Yi comments that this is a sad story, but Chang Soo had a motive: he’s scared of hurting her by becoming the Scorpion, to which she replies that the frog and the scorpion ended up dying together, and if the story is an analogy of them, she wouldn’t mind that ending. WAIT WHY ARE THEY ON THE BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT NO, STOP. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! GET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER NOW! YOON HA GO SAVE YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!

Spoiler: Yoon Ha was not there to crash the party, sadly.

I think we all know it, but… Lee Ji Yi probably told him not to say that he’s ‘sorry’ because she doesn’t want to feel like Chang Soo regrets the time they’ve spent together? Like, all this time building their relationship, and suddenly, when eventually, they break it off, he’s sorry, like he’s sorry that they even began that relationship of theirs? Makes sense…?

Just look at the adorable way he stares at her while she’s eating!!

The next morning of whatever happened, Chang Soo informed his mother that he had broken things off with Lee Ji Yi, and to stop bothering her, because he would otherwise bring his foot down (no talk about getting the hotel stocks back?! Really?! Where’s his brother in all of this, exactly?). Despite this, however, he phones Lee Ji Yi, who was glowing and, as a full-time employee, finally looking to settle and mingle with her coworkers [they seem to be integrating her well, too [even though she introduced herself in a rather cute/childish way (according to Leafeon anyway, you’ll recall she hates that song of Lee Ji Yi‘s)]!! I really hope there’s no drama in the workplace, like, that they think that since she’s personal friends with Yoon Ha, she’ll get special treatment, or that they start to hate her because of her connections… that would be way too cliche and weird and mean… I like her outfit, too]. I love how she sets things straight: food > Chang Soo. That’s EXACTLY how things are supposed to be. I love how they’re so honest with each other [and he doesn’t mind as much even though he’s super complaining (and then finds out that it’s not that bad, especially the instant coffee, or maybe that’s because it’s an indirect kiss with Lee Ji Yi, who didn’t even kiss him goodbye) it’s hilarious, they’re so cute, I adore this]. I love that they try to spend time together.

New OTP: Lee Ji Yi x Food

Of course, Chang Soo’s Mother cares so much about that particular relationship that she had Chang Soo followed and she immediately gave Lee Ji Yi a punishment: her landlord will kick her out, by offering the landlord that much more money. What will Chang Soo do [honestly, Chang Soo, what were you thinking?! YOU DON’T GO OUT WITH THE GIRL YOU LIKE ON THE SAME DAY YOU TOLD YOUR MOM THAT YOU COMPLETELY BROKE IT OFF WITH HER!!! You wait a little bit – like a few years, while still maintaining contact. You can buy her gifts, but get them by Yoon Ha first so that your mom doesn’t suspect a thing. BE SMART ABOUT IT, MAN! NO WONDER YOU CAN’T FUNCTION WITHOUT JOON KI!! NOW YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS BEING PERSECUTED BY YOUR MOTHER]? Will he step in, or will he break it off with Lee Ji Yi? Since they tried and completely FAILED that one time they tried to directly break up – granted, it was raining – I don’t think he’ll try again. I think that he’ll make her realize that he’s not the guy for her, and by being a jerk, he hopes that she truly breaks up with him in her heart. Isn’t that how it usually goes in dramas?


Butler Hong selected a lawyer for the divorce between Mother and Chairman/Father. Chairman/Father and Mother finally have a drink together, after slightly criticizing the way the other lives (one is without a heart and cheats on his wife, and the other spends her days drinking her bladder away). Mother brings up the matter of divorce again, to which Chairman refuses, not only because she’s too old to be divorcing, but because if they divorce, he loses things that he believes he earned by himself [is he really that selfish, or does he not want to divorce her because he cares about her? That he doesn’t want her to be alone with her reputation tainted? Then again, you know that by going around with many mistresses, you can’t possibly say that you care much about your wife’s reputation, man], but she has assisted him in his work, so she should have some parts as well. Their differences in thoughts even go by the way that they believe they should move on: Mother says that even though they’re married, he doesn’t even show her the slightest bit of affection, whereas he says that they’re just married by law (i.e. no affections needed). Mother is then denied the chance of having a lover (because men and their harem, they can be polygamous if they wish, but the women?! NO WAY! THEY’RE NOT ALLOWED! *rolls her eyes*).

Meanwhile, Ye Won has announced that she will be moving in (I don’t know why she keeps rubbing that in. Aren’t they all aware that she’s coming anyway?! She’s been doing renovations, kicking youngest siblings out of HER outbuilding…) and also insists that she should be the one handling a project which Chairman/Father intended to pass down to Yoon Ha. Her arguments are that Yoon Ha doesn’t even have experience with the company, so how could things go faster if she was in charge? I guess this is one of his tests, since he taunts her by saying that if Yoon Ha, with no experience, can do a better job than Ye Won can, then it says a lot about Ye Won’s incompetence as well.

Ye Won and Joon Ki have done a meeting, as she had requested in the previous episode, and Joon Ki, as usual, is being brutally honest: he has conditions before he works for her (money, rank, working conditions [if he can achieve that without Yoon Ha, then he proves that he can be her equal without using her, right? Isn’t that a good thing?]), and he has skills, and he is NOT to be used against Yoon Ha – especially since they broke up, I mean, it wouldn’t be very logical to use him when Yoon Ha no longer has any feelings for him.

Main Mistress finally confronted Joon Ki’s mother about a connection she might have with the Taejin Group, revealing to his mother that indeed, the president she works with is Chairman/Father and Joon Ki’s Mother realizes: the man that Main Mistress has been seeing is in fact Yoon Ha’s father. BOOM. Mind-blown so hard that Joon Ki’s Mother announces she would like to stop working there. Joon Ki’s Mother was visibly upset and she went to take care of her eldest son, by preparing his favourite meal for him, and she apologized because she believes that, because of her [and their social status, that is], Joon Ki and Yoon Ha had to break up, but he assures her that it wasn’t her fault. She also really thinks that Joon Ki adores/loves Yoon Ha, because she hasn’t seen him act the way he does with lots of girls? I found that cute, isn’t she basically foreshadowing that he’ll be REALLY hurt when Yoon Ha continues to hurt him in the workplace?


I’m glad that Joon Ki is honestly telling Chang Soo face to face that he has to move companies, partly because he tainted Chang Soo by revealing to him that he was elitist. I love how casually Chang Soo says that Joon Ki should have had his heart stolen by him (Chang Soo); there’s the cocky Chang Soo we know and love. Joon Ki states that even though he’s leaving, if Chang Soo ever needs help, he can name it, but he won’t do it for free as he did in the past. Chang Soo asks him to stay, and admits that despite him being a bit childish earlier, he won’t do it again. Joon Ki rejects since Chang Soo still has to make an effort to talk to him, and truly, Chang Soo doesn’t love Joon Ki the way he did before. It would be pretty awkward. By putting distance between each other, they hope that they can mend their relationship.

I wonder why Chang Soo didn’t scold Joon Ki or brought Yoon Ha up, after all, earlier that very day, Yoon Ha and he met up in order to discuss Chang Soo‘s involvement in Joon Ki‘s schemes [or rather, Yoon Ha expressing her disappointment that he didn’t tell her directly, and then her asking him if he would continue to work with Joon Ki even though he himself was deceived by his best friend. In the end, that meeting was really to see if the two Chaebol offsprings could team up against the one dude who deceived them, I guess? Chang Soo is somewhat better though? He tried to keep his friend and even though Yoon Ha and his mother wished for him to fire Joon Ki, he didn’t want to… I guess he’s trying to change his elitist ways? He said that he didn’t want to be used, but now it seems like he acknowledged the fact that he himself used Joon Ki].


Lee Ji Yi is so nice to Yoon Ha by reminding her that they can’t kill people. She also helps her not to waver, reminding her that Yoon Ha was hurt, and that she shouldn’t feel bad and take Joon Ki back [I mean, we know that Joon Ki really truly love her, and that he wouldn’t hurt her from now on, but this is a drama, come on, we gotta continue with the miscommunication and all that]. Then, she goes on as we all should do when a girl goes on a breakup: bash on the guy. Yes. I really like you, Lee Ji Yi, haha! This is the kind of support I like to have between girls, and it should be the same for sisters too… but no, Se Hyeon and Ye Won can’t be that way…

I also love how Lee Ji Yi is so certain that Yoon Ha is not gonna be like a hellcat towards her, even though she’s mad [I also love how Yoon Ha‘s not afraid of saying that Chang Soo talks ‘sh@t’ about her [and being totally unimpressed by the way he acts], this is such a great relationship between girls, PLEASE DON’T MESS THINGS UP, WRITERS]. After her conversation with Chang Soo, Lee Ji Yi admits to Yoon Ha that she could sort of understand Joon Ki’s position (about life > love). And now, she is not sure what she should do with Chang Soo.

I’ll see you all later, my dearies!
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