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Title: Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart
Edition: Collector’s Edition
By: BLAM! Games
Started: September 8th, 2014
Finished: September 9th, 2014
Duration: 5 hours
Rated: 6.5/10
Difficulty Level: Hardcore

September 9th, 2014

Hello everyone,
And welcome to my monthly Casual Game (HOG) reviews! How are you all in this beginning of the month? I wonder if, when you receive this, I’ll still be in school, or if I’ll be a N.E.E.T. (or a full-blown Fujoshi), or maybe I’ll have a well-established job… who knows?

At any rate, let us start our review, shall we? As you can see from this BELOW AVERAGE rating I gave it, I was not impressed with this game, so you have a fair warning!

I’ll start with the negative points that I have against this game, unlike my… (more) structured review.

There was little to no help with the puzzles and hints as to where to go next and how to use certain clues. When prompted, the person would only say something like: “I can use something here”, and sometimes, you didn’t even have to. Even once you’ve solved certain areas, this dialogue will still be showing up, confusing the heck out of me.

If you choose to use the GUIDE, which sometimes, I will admit that I had to use because of the non-logical sequence of actions that you had to go through sometimes just to obtain the Hidden Object Boards, it’s not always precise and not always very helpful.

The overall atmosphere sort of seemed ‘wrong’ to me. Perhaps it’s because I just finished a marvelous series in the Sable Maze, but the beginning cutscenes of the game sort of made me expect something scarier, and I kept expecting scarier scenes, but as the game progressed, it mellowed out rather than intensified.

I do make note though that perhaps the reason as to why this game was fairly difficult for me to follow may be because they have chosen to make Hardcore mode like this… Now… on to more positive aspects which redeemed the game a little bit and made me not abandon the series completely.

The art style was quite different and reminded me of the Fearful Tales: Hansel and Gretel game, which, if I recall saying, was refreshing to see.

I also greatly enjoyed the use of canines in this game!! I love dogs and I’m always very happy to see them in action and helping us out during games.

The story line was all right, although it does feel like I’ve played something similar to this before. Its ending tied many more loose ends than most games do, although it does leave a few things out (like why or rather where Ashton’s father went and why we haven’t saved the pitbull from its cage when we were able to save our own dog).

I was extremely pleased with the Hidden Object Boards because of their complexity – added to this by the visual aspects of the game. However, because there IS a huge HOWEVER, unlike many games, you need to be PRECISE in what you click. The zone which you can use to interact with certain object is so narrow (for example, in this image, if you click the whole net, it will say: “I can use something here”. However, when you interact the ‘Empty Packet’ with the net, it will not always work). The same goes with small objects, just generally clicking a part of the object may not work as it does in other games. Another thing is the game freezes you not under the lapse between your clicks but by the number of wrong clicks, it seems.

I enjoyed playing Ashton, I guess, in the Bonus Chapter, because it was interesting to add to this the aspect of his inhuman powers (Strength, Scent and Night Vision), which is not featured in many games.

I still look forward to playing the next game, especially since the end of the credits shows that Ashton is still alive and only imprisoned. What will happen to him? Will we get to play him now? And what will the next game (Fierce Tales: Marcus’ Memory) be about?

I couldn’t say if I would recommend this game to someone who is not used to it and who may be lost (although someone who is new would normally choose “Casual” mode to play), because you know, Mewtwo actually quite enjoyed herself!

That’s all for now,
Take good care of yourselves,
And I’ll see you next month for another casual game review!!
⊂((・▽・))⊃ – Ponyta’s out! – ⊂((・▽・))⊃