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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 12
Aired: July 14th, 2015
Watched: July 26th, 2015

July 26th, 2015

Hey there!
How is everybody?! Are you ready for episode 12? I’m about 12 days late to watch this, haha, but I’m ready! Please be aware of all the spoilers there might be in here!

Sister-mance [what in the world is the sister-version of the ‘bromance’?! It’s just called friendship? XD]

Of course, this episode starts off right after Lee Ji Yi got evicted by her landlady. Thank goodness, Yoon Ha comes to her best friend’s rescue (don’t worry Chang Soo, you’ll get your turn eventually), called a lawyer and made sure that, if Lee Ji Yi was evicted while the land lady was breeching a contract, they would be able to ask for compensations. In the end, they were able to get Lee Ji Yi to stay, but I gotta wonder how long she’ll want to stay, I mean, if the landlady was convinced once, she COULD be convinced twice to ask her tenant to move [I guess because the landlady didn’t want to get into trouble in court? What’s going to happen to the money she was offered, anyway? Will she get to keep it or will she have to give that money up? Couldn’t she just ask for MORE money in order to evict Lee Ji Yi and then pay for the compensations but STILL get some profits? I dunno how it works, but yeah, that sounds like a hassle]. Lee Ji Yi admits to her friend that, ever since she became ‘Cinderella’, she started to forget about reality; that she will still have money problems and everything, so she should be worrying about it all the time. I guess this resonates more with Yoon Ha than she thought, since Joon Ki is sort of the same [and maybe now she can understand his struggles and his motivations for seeking out money more? Maybe? Hopefully?].

Because he was caught by his mother and with the promises of her tormenting Lee Ji Yi even more, Chang Soo [finally] bows to her, declaring that she won, and that she shouldn’t meet with Lee Ji Yi anymore, since he’ll really break it off. However, of course, because this is a drama, Lee Ji Yi invites Chang Soo’s Mother to meeting her in front of her company (as means to convince to her that she has a good standing and that she’s working hard, even though his mother thinks that she’s just leeching off money from him? Or maybe to impress her? I don’t think so…?). So Chang Soo’s Mother got a way to meet Lee Ji Yi… even though she’d promised to her son she wouldn’t meet her.

At the end of that particular day, even though it broke both of their hearts, Lee Ji Yi and Chang Soo have both decided to end it with each other. Lee Ji Yi states that she has to go back to reality [how much more of Chang Soo’s mom‘s harassment could she even take at this point anyway? Yoon Ha couldn’t be there to save her all the time] and also because she doesn’t want Chang Soo to be hurt by their relationship, I think. Meanwhile, Chang Soo does so because he doesn’t want Lee Ji Yi to get hurt by his mother’s elitism [or, by extension, his, since as he accepts, he recalls Joon Ki‘s words]. It’s so funny that Lee Ji Yi brings up the story of the scorpion and the frog which Chang Soo had told her, stating that she can’t get stung by the scorpion and die, even though she’d told him the previous day that she wouldn’t mind getting stung and dying because they’d die together [note: maybe this is her getting back to reality. After all, back when she’d said she wouldn’t mind, she was still in the “fairy tale” mode in which she allowed herself to be romantic and not realistic, but realistically, let’s recall that her parents are sort of also depending on her income, so she has to keep herself alive].

I don’t know where to put it, so I’ll put it here: Yoon Ha butts the next day, after Chang Soo calls her to tell her that Taejin Cosmetics will have a spot in their airport (or something like that). She informs him that Lee Ji Yi had almost been kicked out of her house the night prior, and that his mother is “a bit too much,” as she puts it and asks if he’ll keep meeting Lee Ji Yi given the situation his mother gets them into.

As promised, the next day, Lee Ji Yi and Chang Soo’s Mother meet up at the Taejin Company, where Lee Ji Yi works. Lee Ji Yi confirms that indeed, it was Mother who had plotted for her to be ejected from her home. Cheekily, Lee Ji Yi takes Mother by surprise by saying that if Mother keeps seeking her out, Lee Ji Yi might start liking her, and that if she likes Mother, she might not be able to break up properly with Chang Soo. Hahaha, our girl, she knows how to work her charms, even to humiliate the Mother.


Joon Ki’s Mother decided to get drunk that night, and speaks the truth to her husband; she loves him, and she doesn’t really regret marrying him, but she does. She’s so upset that she can only turn herself on him, to which he answers that he’ll happily accept her hatred if it can alleviate her pain [that’s adorable how he absolutely accepts so many things]. She’s upset that she lives in poverty (oh, Joon Ki, what have you done to your mother?! How dare you make her hurt this way!?), because she doesn’t have the same power as Main Mistress, she can’t decorate her poverty, and she can’t make Joon Ki look good and allow him to soar in society.

Meanwhile, Main Mistress has almost kidnapped Chairman/Father and now Mother is mad because she sort of expected him to come back home so they could discuss again, and maybe that’s why he didn’t want to go home, he didn’t want to hear her talk about moving out again [Butler Hong remarks that she must really love him, since she cares about the kind of women that he goes out with, even though she’s deluded herself into thinking that she hates him, grateful for the divorce to be cancelled, more because she’s scared of leaving the household, than because she loves him]. Mother found out that Joon Ki didn’t really like Yoon Ha so now they’ve broken up, since Yoon Ha loved him more [I guess she doesn’t see the irony that their situation was so alike, and also, Butler Hong, DIDN’T Yoon Ha SPECIFICALLY ASK YOU NOT TO TELL HER MOM ABOUT THEIR SITUATION?!?!?! ON THE SAME DAY, TOO!!!]. Mother is upset that she didn’t know Vice President as well as she thought she did, because she found out that he had a borrowed-name account and that if there’s activities in that particular account, it would mean that he’s actually alive and well [lady, what kind of unhealthy relationship do you have with your son that you have to know absolutely everything about his affairs].

IT FINALLY CAME OUT! IT FINALLY CAME OUT!! Remember in the first episode when Yoon Ha said that she had a secret of Butler Hong that she would keep if he let her go to the blind date with Chang Soo by herself?! WELL THERE IT IS: he loves her MotherHe denied it when Yoon Ha asked him (after he told her to forget Joon Ki since he’s normal and even his household is normal), but she calls him out on his lies, to which he simply answers “there are people who protect love with lies,” I guess implying that he does love Mother, but that he protects her by not admitting to it. 

Mother seemed to have wanted to rub it into Yoon Ha as well, just like her sisters before her, that her love for Joon Ki had been wrong [seriously, what in the world is wrong with this family, do you enjoy putting down people who must already feel pretty depressed about what they’ve been through that they go full emo and wear dark clothes and get haircuts because of their breakups?], but Yoon Ha surprised her by actually being obedient and acquiescing to her demands, saying that she’ll do like her mother did, and if she marries any man (as long as he’s wealthy I guess), it’ll be fine. 

Ye Won was mad because Yoon Ha didn’t go to the get-together between the three sisters (between helping a friend in need and going to a ‘party’ with two sisters whom you hate and who reciprocate your feelings, I think the choice would be CLEAR, but again, that’s JUST ME). Yoon Ha brushes the fact that Ye Won thinks that Joon Ki having abilities are the ONLY reasons why she scouted him [also because Ye Won took a stab at her sister for thinking she was ‘great’ enough that Ye Won would have to take measures against her], not because of his connection to Yoon Ha, by confronting her sister about the cosmetics case that Vice President had been dealing with [SPEAKING OF VICE PRESIDENT, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR NIECE, YOUNG LADIES?! HAE IN IS PROBABLY INCONSOLABLE, AND NONE OF YOU HAVE GONE TO SEE HER IN HER MOURNING PERIOD [even Mother]?! WHAT IS THIS COMPLETELY HEARTLESS FAMILY. DOES THIS HAE IN EVEN REALLY EXIST AT THIS POINT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. In real life, that particular case had been resolved and Tae Jin Company had won, but the USB and the documents proved otherwise.

Yoon Ha also voices her thoughts that perhaps the reason why Ye Won and their brother fought that one day was because of the evidence that he had, and this resulted in his death. Ye Won is obviously upset that she was accused of murder, but Yoon Ha brings her back to the facts: the lawsuit was not won because nothing had happened. Taejin Company truly WAS wrong, but the opponents to this law suit had no proof (if she gave the USB stick, then they would have proof and all the victims could have better pays). Yoon Ha attempts to settle Ye Won’s thoughts that Yoon Ha is her rival, but Ye Won points out that what she’s been doing is making them all notice her as rival [actually, that’s sort of true, Yoon Ha, stop antagonizing her and just let her keep her guard down around you, instead of confronting her directly about these things, geez, be smart, GOD. Just earn her trust and DON’T show her the FLASH DRIVE, GEEBS!!!!! THINK ON YOUR FEET, WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER GET TO YOUR HEAD JUST BECAUSE SHE INSULTED YOUR FRIENDSHIP WITH LEE JI YI AND BECAUSE SHE SCOUTED YOUR EX AND INSULTED YOU??? I bet you that once Ye Won knows about the flash drive, from now on, she’ll try to get the usb stick from you, Yoon Ha].

Yoon Ha then replies that while she hadn’t had any intentions of succeeding to the company, now that she’s seen the kind of “responsible” person that Ye Won is, she can’t just let it go. Ye Won reveals to Yoon Ha that Vice President was acting strong in front of his youngest sister, but in truth he was depressive and may have been suicidal. Ye Won implies that perhaps Vice President could have committed suicide due to all the pressure that he had been under [because of their father]. By giving her the evidence that everything that Vice President had done before he supposedly “died in an accident” was all planned (probably by him), Ye Won plants seeds of doubt into Yoon Ha.

In an attempt to make him uncomfortable, Chang Soo’s Brother tells him about their Father’s plans to expand the Yoo Min store by teaming up with Taejin Cosmetics on making a hotel together (I think?), and asked if Chang Soo could take over the case, rubbing it in that Chang Soo had had a blind date with Yoon Ha (and that it failed) and that Chang Soo’s best friendJoon Ki, had left their company for Yoon Ha‘s [thus implying that while he’d been trying to buy Joon Ki over to his side, Joon Ki ultimately finally left Chang Soo‘s side not for money, but probably for something else]. Instead of being uncomfortable, Chang Soo accepts the challenge, saying that Yoon Ha owes him, and that Joon Ki would do anything for him despite their distance, and that he even knows Ye Won, so it would be no problem for him. The same day, he heads to Taejin Cosmetics, to meet with Ye Won and discuss.

After two days of not seeing each other – since he was sleeping at Main Mistress‘ house, Father comes home and Mother is too busy playing piano dramatically to go greet him, so he comes to her. She defies him, returning all of his arguments against him, pushing him away so much that he even goes to spend the night with Main Mistress. After eating her food (oh this is suspicious), Father collapses, thus even pulling Mother to his side, at the hospital [of course, I cannot describe to you the anger Mother has when she sees Mistress crying at her husband’s side].

Main Couple

While the drama is happening in the Taejin HouseholdJoon Ki is happily eating lunch and just chilling, showing off his English (it’s pretty good, I find anyway), as he asks a certain building/place (?) to get Taejin Company products into their stuff, since that’s his job now with Ye Won, I guess? Or is it that, since he successfully got the Taejin products into the building of the Yoo Min Department store, he decided to be more productive and to prove his worth to Ye Won (that she’s paying him well and that he does deserve all the conditions he asked for) by being pro-active and actively looking for places where to put the Taejin brand? Or maybe I misunderstood and he’s still acting as a liaison between the Taejin Company and the place they’ve recently acquired (Yoo Min/airport)? Or maybe Ye Won explained to him in depth exactly where she wants to put the Taejin Brand and where so that he can already start looking into it?

This is why you don’t date and break up in the workplace! It’s a sound practice! I guess they thought that they would stay together for so long (also then again, she didn’t know that he would move in). Anyways, let’s expect a lot of awkwardness from these two, poor Lee Ji Yi, who didn’t know what to say, so she simply remarked that the two of them would be getting off at the same floor. It’s even more awkward since Yoon Ha receives calls from Chang Soo (and in front of Lee Ji Yi, too).

After that awkward elevator ride, Joon Ki comes clean with one more thing (for some reason, he decided on that specific moment while she was still seething inside, I guess): he was the one who informed the journalist about her being a part-timer. To this, she replies that she’s not even surprised, considering the things he’s done, and asks for his reasons. He says that he wanted her to go back to the Taejin Company and work there instead of leaving her background (just as we’d previously suspected), not because he wanted the money or the background once they married, but because he thought she was too young to leave her family’s background and advantages, and that she had been a bit ‘naive’ about how much she would need and how much she would spend (hey dude, and not to say that you’re not wrong, our Yoon Ha the way she is, I don’t know if she could pull it off, but let’s get this straight: you wanted to MARRY into her family, that’s why you bought the rings to begin with, don’t lie to yourself. The fact that you conveniently fell in love with her AFTERWARDS was just dumb luck). After advising her, he says that he just wants her to live well and when she asks him why he would want her to live well, he simply says: “why else?”. Well, why else, man? It could be out of guilt, it could be because you love her, it could be because you see her as a naive girl who needs these tips, or else she’ll crash and burn. BE MORE SPECIFIC! THIS LACK OF COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU IS WHAT DROVE YOU APART.

Despite the fact that the foursome is basically almost broken up, Lee Ji Yi has still been talking to Joon Ki, even going as far as eating lunch with him. Because of this, though, Yoon Ha had to eat her own lunch by herself, as evidenced by the table she ate at being empty when she got up. Lee Ji Yi confides in Joon Ki that Chang Soo’s Mother had gone overboard, and asks him if she did the right thing by breaking up with him, to which she receives reassurance from him.

When Yoon Ha brings up the fact that the two of them were very friendly, Lee Ji Yi comments that it doesn’t mean that Joon Ki and Yoon Ha are no longer an item, that Lee Ji Yi has to see him as an enemy as well [I guess then that Lee Ji Yi can’t blame Yoon Ha for being “friendly” with Chang Soo then], especially since, while Joon Ki tricked Yoon HaLee Ji Yi didn’t do anything spiteful to Yoon Ha, who technically ‘tricked’ her. I like how Lee Ji Yi is still being the realistic one here, and she doesn’t treat Yoon Ha differently than she did before. Lee Ji Yi also confides in her friend that she broke up with Chang Soo [FINALLY].

As he finished his meeting with Ye WonChang Soo heads on to Yoon Ha‘s office, where Lee Ji Yi also heads, in order to give her some documents. Of course, Yoon Ha wasn’t present, because there needed to be more awkward moments between all of them, right? He tells her that she shouldn’t break up with him over a text (especially with all the things they’ve been through, I guess, and I wholeheartedly agree, I’m sorry, Lee Ji Yi, but even with all your wisdom, I think it’s not very nice to break up with him through text. I gotta say that I understand though. The last time they tried to break up, they spent the night at the hotel instead, so… oh god. Are you going to bring a baby into this equation). After commenting on how overboard Chang Soo’s Mother was in meddling in their relationship, Lee Ji Yi says that they’re done filming a movie, so instead of apologizing (remember how she didn’t want him to apologize and feel sorry for what he’s done?), they should say that they’ve both worked hard [I’ve mixed feelings about this, but it’s true that both of them worked hard on keeping that relationship afloat for as long as they had]. Of course, Yoon Ha comes in on them and Lee Ji Yi refuses to stay in the room longer [I guess you can only be wise when you’re not personally in the relationship that was broken?]. Lee Ji Yi has flashbacks of happy moments that they spent together, and it’s not looking good, because Yoon Ha invites her to eat dinner with Chang Soo and her [I guess since Lee Ji Yi had sort of pulled the same thing with Joon Ki and Yoon Ha, she thought it might be okay for Yoon Ha to do that?]. since Chang Soo gives her advice on how to work in the company.

Joon Ki meets the duo (Chang Soo and Yoon Ha) and Chang Soo warns him not to use too much of Yoo Min‘s connections to his advantage. Afterwards, he sees a heartbroken Lee Ji Yi, and to cheer themselves up, they go eat at a restaurant – I think it’s the same one she brought Chang Soo to once. She compliments him before she receives a call from Yoon Ha, who asks her to join them again (without regards for her friend’s feelings, I guess). Because Lee Ji Yi doesn’t pick up, Yoon Ha is worried and asks Chang Soo to accompany her to Lee Ji Yi‘s house, to check up on her. Meanwhile, Lee Ji Yi copies Chang Soo by telling Joon Ki the frog and scorpion fable. She even almost falls as she tells him the story, saying that she doesn’t like the scorpion (Chang Soo), even though she hadn’t minded him being the scorpion not a week ago, I’m just saying. Because Chang Soo grabs Lee Ji Yi‘s wrist and forces her to come with him to talk, Joon Ki steps in (thank you, someone has to tell him this is no good way to treat a girl), to stop him, thus resulting in this glare.

Oh my goodness, more drama… Let’s see what happens in the next episode!!!

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