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Title: JL8
By: Yale Stewart (Facebook page)
Link: First Strip and Facebook and Tumblr, and even Twitter
Started: February 12th, 2014

February 13th, 2014

Why, I salute you all, readers from before and now!
As I’m writing this, it is the eve of Valentine’s Day! I hope that you all had a good one, but I’m scheduling this for the month of October so the only available question is… maybe: “have you been preparing for Halloween yet?”

As you may or may not guess, the JL from this webcomic’s title stands for Justice League and the 8 represents the age of the characters.

WHAT?!, you’ll ask me.

Yes, you read quite correctly. This artist, Yale Stewart, without any affiliation (that I know of) to DC Comics, has been publishing this series on Tumblr and on the Facebook page since… well, I’m guessing awhile ago now.

This art style reminds me highly of Archie Comics back in the day. It is a great and especially refreshing change from what I usually read – like many of the webcomics I’ve started reading recently, to be honest.

The story is sprinkled here and there with references that I get and some other ones that I simply don’t get (because I don’t read the comics). [I LOVED Darkseid’s appearance] And I don’t think that you need to be extremely familiar with the comics to understand and enjoy this awesome piece of art!
I was able to read all 152 comic strips in less than two hours. Yes, this is how awesome it is!

Personally, however, – and this is mostly because I watched the Justice League cartoon as a child – I do not ship Bruce (Batman) with Supergirl, since I ship him with Diana (Wonder Woman); I love the way their relationship was portrayed in the cartoon, that’s why.
I’ve also always loved watching Hal interact with Barry in general. They’re both super goofy kids, super funny and they drag J’onn in their antics, which is even FUNNIER.

I look forward to reading more!

Any superhero fans out there?
For you, I highly recommend this comic, I love it! It has such cute moments and makes me like the characters even more (especially Superman).

See you all next week!
! –