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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 13
Aired: July 20th, 2015
Watched: September 4th, 2015

September 4th, 2015 

Hiya everyone!
How is life treating you? I hope that it’s treating me well, too, for that day when this post will be online, haha! It’s been awhile since I’ve watched High Society, and, well, I’m sorry… I have no excuse, actually, hahaha. All right, we can start: there are spoilers in this post, so be warned.

The Foursome 

Obviously, we start the episode where we left off in episode 12: Joon Ki grabbed Chang Soo‘s arm, jerking him away from Lee Ji Yi, who didn’t want to be alone with Chang Soo and had told the latter so (Chang Soo, you need to work out these issues man, you can’t just kidnap a girl by dragging her away, I never liked Joon Ki much? But I’m siding with him on this one). Of course, Yoon Ha was there as well, and was slightly upset, I guess, that her ex-boyfriend is now protecting her best friend? Why would that upset you? He’s saving your best friend, your best friend should matter more to you than your hurt feelings over this dude. I’m just saying. At least this sort of calmed down Chang Soo‘s impulse and he just says that he wants to talk, to which Lee Ji Yi refuses, but accepts to talk with Yoon HaChang Soo comments on how they’re not acting like themselves (hey, do you know them for a long time? How long as it been? A month? Two months? A FEW WEEKS?! Are they really an open book to you now?). In the end, the four of them decided to have a talk together, since not all of them wanted to be together for some reason.


The scene cuts to the department store, where Joon Ki makes Chang Soo do whatever he wants, since Joon Ki won’t be his lackey anymore. It’s hilarious, because he has to carry their buys. In the end, they can bond, since Chang Soo asks his friend how different it is, to be in the Taejin Company. With the utmost honesty, Joon Ki admits that while the work is the same, he likes working at Taejin because he’s less emotionally worn out than when he was with Chang Soo [ouch], explaining that Chang Soo needed to win against Joon Ki all the time, so the latter had to let him win to give him the emotional comfort he needed, but Joon Ki couldn’t bring himself to hate Chang Soo since his friend had a “innocent and warm side” (readers, I don’t think I’m done shipping this). Without faltering in his truthfulness, Joon Ki tells Chang Soo to stop chasing after Lee Ji Yi since they broke up, and honestly comments on how it’s the first time he’s seen his friend this invested in a girl, but he thought Chang Soo would be able to better himself for her – but he didn’t, since his mother got involved. Chang Soo retorts by saying that Joon Ki‘s not the model for righteousness either since he used Yoon Ha to higher his position, to this, Joon Ki also has an answer: had he known how sincere Yoon Ha‘s love for him was, he wouldn’t have done what he did. Chang Soo‘s hurt that Joon Ki considers Yoon Ha innocent and can accept her, but not him (Chang Soo), who considers himself innocent as well.

The two young almost civilized men almost break into a fight, but Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha interrupt them, commenting on how they can’t seem to keep from fighting. Lee Ji Yi even states that Chang Soo probably started the fight since Joon Ki isn’t likely to have been mean without being taunted [that’s… sort of true]. Yoon Ha sides with Chang Soo, stating that, indeed, Joon Ki does make sarcastic remarks and doesn’t apologize or admit that he’s in the wrong when he is, like he’s too good for everything in this world (to which Chang Soo snickers, because it’s true). This transforms into a debate on which is worse: being obnoxious (Joon Ki) or being selfish (Chang Soo) [I like this drama for being able to defuse these awkward moments, also, I feel like my girls are becoming friends again, so that’s a plus]. Completely upset that Chang Soo brings up the fact that she was with Joon KiLee Ji Yi storms off, leaving Chang Soo to chase after her.

When will they be all reunited like this again, I wonder?!!

Yoon Ha x Joon Ki 

When Yoon Ha is informed (probably by Butler Hong, because let’s be honest, her Mother isn’t in the state to be doing anything right) that her Father was admitted to the hospital, she dismisses herself without saying goodbye to Joon Ki, who, without imposing himself as much as he could have (he could’ve offered to drive her firsthand, but he says he’ll walk her to her car, and then to a taxi when she refutes the first claim). When she accuses him of trying to seduce her again by doing this, Joon Ki just states that he’s being nice, that it’s not a trick, and still hails a taxi cab for her anyway, and gets in right after her anyway [okay I regret saying that he didn’t impose himself, he totally did just then, what were you going to do if she was going to go to her car? You would’ve jumped into the passenger seat?!].

Yoon Ha tries to sort out what was real and what was a lie with Joon Ki, to which he answers that everything got mixed together and he doesn’t know when he started being honest, but I like to think that from now on, he’s being completely honest with both Yoon Ha and Chang SooYoon Ha fails to make the cab driver stop, because he says that this is just a lover’s quarrel, upsetting her in the process (it’s the whole “we’re not lovers!! (even though I totally still love him and am still upset that he goes out to drink with my best friend who used to love him and might be falling for him because he’s “nice” to her but not to me because we’re not from the same social status)” act all over again). To this, the obviously worldly experienced driver states that if Joon Ki has been staying with her like that, it’s obviously because he loves her. Joon Ki doesn’t even disagree [because he knows it’s true], and even pays the cab driver for the ride, apologizing to him. Yoon Ha locks the car when Joon Ki leaves, and gives the driver other directions, leaving Joon Ki to hail another cab and probably pursue. Well, you’re the one who fell for her, Joon Ki, just… go with the flow or something… 

But of course, you can go ahead and tell her that you’re basically stalking her to make sure that she arrives safely (like a total creep, it’s a good thing you have 1) abs, and 2) a good looking face, because… yeah that’d be even more creepy if you didn’t), because he was, and these are his subtitled words: “I was innocently worried about you”. After a tirade I won’t bother repeating (because they’re like a broken record at this point), she puts her hand on his shoulder and, after telling him “I like you”, leans very close to him, like they’re going to kiss, thus surprising him (yep, I could see the surprise in his face). She stops at the last minute and says it was a joke, asking him how he might think she feels, since he acted like this since the beginning with her.

When alone, Yoon Ha lets herself remember the words Joon Ki spoke to her, that even if he’d made a mistake, if she truly had loved him in the beginning, she would have been able to see past his mistake [okay, if the mistake was, say, I don’t know, lie to her about going to school with Chang Soo, or like, lying to her about ditching her this one time they had a date, so that he could go out and bro it out with Chang Soo, I would understand these wise words, but Joon Ki, you freaking lied to her about your intentions, and that’s wrong, you can’t blame her if she doesn’t feel like anything you say or do is sincere anymore, because you never were sincere from the start, she was in love not with you, but the you that you projected easily onto her, so you can’t simply say that she can look past his mistake if she truly loved him]. I guess if she allows herself to think about that while she’s trying to bring up the courage to face her parents, then she’s faltering a little? Or she realized just then, with their close proximity, that she does still love him?

The next morning, Yoon Ha arrives to work with the watch that she’d given to Joon Ki on her desk. He’s giving her back the gifts she’s given him, he sort of is moving on, maybe. After his meeting with Ye Won, they meet again in the corridors. It’s at this point that she finally admits to him that what he said was true, she fell into her emotions and she was so willing to fall in love that since he was there, and seemed willing, she fell for him, and didn’t think of the consequences [that’s true, Yoon Ha, I’ve been telling you that for MONTHS on end]. Their situations parallel and contrast pretty well: she says that she regrets believing so much in fate [she made up her own love story by all the things she thought he did because he loved her but he really did to make her fall in love with him, like a cold manipulator she now believes him to be] and didn’t think about the consequences of being with him [probably that doing a more extensive research on him and getting to him him more before asking him out – say, wait a few years of friendship and risk the friendzone just to gauge him better (I’d do that, but then again I’m just the overly cautious type) would be safe enough], on the other hand, Joon Ki admits that he regrets not believing in fate as much as he should have (they did meet thrice at different locations, on the same day after all) and that his choice wasn’t based on fate, but on coldhearted calculations (but he technically didn’t even need the calculations because fate made it so that they love each other, but because of his decision, well, she no longer really loves him and crossed to the hatred side). She says that he was being inconsiderate when he left his company for hers, and chose to work under Ye Won, of all people, since because of that, everyone in her household mocks her [you have to consider that Ye Won gave him the status and salary he wanted, and that his family can benefit from this, you’re only thinking about you and your navel, Yoon Ha]. 

Joon Ki doesn’t want to tell her why he’s working under Ye Won, I’m wondering if it’s because he’s trying to gain Ye Won‘s trust in order to get her to admit that she’s the one who ordered her brother dead. Instead, he wishes her well and goes on his way. Or does he know that Ye Won will use him against Yoon Ha, so he’s antagonizing the woman he loves, and working for Ye Won in order to help Yoon Ha bring her big sister down? Let’s all be honest with each other, we know that this is the ship the writers will end up making canon, so what’s the story of redemption that Joon Ki will be doing in order to regain her favor? Will he accept punishment until she gets a change of heart? Will her mother’s words resonate with her enough to feel that he’s someone she should forgive and bring herself to love again because somehow she still knows he’s her soulmate and no one else in the 7 billion people on this planet will take that spot away from him even in two months from now?

Meanwhile with Politics 

I think Mother day-dreamed about choking Father, but couldn’t even achieve that in her own imagination, as, in real life, she gives him water and helps him get up instead. Instead of thanking her for being nice to him, he asks her why, to which she answers that he had a heart attack and that, after the surgery he already had, he has to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days before taking a month’s rest at home.

In Yoon Ha‘s presence, Mother marvels at how his suddenly illness made Father seem more human to her. To this, Yoon Ha responds that she’s always seen him as human, compared to her other siblings, who were dead scared of him. Yoon Ha adds that Father has never been bad towards her (that’s true, the previous episode, when she admitted that she was only boasting and might need help, he willingly offered his to her, and he even let her date the dude she was dating until she was ready to call it quits, too. It wasn’t a bad relationship, just… not the typical father-daughter relationship you see on TV?). Yoon Ha admits also that she felt bad for Mother since Father wasn’t good to her, even though she had to live with it. Mother ponders on that and promises that not all men are the same, adding that she’ll find a good match for her daughter. Mother even admits that while her method at correcting her daughter wasn’t the correct one, the intention of worrying for her was sincere [I beg to differ, you don’t say that your favorite son’s death was caused by one of your daughters and wish for HER death. You might occasionally hit your children (it’s a very controversial topic in the education world, I’ll admit), but you don’t always rub it in that their way is never going to work in the “I told you so” way [okay I know parents who do that and their progeny still turn out fine]]. Yoon Ha agrees with me, retorting that if that’s what it takes for Mother to feel better about the way she treated Yoon Ha, then she can keep thinking that way.

Ye Won was surprised to see Joon Ki and Yoon Ha still being in each other’s proximity, to which her secretary responds that “it’s hard to break up once and for all after dating”. This is why I don’t like you, Ye Won, you are not human right now, you feel no emotional attachment to anyone except your mother, because she was always emotionally distant with you, maybe your father for personal gain and your job, and it’s not even a person. You can’t even bring yourself to love your children, and there you are, lecturing about how breaking up is EASY?

Ye Won asks Middle Sister where Yoon Ha‘s safe is. She replaces Yoon Ha‘s safe and breaks it apart, taking the USB easily. Well, that’s great Yoon Ha, you have no regard for safety in your own home.

In the subsequent meeting with Joon KiYe Won gives him the case of the Jeju island hotel deal with Yoo Min, and confides in him that she cares and feels responsible about the people, since they’re the ones doing the work [we know this is a ploy, woman, you never really cared about the people, it seems, you don’t even care much about your sisters or your brother].

Ye Won timed it well and asked Yoon Ha to meet for tea, arranging it so that Yoon Ha would be uncomfortable, meeting the man she once loved. Ye Won probes on her relationship with Joon Ki, wondering if Yoon Ha‘s going back on her motto of “an eye for an eye” since she’s done nothing to hurt Joon Ki (that Ye Won knows of, seriously, do you really want to encrust yourself into your sister’s love life? Is that how it is in the business world?!) even though he’s the one who hurt her. Yoon Ha debunks this by saying that Joon Ki’s crazy ex is the one who spread the rumor and that of their own accord, Joon Ki and Yoon Ha split up for other reasons which she’s wise not to share with her sister. Afterwards, Ye Won boldly asks Yoon Ha if she’s keeping the USB safe, to which Yoon Ha confidently says she has. When Yoon Ha leaves, Ye Won and her secretary both still think that Yoon Ha and Joon Ki are together. Ye Won complains about how low of a rival Yoon Ha is to her, because she’s so naive and didn’t even know the USB was missing. Her secretary comments that’s why President/Father likes Yoon Ha more, since there’s evidence that Father has been helping Yoon Ha when the latter needed help. Ye Won twists this show of favoritism by saying that Yoon Ha probably has something on Father, which is why he’s helping her. Secretary then adds that her weakness is Joon Ki, so they can use that [they could also use Lee Ji Yi against her, but I’m glad they don’t even consider her].

After he spent the night well in the hospital, Father is informed by Mother that he’ll be discharged from the hospital the next day. Ye Won jumps on them and brings business with her – as usual, to her Mother‘s dismay – in order for her Father to recover faster if he works. It’s about that one Jeju Island case again [they’re so great at continuity and keeping to mention stuff, but will they commit? I STILL HAVEN’T HEARD A PEEP FROM HAE IN IN MANY EPISODES NOW! WAS SHE A COLLECTIVE HALLUCINATION?!], and since she’s talking about the Yoo Min group, Ye Won slyly asks Mother if a match between Yoon Ha and Chang Soo would be good. Since Yoo Min and Taejin will be trying to make a hotel together on Jeju island, and it’d be best if both groups/families communicated well, Father also urges Mother to arrange for another date between the two to see if it’ll work out, since it’ll fit their needs.

Meanwhile, Main Mistress is getting news of the President via Chief Kim (Cook), but she can’t call the President nor his Secretary Song, so she goes to the hospital herself [even going as far as bribing his guards with money in order to get inside his room]. Of course she even asks Mother if Father is okay, but Mother tells her to back off (in prettier words) and for the first time, says that Father is her husband and that it won’t change (since he doesn’t want to divorce her). You could see it as her caring for her husband, but maybe this is revenge too; Father doesn’t want her to have a Lover, so she’s going to try and scare Mistress away as retaliation? Or maybe she’s saying that for Mistress‘ own safety and well-being? This leaves Mistress upset, but Mother tells Butler Hong to instruct Secretary Song to take care of Mistress (implying she wants Mistress abroad, far away from her family).

Mother is back, since now she has to go and meet up with Chang Soo‘s mother, in order to arrange for another date between their offspring. Chang Soo’s Mother implies that lots of bad stuff has happened to Mother, so she’s surprised they were able to meet up. Mother takes this unflinching and replies that her husband will be discharged the next day and comes to the subject at hand: Chang Soo and Yoon HaChang Soo’s Mother knows that Yoon Ha and Chang Soo are close since Yoon Ha keeps calling him a lot, but she’s hesitant: Yoon Ha had been dating Joon Ki, her son’s best friend. To this, Mother says that the media made a story out of it for nothing. Chang Soo’s Mother promises to talk about it with Chang Soo, which she does almost immediately, going as far as going to his office without announcing herself.

As he’s heading home from the hospital, Father is accosted by the press and media, surrounded by his family [oh look, even So Hyeon/Middle Sister is there], and he takes his wife, Mother,’s hand for comfort, something that seems to be surprising her [but I mean, she’s been at his side for all the time he was at the hospital and has been taking the reigns for the family, arranging for Yoon Ha and Chang Soo to start dating], as well as Yoon Ha‘s hand, something that surprises both Yoon Ha and Ye WonMain Mistress sees this and is overwhelmed with feelings and shuts down the TV in shock. We discover that Joon Ki’s Mother is back to working with her it seems. Main Mistress confides in Joon Ki’s Mother that Mother has been more possessive than she’s ever been, and Joon Ki’s Mother tries to make her see the realistic side of things: that Mother has put up with Father cheating because she feared he might leave the household if she didn’t let him. Joon Ki’s Mother pities the most the household’s children, since when a mother is unhappy, the children are unhappy as well. It’s sweet that she still cares for Yoon Ha‘s feelings and well-being. Main Mistress counters with curiosity, asking why Joon Ki grew up the way he did [deceiving rich households so that he can marry into them] even though Joon Ki’s Mother was happy raising him. This surprises Joon Ki’s Mother, as she hadn’t known her son to be like that.

The moment the sisters are left alone, So Hyeon/Middle Sister jumps on the case: since when has their Mother been so affectionate with their Father? Are couples even supposed to be like that? And then when Yoon Ha left [to discover that her secret safe was hacked into or been replaced, and she discovers that her USB was taken from her – probably by Ye Won, who had taunted her about it earlier in the day], she had even more questions: Does it mean that, since Yoon Ha‘s hand was held by their Father, that the latter considers her more as an heir than he does with Ye Won?

Mother tells Father that she’s more affectionate because she discovered why she hated him so much: she wanted to be loved. And he didn’t give her that affection. She still loves him, she admits, to his dismay. She says that she won’t back down when it comes to Mistress since Father is hers (Mother’s), after all. To all of this, he just replies that she shouldn’t get her hopes up and goes to sleep [secretly, is he happy?].

Afterwards, Mother continues in her quest to straighten up the household: finding Yoon Ha as the latter discovered someone ‘broke’ into her safe, and telling her that she’s found a match in Chang Soo, whom Yoon Ha refuses (because it’ll hurt Lee Ji Yi if she accepts to be paired up with Chang Soo). Yoon Ha states that Chang Soo is dating someone who is her friend at the moment [Yoon Ha, you already know that they broke up, why are you lying to your mother about this]. Mother asks her once more why Yoon Ha has finally decided to let Mother take the reigns, to which Yoon Ha enumerates the things she thinks embarrass her. Mother then gives her a piece of advice that she herself only just discovered: love isn’t perfect; you have to work hard to turn it into pure love. Yoon Ha is surprised that her Mother is acting like a Mother for once, and her Mother agrees.

Lee Ji Yi x Chang Soo

At first, we don’t get to see whatever Chang Soo did with Lee Ji Yi after she stormed off. Instead, we see Chang Soo and his mother speak together about how she met Lee Ji Yi that morning. Of course, Chang Soo’s Mother feels comfortable with commenting on how weird/funny the girl is, and how it’s impossible for anyone to be like her. To that, Chang Soo chuckles, saying that he thought the same when he had first met her (are they implying that the Mother will also fall for Lee Ji Yi‘s charms and FINALLY accept her son’s relationship with Lee Ji Yi? Because I’m all for that). Immediately moving on when she realizes that her son is not emotionally over Lee Ji Yi (I mean, he just fondly remembered how their relationship started), Chang Soo’s Mother says that she wants him to meet with Si On again (that one girl who is way too clingy and whom he dislikes).

It’s funny how that Mother has three sons, but we’ve only ever seen two. Is the third one way too distant with his family to be mentioned earlier in the series and/or to appear? Chang Soo agrees to meet with Si On again, and makes it known to His Mother that he isn’t doing this of his own accord, but that he’s doing it because, between Lee Ji Yi and her, he had to choose her (and obviously, I have to say “had to choose” because she didn’t really give him a choice). Exhausted after even having to ‘passively fight’ in his own home, Chang Soo lies down without taking a shower or bothering to change clothes – that’s how you know the pain is real, I guess. That’s when he reveals to us what happened between Lee Ji Yi and he after they left Yoon Ha and Joon Ki on their own.

Lee Ji Yi asks him if what he wants to protect – by not being with her – is that great [he’s trying to protect you by not being with you, girl. But I guess you’re right, he’s also protecting his status as a rich boy]. She wishes him to live well in the rich neighborhood he chose over her, but he says that he doesn’t think he can without her by his side. To this, she retorts that she’s going to live well, the way that she always has even before him, and that if she succeeds that, it means that she’s going to forget (didn’t you say you never wanted to forget the time you guys spent together?! If you want to forget, it means that you regret, no? Be coherent here, girl. I know that you were in a honeymoon-like phase when you said that but… you’ve always been the most realistic one here… I’m just…), so she can get married and tell her children the story of how once upon a time, a chaebol liked her. In her tirade, she admits that she misses him, but formally tells him not to seek her out anymore, because she has to move on, since they can’t be an item ever, no matter what she does (i.e. you gotta move your butt and do something about it, Chang Soo, especially if you say yourself that you can’t live well without her. She’s been the one changing a lot of things of her routine for you, maybe it’s time for you to do the same (you can tell I side with her on this one), I mean sure, Chang Soo, you ‘changed’ yourself a little bit too). After all, can she really move on if he keeps on appearing in front of her? It’ll make her want to be with him even more.

Poor babies are heartbroken and are emotionally exhausted. Lee Ji Yi needs to move on (because if she doesn’t, she’ll be heartbroken all her life and will be hanging on to someone who’s going to be forced to move on anyway, I’m hoping that Yoon Ha can either do something about this or that she’ll back off and leave her friend alone about the matter. Cheer her up, don’t go on and force them to be in a situation together because you want them to make up or because you need their support in your war against Joon Ki, girl) and while he honestly doesn’t think that he can without her, Chang Soo is forced to meet up with a girl who’s never going to be anywhere near his heart as Lee Ji Yi was. Even though he never liked romance or stuff like that and never stooped too low as a romantic, I’ve got to hand it to Chang Soo, wow, either you’re very honest and know yourself really well, or you’re even more of a romantic than you ever cared to imagine OR – and this is very likely – Lee Ji Yi has successfully transformed you into ‘boyfriend‘ material [I mean, not that you ever really had an opposition for it, you did it because you love her, and that’s still fine by me].

Lee Ji Yi x Joon Ki
(because the writers seem to be going for that wagon again)

In her loneliness, Lee Ji Yi calls – that’s right – Joon Ki, because Yoon Ha‘s at the hospital – I’m 100% confident that it’d have been best if she’d called Yoon Ha [I want them to have bonding moment and I want Yoon Ha to understand how hurtful it is for Lee Ji Yi that Yoon Ha would without consideration invite Lee Ji Yi to dine with Chang Soo and her (I mean, Lee Ji Yi didn’t really invite Yoon Ha to eat with Joon Ki and her, right? It was just one ‘short’ elevator ride, nothing compared to having to eat and talk to your ex so fresh after the breakup)]. Since he’s taken an oath of truthfulness [and probably doesn’t want Lee Ji Yi to idolize him for being nice when he clearly isn’t (all the time)], Joon Ki admits to her that he won’t be comforting and can’t give her false hope whatsoever, to which she says that she hates those anyway, and that she feels lonely and wishes to be reborn (in order to be with Chang Soo, or are you just wishing for death so and rebirth so that you can live a life without remembering Chang Soo?).

The next day, Lee Ji Yi thanks Joon Ki for being her “emotional trash can” the day prior, to which he says there was no problem, but that her “gift” (a simple juice bottle) was a bit weak, so she offers him lunch instead. Lee Ji Yi asks Joon Ki during their lunch why he doesn’t keep pursuing Yoon Ha, since he doesn’t really deserve the way she’s treating him (Lee Ji Yi thinks Yoon Ha is going overboard because of course, if you want to make good friends, you try to make a good impression. Lee Ji Yi, it’s not good to excuse his behaviour by saying that it’s okay to lie to a person about your intentions just because you want to become friends). She tries to comfort him to thank him for comforting her in return. She confides in him that, from a regular employee point of view (from what she heard from the washroom), the company doesn’t seem to like Yoon Ha much, because it seems she abuses her powers as a higher-up (she did demand for Joon Ki to see her about something only to ditch him) and because they believe that Ye Won is more cut out to be the successor than Yoon Ha is. Lee Ji Yi continues by saying that before she’d been heart-broken by Joon Ki [even before she was even in love with Joon Ki, actually], Yoon Ha had been a hard worker with much ambition. Now, she’s lost her drive, and while she wants to help, Lee Ji Yi really can’t do much.

Chang Soo vs the World 

Sarcastically, Chang Soo thanks Si On for calling him first and aggressively saying that she’s only doing that because it’s him. Of course, she surprises him utterly by bursting into his work office, yelling “SURPRISE”. She brought him hand-made chocolate, because his mother told her that he prefers things from the heart rather than bought things [I guess because of Lee Ji Yi? Because prior to being with her, I always thought he liked store-bought rather than heartfelt gifts]. When he notes that she’s tiring and loves to fight, all she focuses on is the last note, implying that he’ll never win a battle with arguments against her. After convincing her to leave him alone by telling her to go wait for him at the cafe where they first met, he calls his Mother, informing her that this kind of match can never work, since Si On drives him crazy. Since his Mother seems to understand, he tells her to go meet Si On at the cafe, since she’s the one who created the mess in the first place.

Chang Soo’s Mother comes to see him at his office, after she met up with Yoon Ha’s Mother to arrange for a date between the two children. His Mother updates him on Si On, telling him that he was right, since she kept trying to argue with her and was driving her (Chang Soo’s Mother) crazy. She follows this up with the idea that maybe Yoon Ha and Chang Soo should be a pair, to which he disagrees, but she says that his father would really love the idea of becoming in-laws with the Taejin group. Chang Soo admits honestly that he’d rather be with Si On than with Yoon Ha, since she’s best friends with Lee Ji Yi and has been going out with Joon Ki. Not only that, but he also views her specifically more as a little sister than as a woman he could marry.

Because he was encouraged/forced by his Mother to do so, Chang Soo invites Yoon Ha to meet up so he can discuss their marriage options with her. They agree to meet up, and the two of them agree that it doesn’t make any sense for them to be together, but he has to meet up with her if it’s his Mother‘s wishes. This prompts Yoon Ha to ask him what he’s trying to protect – something Lee Ji Yi had also asked him the previous night. He says that he doesn’t even know himself, and doesn’t want to talk about her since she’s too good for someone like her, something Yoon Ha completely agrees to [click on the image, or this link, the conversation is just so hilarious!!]. To make her feel the same way he’s feeling, Chang Soo asks if they should be talking about Joon Ki instead. Chang Soo asks if they can work something out, since she’s not bad to look at, and they could have a marriage without love. He leans in to kiss her, and Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi just start to enter the restaurant at that moment [did Yoon Ha ask them to meet her there to surprise Chang Soo or to make sure that Joon Ki would abandon pursuing her]. So the episode ends with a cliffhanger as to what the characters are about to do next. Is Yoon Ha going to coldly abandon her values and her friendship with Lee Ji Yi by accepting Chang Soo as a match? Or will Joon Ki do something? Or…

I didn’t want to end it on a bad note. I don’t like the Chang Soo x Yoon Ha ship because I see them more as siblings… so let’s talk about 
Yoon Ha x Lee Ji Yi
(My true ship) 

After her talk and lunch with Joon Ki [in which she tells him more about her worries for Yoon Ha than she really does comfort him, it seems], Lee Ji Yi goes to Yoon Ha in order to deliver a few files, and Yoon Ha truthfully tells her that she had been on the phone with Chang Soo, but it had been only for business. She notes that her friend must not be comfortable with Yoon Ha contacting Chang Soo even if it’s for work. At first, Lee Ji Yi denies it, but she sincerely says that “it’s not okay”. After all, she still has feelings for him. Yoon Ha comforts her by saying that Lee Ji Yi is lucky: people love her for being her, not for her background. Her friend retorts that even so, Yoon Ha still has the love of her life, Joon Ki (I think maybe Lee Ji Yi still ships them? She still thinks that it’s possible since she knows that both of them still love each other – even though Yoon Ha is just being hurt and dramatic. Is that why she told Joon Ki about the rumors with Yoon Ha, so that he can do something?). Of course, at this stage of her heartbreak, Yoon Ha doesn’t truly believe that they were in love, she hasn’t ever since then acknowledged that Joon Ki might have feelings for her and that’s why he’s been acting truthful towards her (because she hates lies) and has been genuinely and “innocently” concerned about her well-being.

Lee Ji Yi, after telling Yoon Ha that she would try to do something to advertise the company’s products, without specifically telling her what she would do, had put pictures of cosmetics from the Taejin Cosmetics Company online and it received a lot of positive responses. She invites Joon Ki to go with her to inform Yoon Ha of the positive reactions to her post (yep, she still ships them), to which he refuses, but of course, he insists.

Alright, with my episode review done, I gotta go prepare for work which starts in an hour, but I’ll start the next episode as soon as it’s done, I promise!

I’ll see you all next week then!
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