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Title: Vixen
Season: 01
Episode: 02
Network: CWSeed
Aired: September 1rst, 2015
Watched: September 1rst, 2015

September 1rst, 2015 

Greetings dear readers!
How are you all doing? I’m doing good, I’m… mentally preparing myself for work and school… Are we ready for a shorter episode review of Vixen [I mean, let’s hope it’s not as long as the other one?]? I’m going to assume we are, so here goes! Please be warned of the spoilers.

We begin the episode where we’d left off: Mari McCabe facing off the muggers who tried to take her necklace away from her. By some stroke of luck, as she was preparing to give him the necklace, she touched the Tantu Totem (the fox shaped stone), instantaneously giving her the abilities of a gorilla, then of a lion, and then other animals (judging by the shadows she produced as she defended herself against them), giving her an advantage to take on the three attackers (only one of which had a gun, actually). The look on her face showed us that she didn’t really know what was going on [that makes sense since later on she attempted to know more about the totem] and I wonder if she didn’t let her animal instincts take her on at that point, triggered by her flight or fight situation? It sort of makes sense, given that we know Vixen didn’t always have her powers in check in the comics either, going as far as killing a person or two when she lost control of her powers.

So then, does she really summon the powers of the animals she needs to ‘impersonate’ by thinking about them, or does it just ‘come’ to her as the situation is needed? Is it only at the beginning, and then she’ll learn to have better control over the powers? Or perhaps maybe she already has some kind of skills with martial arts, I mean that jump, twirl and kick? That… was it any animal’s skills, or was it her own abilities kicking in the moment she was free and in better control of the situation? These questions are going to plague me until they’re answered, I guess…

Chuck and Mari head home, drinking coffee to calm their nerves. He offers her to stay at their home, especially since he didn’t change anything in her bedroom. These pictures of Mari growing up make me wonder just how many foster families she’s been a part of if they have so many pictures of her at different stages of her life [plus, Patty in the flashback says that the foster agency placed her with them when she was a baby], but if Chuck says that he’s a “foster-foster-foster(implied to be a lot in front of) father“. Maybe Patty passed away because of something (it can be tragic or not) and Chuck was deemed unworthy of taking care of little Mari by himself, so she was placed in another home? It’s really all speculations, but I am hoping they somehow hint to it more or cover about it later on. There’s even a flashback of her and who I assume is Patty, where crestfallen young Mari tells Patty that the girls in school bullied her for being in a foster family by teasing her about the way her biological mother had abandoned her [the way every single foster children seem to be treated by other children, or something, since it’s almost always like that in shows].

We discover that Mari had done extensive research in order to find out about her identity. Not only did we see her leave Detroit in order to find her parents (she couldn’t find them), but she even admits to the Professor or Doctor McAllister (sp?), whom she goes to see in order to find out more about her family heirloom [okay, but are they going to be an item? Because I’m going to begin shipping them, and I don’t always like doing crack ships, especially if this dude is going to sell her out, he better apologize or something later on, man] that she had read up on the Tantu totem in her childhood and learned the Anansi legend already. He provides her with the knowledge she needs even though she hadn’t thought it possible: the totem grants its wearer the ability tap into the “Ashe” (sp?), the life force of the animal kingdom.

The way he tells her about it makes me think that he probably just thinks it’s an artifact, and I don’t think he believes the abilities that they say it should have [I mean, it might be just me, here, and I don’t want a ship that I might be carrying later on in this series, where a guy would sell out his future girlfriend knowing that she’s a future superheroine (I’m not making much sense), but yeah, I think he only knows the Lady wants the necklace because it’s precious traditions, and he’s willing to get that necklace for that lady at any cost, in order to fund his research – but not death, since he seemed to care about Mari‘s well-being]? Instead of telling him more about it [and really, why would she, I mean she doesn’t know the dude], Mari leaves with a joke, that if it really had magical properties (and she knows it does), she would be able to sell it at a high price on the Internet.

When Vixen leaves, Doctor MacAllister gives a call to a Lady who seems like she’s the one who hired the thugs to take the Tantu totem away from Mari. In exchange for him delivering the totem to her, the Lady (who seems rich) will fund all of his research. She says that she wants Mari McCabe alive (for now), and in her tone, you just know that she’s going to turn out to be the villain in the series. I’m hoping it’s not another Aunt-vs-Niece situation like in the Supergirl series, because you already know what I have against this: not only is it “girl vs girl” as if Vixen can’t seem to take on a male villain, but… anyways read up on my Supergirl pilot review for my full rant on the matter. Since Dr MacAllister asked about what the Lady would do to Mari, I’m guessing he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her, so am I still free to ship it if he redeems himself?

As usual readers [meaning that I’m going to be writing this pretty often in the Vixen series’ review episodes], this series is going to be online for a very long time (I think), on CW Seed, which means that it’s completely free! Please go and watch it so that we can encourage the network/channel to give us more about Vixen. So far, this is much better than what I’ve seen in Supergirl. Women superheroes should be more present. Not only that, but this superheroine is pretty interesting compared to Supergirl in terms of her origins (since most people know Supergirl by Superman). I wouldn’t mind if Vixen were given a full cartoon show, and I also wouldn’t mind if they went Live Action in all of it. The actress is so pretty, too, that would be interesting to see her interact with Arrow and Flash and the others.

Since we have to be patient and wait for another episode in a week, let me give you some links:

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I’ll get going! Take care! 
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P.S. Someone else pointed this out either on Tumblr or in Charlie/Emergency Awesome’s video, but: Did anyone else feel like this line was a nod to the New 52? Because wouldn’t we usually say: “50 million dollar question” instead of “52”?? Unless there’s another significance to the number 52 that I don’t know of?