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August 10th, 2014

Hello everyone!
Here’s the August YouTube Recs coming at you! HUZZAH! How are you doing on this brilliant awesome sunny day (well it’s sunny from where I’m sitting)?

Fun fact which you can skip at your leisure: I saw that I had a bunch of Superhero related YouTube Channel recommendations, and I panicked, so I went on my Subscriptions and found more non-superhero related channels to post about… because that’s how obsessed with superheroes I am.

Honestly, you know that I have incredibly BAD memory, so you won’t be surprised when I say this: I don’t remember how I found out about DanIsNotOnFire. However, Dan is freaking funny!

It’s in his way to interact with the camera? Not just the “sexy hip dance” at the end which hypnotizes you (I’m being sarcastic here, I didn’t truly get hypnotized!) into clicking the subscribe button.

It’s also in the way that he shares his life stories with us [you can just RELATE to him so well!], and the way he cross-dresses to make up characters [it reminded me of Nigahiga and so many other YouTubers which I can’t remember right now (oh Superwoman, too!), so I won’t list them all, please forgive me].

He makes for a very fun YouTuber to follow and watch. I love his stories and they make me feel less… alone in my weirdness. The videos I love most (to this date) are:

  • The story of his hamster [x]
  • The time he got sunstroke [x]
  • He talks to himself (like me, I mean what?) [x]
  • How to get out of bed [x]
  • Fictional Friends [x]
  • How he’s not cool [x]
  • Only to mention a few!

All right, have a great time discovering his YouTube Channel!

I wish you farewell,
And until the next time!
See you!!