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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 14
Aired: July 21rst, 2015
Watched: September 4th-36th, 2015

September 4th-26th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
I trust this post finds you in good health! In 11 days, it’ll be Halloween!! Have you already chosen your costumes? Do you do costumes on Halloween, still [coming from a person who only really wears a costume for an anime convention]? I don’t know why I’m so focused on Halloween, I mean, it’s still a a month away, technically… Anyways, I know why you’re here (or I think I know): for Episode 14 of High Society, right? Unless you’re a poor unfortunate soul who wandered here by mistake, well, you can either read on episode one or, um… explore? If not, well, it was a pleasure to have you here!

Please be aware there might be spoilers in the lines that follow!

The Foursome (obviously)

So, of course, this is a direct continuation to the previous episode: Chang Soo is trying to kiss Yoon Ha to see if something could be working out between the two of them, despite their history and friends, just as Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi are walking in. In the previous episode, Joon Ki had seen the scene (haha, get it? “seen” the “scene”?), but Lee Ji Yi had seen nothing. Of course, being like he usually is to Lee Ji Yi, like a good, protective big brother (that’s how I see it anyway), in order not to upset Lee Ji Yi further, Joon Ki doesn’t want to let her see Chang Soo moving on with her best friend and promptly drags her back upstairs, telling her he wishes to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Chang Soo and Yoon Ha hadn’t seen the couple, coldly acknowledging that there isn’t any kind of romantic feelings going on between them (Yoon Ha and Chang Soo), since he sees her more like a little sister. Chang Soo says he had been more romantic before he’d met Lee Ji Yi, but all his “romance cells have died”. He acknowledged that he used to be a player with no feelings before he met Lee Ji Yi [dude, how can you imply that you used to have romantic cells if you used to play with girls even though you didn’t love them?! What kind of logic is that?!], but that it was difficult to go back to his old self now. To contrast what he’s said, Yoon Ha says that she used to be picky, going on dates, having a fling and then had a relationship, but it had never been as passionate as with Joon Ki. She doesn’t even know why she fell for him in the first place, other than thinking it had been ‘fate’. Chang Soo puts on his brotherly cap and informs her a lot of girls believe in fate, but that for guys, it’s a “choice” (something she remarks is what is also contrasted between Joon Ki and her). Chang Soo then further remarks that Joon Ki really did love her, and even though the intention was impure, Joon Ki‘s feelings in the process were true [something that Joon Ki had told his friend before]. Chang Soo decides to leave before Lee Ji Yi arrives, since he had decided to speak with Yoon Ha only for a little bit.

When Lee Ji Yi is informed that Chang Soo had been in the restaurant by Joon Ki (who wanted to prepare her mentally, I guess? And maybe he wants to stay truthful no matter how hurtful the truth can be? He did tell her that he wouldn’t give her false hope and I guess maybe it also extends to only mentally preparing her to what’s to come, rather than just blindly shielding her from what she could be hurt by), Lee Ji Yi decides not to go and to let Joon Ki handle the talk instead. However, Joon Ki can’t just appear and throw Yoon Ha off, even though he earnestly wants to see her, as Lee Ji Yi remarks. Together, the two of them decide to leave, but as they do, Chang Soo steps up and sees them together.

Curious as to why her friend isn’t showing up for their eating appointment, Yoon Ha calls her friend, who asks her if Chang Soo is still there, to which Yoon Ha explains that he only stopped by for a moment and left. In return for Yoon Ha‘s honesty, Lee Ji Yi replies that she arrived with Joon Ki to the restaurant, but then since Joon Ki had seen Chang Soo and Yoon Ha together, they decided to leave. Yoon Ha is shocked (mostly because she didn’t want Lee Ji Yi to have seen Chang Soo and she almost kiss, I think? After all, that could create even more misunderstanding and hurt), and when Lee Ji Yi takes that time in her shipper heart to ask if Yoon Ha wants to see Joon KiYoon Ha refuses, saying that today’s not good, after all, and that they should catch up another time (because Chang Soo suddenly came back for another drink since he’d deduced Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi wouldn’t come back). She immediately feels bad about lying to her friend [that’s right, take that guilt to your grave or until you tell her the truth, Yoon Ha].

Over drinks, Yoon Ha and Chang Soo agree that Lee Ji Yi and Joon Ki seem to be most comfortable when they’re around each other, and that no matter who the two marry, they’ll definitely be happy and live well. Chang Soo brings out Joon Ki‘s exMin Jeong, as an example of a relationship that didn’t last, however. Yoon Ha counters that Joon Ki might have matched everything with Min Jeong, but that he didn’t love her, since he would have pointed every imperfection, given his personality. However, when probed further by Chang Soo, she doesn’t know if she believes her own words. She remembers that she needs to go back to work, because, as she admits, she’s pretty bad at it, but she needs to put in the effort, since she only really got in thanks to her connections.

Meanwhile, over ramen – or other soup-like meals that I would love to try [I love meal-soups, I guess that’s because of the fact that I grew up with Phở] – Lee Ji Yi excitedly explains her social media concept to Joon Ki, who seems impressed with her idea: to show that even a Chaebol like Yoon Ha needs makeup, so with makeup, there’s no status. Everyone will use makeup. Any girl can use the same makeup as Yoon HaJoon Ki improves her idea by saying that a famous person on the internet should be uploading the picture on SNS, not just hers, and it would be better to use an animation (gif) or a video in order to market it [how do you even know all of these!!!???]. He even tells her that he can ask professionals to make that for them.

After her “date” with Chang SooYoon Ha returns to her office in order to work hard on her documents. Joon Ki, who had already planned to do some working on his own, notices that her door is there, but does not approach her. He meets with his mother to eat some kind of snack (because he was going to work late), and meet with her [she indirectly scolds him for eating ramen as dinner (oops, his mother would not like me, I like eating ramen)]. When he reveals to her that Yoon Ha is also currently in the building, working, and that on top of his own responsibilities, he decided to help her out a little bit [he’s proud of her, he mentions, because she works hard], his mother’s shipper heart jumps. She’s glad to hear that her son is kinder than the rumors about him say. When she mentions how she’d like to see Yoon HaJoon Ki says not to, since Yoon Ha is weak to his mother [gahahaha]. Joon Ki’s Mother brings a whole side of the equation that Joon Ki either had already thought of, or was trying to ignore: Mother, living such an unhappy life, wasn’t able to think about her children much (other, of course, than her eldest son) and due to this, Yoon Ha was always alone. In return for that, he lightly jokes around with her and she notices how more at ease he seems. To this, he says that his shoulders are much lighter now that he’s honest with everyone, especially since he’s been “hiding his heart from those precious to him”. Joon Ki’s Mother also mentions how she misses Chang Soo, and asks about his whereabouts [I really love how she wants her son to be with good people and isn’t shy to imply it]. To this, Joon Ki reveals that he’s hurting – lovesick?! – and that he’s maturing, so everyone hurts, and not to worry.

As soon as her son leaves, Joon Ki’s Mother calls Yoon Ha in order to eat with her [on her way down though, Yoon Ha sees Joon Ki at the elevators, so that’s either good or bad… especially since Joon Ki truthfully reveals to her that he saw Chang Soo and her close together]. He reassures her and tells her he knows that scene was nothing, but he still didn’t want Lee Ji Yi to see it. He himself knows that Chang Soo gave so much of his love to Lee Ji Yi that it’s unlikely that he could have romantic feelings for Yoon Ha.

Meanwhile, on her side of things, after Joon Ki and she left the restaurant where, haha, they ate ramen (I guess that explains why Joon Ki had to eat “soon-ish” after that moment, because everyone digests ramen pretty fast), Lee Ji Yi talks to herself as she goes home, complaining about how she bought way too many clothes (for professional reasons, she says to reassure herself, it’s an investment, after all, she went to work for a big company and she’s a full-time employee now!), unaware that Chang Soo is listening to her every word, especially when she calls him “jerk” and “bad man”. She cries a little bit, saying how it’s difficult to move on, and he also cries, because they’re going through the same. Without approaching her, Chang Soo listens and, after awhile, when he can’t take it anymore, he simply walks away.

Meanwhile, Yoon Ha excitedly goes to meet with Joon Ki’s Mother, both of them look so happy to see each other and his mother even already set the table (again), so that they could both eat [lady, what’s your husband gonna think, learning that you keep traveling around, match-making his son to this young girl he’s never met?! (he’ll probably give her a thumbs up, to be honest)]. When asked how Joon Ki’s Mother knew that Yoon Ha was in her office, she gets her answer: Joon Ki had revealed that he was proud that she was working so hard to do her job right [doesn’t this show you, Yoon Ha, that the boy still has feelings for you?! Even though he doesn’t say them outright because you don’t want to ask him the obvious question?!]. Instead of swooning, Yoon Ha simply and almost childishly glares: “why does he even care?! It’s not like she’s his child or anything, he didn’t raise her to be hard-working!” [I don’t know what I would answer to that if someone said that to me]. Yoon Ha apologized that she couldn’t contact Joon Ki’s Mother who adored her [they both adored each other, I mean, look at their cute interactions!], since they broke up, but both of them were happy that they met each other. Joon Ki’s Mother encourages her to forgive Joon Ki by using reverse psychology on her, that was hilarious. She really does ship them together.

When Chang Soo comes home after “seeing” Lee Ji Yi, we find out that he’s been drinking. A lot. His Mother rushes to his side, honestly not knowing what to do or say to her son [mostly inquiring whether or not he’s met with Yoon Ha, to which he answers with an angry and annoyed wave. Her insistence afterwards makes his heart even more ache]. The moment that he begins wrecking his home office, in anger, she rushes in, asking what’s wrong, and he answers with not knowing what he is feeling. He honestly doesn’t feel like he can go on living, that he’s having a really hard time, which hurts her in turn, because she doesn’t want to see him that way. He confesses that he thought he could do it: he could marry a woman he doesn’t love, but he can’t. He doesn’t feel like he can live. She guesses right: the cause of his heartache is Lee Ji Yi‘s absence in his life. When asked if he “likes” her that much, Chang Soo responds negatively: he loves her [of course there’s a difference, and I feel like someone like Chang Soo wouldn’t use that term carelessly, either]. That silent sigh of hers when he utters those words make me wonder if she’s going to break and let her son have Lee Ji Yi, or if she’ll not break and continue to make him feel that way before she truly relents. Maybe she thinks that this is a ploy of his, to get her to accept Lee Ji Yi, or maybe that sigh is more like: “I told him to be careful, not to fall in love with silly bumpkin girls, but no, he wouldn’t listen, and now, I’ll be the one that the other rich families talk about: one who let her rich son marry poor… what a scandal…“.

On her side, after a rough thirty minutes (or something) of work where she probably got nothing done, Yoon Ha stretches her leg a little bit, only to discover a “cheer given only to Jang Yoon Ha by Joon Ki” (boy works very hard to earn her trust and love again, I like that, but you’ll have to work harder), in the form of the juice that he knows she likes (from that one time when she slept over and they went to buy underwear for her or something, I’m kidding, but I hope he was considerate enough but then again, wouldn’t that be a little bit creepy that he remembers?!). When she attempts to return the gift, Joon Ki chooses to ignore that, giving her instead a list of phone numbers from people in charge, whom she can call in order to find out more things for her work. However, he doesn’t do it for free: she has to accept his gift [hahaha, I like that, wait, what? Hahaha]. As she drinks her as ‘punishment’, he bestows upon her advice: she has to listen well in the beginning in order to learn, and she has to learn, by showing her human side [which is something she hired Lee Ji Yi for, because she is “relatable”, remember?], to optimize everyone in her team’s skills. In exchange for her opening up a little (by talking about his mother), Joon Ki admits that he had been wrong in using her feelings for him in order to climb up the ladder. Notice how he never really apologized for doing that with Chang Soo nor with her before. He himself is learning! She also admits that she acted childish (hell yeah you did, and he’s still wooing you like nothing happened, girl! He’s a keeper!). They banter a little bit [he uses euphemism to say that she’s easily deceivable, and that he sort of manipulated her to get her to admit she acted childish, to which she says that he’s talking back to her only because she allows it. Isn’t that a bit childish, girl?! I guess that’s a part of her charm], where it really shows that he’s trying to show to her his real personality.

In order to clear their minds a little bit, the two of them choose to go on a walk. To fill in the silence – she’s probably still trying to repay him for giving her the phone numbers, but she’s not gonna talk to him as much? – Joon Ki talks more about himself, I guess, again, so that she can learn his real self more. She adds on to him saying that he likes walks in places that have clean air, she says that she had always wanted a simple life, and would never have minded walking in a quiet park with children [okay but children bring the noise to a quiet park though, you need to get out more and learn these common knowledge things]. She doesn’t understand why it’s so difficult for her to lead an ordinary life. To this, he contrasts by saying that he was never interested in a simple life [are the writers trying to show us that they both want different things from this life and are not meant to be together?!]. Since he wants to hold hands, he asks her frankly if she wants to hold hands with him, outwardly saying: “it’s a technique”. I guess it’s a gentle jab at her wanting him to be honest and wanting to know the motives behind his actions [as a bystander, I appreciate, haha]. She refuses, so he continues the banter, to which she says that she’s still not forgiven him, but they communicated “with their bodies often, and they’re familiar with each other, so that’s why bantering comes easily” [WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR BODIES?! I DON’T GET IT!! YOU GUYS HUGGED LIKE ONCE?! AND KISSED WHAT?! NOT ENOUGH MAN, NOT ENOUGH STAHP THIS].

After an unhealthy night of sleeping in his business clothes from the day before, Chang Soo’s Mother fusses over him, saying that she won’t argue about him having to meet other girls now, and that he shouldn’t skip meals because he’s depressed over her pressuring him. To this, Chang Soo says that he won’t marry and that he’ll stay with her forever [this scares her, haha].

The sisterhood comes back together, as Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha meet up so that Lee Ji Yi can talk about her secret project, and so that Yoon Ha could apologize to her friend that she was meeting with Chang Soo without telling her. FINALLY. Before that, though, they sneak in a discussion about their love lives [CAN THEY SPEND ONE DAY WITHOUT TALKING TO EACH OTHER ABOUT THEIR LOVE LIVES AND MORE ABOUT OTHER LIVES?!], about how, despite being rich, Chang Soo and Yoon Ha are “losers of love” [and, as Lee Ji Yi states, they both look comfortable around each other, so technically, they should match], whereas Joon Ki and Lee Ji Yi are “losers of money” [for Yoon Ha, the two of them match, because they also feel like they’re very comfortable around each other], as in they’re “money’s b*tch” (did I use that expression correctly?). Lee Ji Yi wonders if she liked Chang Soo for his rude behavior due to him being rich. Her blatant analogy, saying as though she came to like Chang Soo because he was ‘rich’ and now wonders if her love for him, even though it started that way, was a lie, is edging her friend to reconsider her position towards Joon Ki (obviously, because, like Joon Ki’s motherLee Ji Yi is a captain of the JoonKixYoonHa ship). The idea of makeup being the same for both a chaebol’s daughter and a “commoner” is a great one, and Yoon Ha doesn’t decide yet, marveling at her friend’s abilities to think about such marketing idea in order to be useful to her.

After his meeting with Ye WonJoon Ki crosses paths with Yoon Ha and they continue to text each other as they go their separate ways [I guess that’s because they don’t want people to see them together ever since that one scandal of them going out, especially since Ye Won could and would use Joon Ki against Yoon Ha], talking about how they should make that video for marketing the cosmetics/makeup department. I really liked the shot of them doing that. As she walks away to her meetings/appointments, Yoon Ha realizes how she misses her happy self from when she was in fake-love. I miss her too, but then again, if she’s gonna make these faces and be naive, I dunno if I will, but I like it when she’s happy around Lee Ji Yi like in this moment from that one episode [I mean, I just like her smile much better from there].

Chang Soo and Joon Ki agree to meet up together, and the only reason why Chang Soo decided to come over to Taejin Company‘s cafeteria is somewhat because he wanted to see Joon Ki and talk to him, and more – probably – because he wants an excuse to run into Lee Ji Yi. True to his new philosophy of life – to be honest with his friends – Joon Ki tells his best friend that the least he could do – especially since he invited Joon Ki to eat out, is eat, even if he hasn’t been eating well lately – probably due to being depressed over Lee Ji Yi. I think that Joon Ki knows that it’s hard for his friend, and that Chang Soo is likely to have been going through depression, so he wants his friend to eat. I like to think that he doesn’t mind guilting his friend into becoming healthy by poking him at being angry at him. That sort of makes sense to me anyway. This is the second time that Joon Ki apologizes in one episode, but I like that it proves to us that Joon Ki has grown in his own way. Chang Soo really just wanted to know if Lee Ji Yi was well and was being well received by the other workers [I bet he feels well that his best friend is there to help her out if she ever needs any help, and also that Lee Ji Yi has Yoon Ha with her. What a parallel to Joon Ki and Yoon Ha texting each other as they walked from different floors, we even see these two walking from different floors as well, except that Lee Ji Yi is obviously stalking an unknowing Chang Soo].

In Politics – land…

The new secretary comes to reveal to Ye Won that there’s news on the Vice President case. From the way he says it, it really does seem like Ye Won bribed it so that the news would come to her faster than it would to her own parents. Vice President may be alive [well this means that he either escaped someone’s attempt at killing him – right, Ye Won?! Right?! Right?! Or he simply orchestrated his own death]. Meanwhile, Mother is learning the same news from Butler Hong as she attempts to schedule the breakfast/dinner so that every family member can attend, instructing Cook to make the recipe well, or else the Father will not eat (she really does care?!)Mother can’t believe the news: her own son would put a wedge into their family’s reputation, put the whole family into the state of depression (her especially), just so he could disappear and lead a better, simpler life?! Unthinkable [except that I sort of predicted that]!

The next day, everyone – except Vice President – is eating together at the dining table. It’s probably breakfast, and Father already has announcements to make. He talks a little bit about Vice President‘s death, before moving on to something that Ye Won takes to heart the most: the idea of succession. He places Ye Won as sole successor to the company [of course, that’s exactly what she wants to hear], tells So Hyeon (sp?) to stay the same [I guess mostly because either she doesn’t do a good job but it could be worse so he doesn’t want her to do worse, or because she’s not at all useful to him and never has been whatsoever, at least Yoon Ha was used for her public image as a part-timer and Ye Won is the successor… but nevertheless, that particular scene was hilarious because it looked like she was also expecting some kind of a raise in position] and admonishes Yoon Ha for not doing a better job at the company [because he had to help her? Or because he wants to show his bad parenting side in front of the others but be a soft and indulging father to her whenever she needs help anyway? I mean let’s remember together his hilarious facial expressions when he’s with her]. This scolding of course doesn’t go unnoticed from Ye Won, who probably secretly revels in it.

Father also comes to learn that it’s possible that Vice President got a fake passport from the Philippines and became someone else after faking his own accident [after a night’s rest, he eventually decides to having a proper investigation being conducted to find out. Meanwhile, Mother can’t believe her son would willingly leave them behind like that]. Father remembers how, after the cosmetics department – Ye Won‘s – scandal, Vice President had started to act strange and agrees that perhaps it’s possible that his own son could’ve left the way he did. After all, Vice President had gathered all the evidence and was prepared to give that to the opposing side until Ye Won, and indirectly, Father, stopped him [she had already known about the USB stick, coming to his hotel room to claim it, so that means that when she saw the USB stick in Yoon Ha‘s hands, it must have been clear to her what she needed to do]. Ye Won hated her little brother for treating the title of ‘heir’ so lightly, claiming that he never wanted it, but he has it (I guess I can understand that reasoning; he doesn’t deserve all the things he was born with, especially since she worked so hard for it), and doesn’t want to give it to her, since it was given to him.

As she’s having a flashback, Yoon Ha congratulates her and confronts her about stealing the USB stick from her. Ye Won slightly scolds her for missing so many details, and asks her little sister how it’s like, to live in the real world now, compared to having to hide the fact that she was a part-timer (and being one). Yoon Ha is miffed by that but confidently says that tomorrow is another day, and that she learns [thanks to Joon Ki, her secret agent]. Ye Won then implies that she really did hire Joon Ki because of his connection to Yoon Ha by saying that if Joon Ki hadn’t been even slightly related to Yoon Ha (as in they had a relationship), she would’ve supported him for real. Yoon Ha warns her to be fair to Joon Ki by treating him the same way she would with other employees. This surprises Ye Won, as she thought Yoon Ha wouldn’t care about him. You gotta be more careful, Yoon Ha, or else, your sister will find out about your feelings for him!! AGAIN! When being asked whether or not she worries or cares about if Vice President comes back due to a “voluntary disappearance act”, she laughs and says that she’s already won [I don’t know about that, man, what if he had been doing something against you all that while?].

Main Mistress receives a visit from Butler Hong, who gives her papers giving her an alternative life so that she can be out of Father‘s way and so he can focus on their family. Main Mistress refuses, but is upset that Father will not budge and doesn’t seem to care about her being disposed of [we are shown that he doesn’t want to promise that he won’t intervene on his mistress’ behalf, a bit later]. She demands better treatment than that. No one in the household seems to want to help her anymore.

After his whole day of moping and being rejected by his best friend – because the latter had work which he couldn’t skip since he doesn’t work under him anymore – and by not being with the love of his life, Chang Soo spent the whole day drinking again, coming home completely wasted. This worries his mother even more, especially since he’s been drinking so much and not eating much whatsoever during his days. She realizes that Lee Ji Yi being gone is really affecting him.

For a second time in a few episodes, Mother shows proper motherhood to Yoon Ha, I’m so happy. She comforts Yoon Ha when her youngest daughter is feeling at the lowest point, breaking down and wishing to die [I guess this is the only time when Yoon Ha has admitted to her mother that she has thought about dying or wishing to have a normal life, wanting to be loved by others – especially by her mother]. Mother finally realizes that she’s been mistreating her daughter to the point that Yoon Ha believes her existence is cursed, that whomever she loves will leave her, and that she brings bad luck to the people who are around her, that no one can love her since her mother herself doesn’t love her. I guess she also comes to the realization that she’s said bad stuff to her daughter when Vice President died [like how Vice President wasn’t supposed to die, and that Yoon Ha somehow killed him], even though she doesn’t remember her words (no flashback to show it anyway). She attempts to soothe her daughter by saying that Vice President could be alive and that the accident wasn’t her fault.

The episode could have ended with a great pan out and a contrast and comparison between the two Chaebol families in the story: the two mothers (the first, not caring as much for her daughter in the beginning but then learning just how her mistreatment affected Yoon Ha, while the second, caring so much for her child that she interfered with his love life and made Chang Soo unhappy to the point where he would drink, miss work (probably) and forget eating) caring for their respective children and making sure that they slept properly [I am sad that we don’t get to see Lee Ji Yi’s mother. I mean, after all, we do get to see Joon Ki’s Mother, so why not?!]. I would have liked it if this was the way they ended this episode. I mean, I don’t like that the problems haven’t resolved yet, but that will come in two episodes. It’s nice to see that not only the children have been maturing, but the parents themselves have been shown to improve their characters and learn from their actions, as well.

Last Scenes… 

The next day, as Lee Ji Yi is going to work, Chang Soo’s Mother calls her with a resolute face. Meanwhile, Joon Ki leaves a snack for Yoon Ha with a note, that he’s not nice to just anyone.

Mother realizes that Vice President was indeed laying low and living a different life, whereas Father inquires to see where he’s been living. The news is so much for him [after all, let’s think this through: after declaring him as dead, how can they restore him to his rightful place within the company?! How can the HIGH SOCIETY accept him now that they’re finally over their mourning period (HEY WHERE’S HAE IN IN ALL THIS?!?!)] that he has another heart attack or a heart failure or just what we call a malaise. I liked that Mother called him “Honey” as she rushed to his side. Is it just me?

Meanwhile, as Yoon Ha was having fun in the sun, Joon Ki uses another “technique”, by shielding her from the sun with his hand [okay that was actually pretty sweet of him, and he looked so proud of himself too]. Not only that but we seem to go full circle because, as he talks to her [asking about how she enjoyed the sandwich, and how she didn’t have any manners since she didn’t thank him immediately for it], he walks backwards – something she’d done to him before – and stumbles, causing her to panic for him (something he’s also done for her before, HOW IRONIC). The look on his face when he realizes that she cares about him is priceless. He’s so happy it made me squee, and temporarily forget that I wasn’t happy with him.

Finally, choosing to end it with a cliffhanger – as usual – the writers make Yoon Ha receive a call from Butler Hong, informing her that her father has relapsed again. To this, Joon Ki grabs her hand and they hurry to the hospital. Think this through, guys. If someone sees you together as you come to the hospital on her father’s potential deathbedside, they’ll think you guys are back together! And then there will be MORE trouble for both of you! THINK ABOUT IT JOON KI! THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU JUMP HEAD FIRST LIKE THAT.

I’ll see you all next week!
There’s only two more episodes after this!
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