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Title: Vixen
Season: 01
Episode: 03
Network: CWSeed
Aired: September 8th, 2015
Watched: September 8th, 2015

September 8th, 2015 

Greetings, everyone!
How are you all doing? I just finished work when I realized tonight was Vixen night, so I got online and went to watch the series! Oh man, oh man, what an episode we have here! Let’s start our review with the usual spoilers warning! [ok you’ve been warned]

Where was the last time we left Mari McCabe? As she headed back home after seeing Professor McAllister (sp?) who presumably unintentionally revealed to her the secrets of her the Anansi totem that her parents had left for her. And of course, discovering that he might be working for/with a lady who wants the totem so badly she hired thugs to get it.

She immediately goes home to Chuck, revealing to him what she learned from it: this means that she trusts him enough to tell him these things – more than she does with Prof. McAllister, right [additionally, can I just say that I appreciate A LOT that he doesn’t say outright that he thinks she’s crazy, but that the idea is crazy? How awesome and supportive is that!?]? Not only that, but she displays her abilities – first using the strength of an elephant, then the wall-crawling abilities of a spider, and then attempting to fly with the wings of an eagle [she stopped at the last minute, and I wonder if heights is a problem with her, like she has some kind of block because something traumatic happened to her before she was shipped into the foster system, or after Patty died]. At any rate, this inability to fly – as of now anyway – makes you think about her character in the Justice League cartoon show never showing that ability to fly in the show. As of what I remember anyway.

Meanwhile, in Central City, where Flash – Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon are, the duo are talking. The former is looking for a USB stick that was extremely important while the latter talks about how Felicity Smoak (from the Arrow universe) gave him a software which he modified in order to be able to sight more metahumans. Cisco mentions how their first sighting of a meta-human – which he chooses to call Vixen because, let’s be honest, she looks really good – like a fox – is outside of Central City [and he says that it might have been a better idea if she’d shown up in Coast City, which is a direct reference to where Green Lantern’s city is… so many nods! I love it] – because Mari McCabe does say that she was at Central City a few months back and she knows the kinds of crazy things that often happen nowadays. Barry Allen decides to bring in Oliver Queen, instead of Cisco, in order to talk to her [I guess I have to watch The Flash in order to understand exactly what they’re doing [and I must say that this series is making me want to watch The Flash even more]. I’m piecing things together that it might be a “Powers = Responsibilities” kind of talk or a “we’re the police for metahumans, don’t even think of using your powers selfishly. We’ll know” or the “Hey, wanna hang? We’re supes also! We can make a team! We even have a codename for you already! You can design your own costume though”].

I’m just going to go on a tangent here, but what gives with Cisco‘s appearance in the show, exactly? Hey, when I draw a person, my drawing 100% does NOT look like the person that I drew out, but I don’t claim to be a professional (I don’t, I promise), but I do try my best. I’m not sure if they tried their best to make Cisco look the way I perceive Cisco [from what I’ve seen anyway]. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t seen The Flash so I don’t know, but to me, Cisco is sort of the cute geeky and lanky dude. How does he look so buff in this episode? And why does he need such a tan? Is it normal that he’s sort of the same color-skin as Barry?! I mean, you go and be the judge, I just feel like they could’ve darkened the skin tone a little bit more. Maybe I’m being nit-picky here, too [I mean, I love Phil Bourassa‘s character designs and all that, but, please, why. Explain], but yeah…

Mari McCabe tells Chuck that her Anansi totem might be the key to lead her to answers about who she is, the search for an identity that she’s been going through for the past few months/years. Then, as they continue their discussion, Chuck has to open the door to someone – or rather, some ones – who, he remarks, are coming to look for her. The moment she sees Arrow and The FlashMari activates the speed of a cheetah and runs away immediately. I wonder if this means that she’s encountered them or that she’s heard what other people have heard of them during her time in Central City [I really have to watch the series in order to understand, hahaha, but when will I find the time, is the question…]. This basically means that, while it might have taken 3 episodes (of about 5.5 minutes each), we’ve done a loop to the beginning of the first episode. At the end of this one, Flash and Arrow are chasing after Mari, and in this one, Mari is shown running away from them.

I’m guessing that she’ll activate that flight abilities of hers and will be able to fly away – but then the Lady comes or even saves her [either from the fall or the superheroes], who knows? And she convinces Mari to befriend her and/or to give her the Anansi totem. Now, what are we going as: the totem grants her the power or the totem is a locus for her to use in order to center and focus her transformation power without losing herself in the process of changing [I also wonder what her dad’s going to do now]? There are so many questions, I’m really hoping this series is interesting enough for you to go check it out!

Until the next week, here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video review of this episode. Let me know: do you think I’m the only one thinking that Cisco‘s color change was a bit weird? And do you think they’ll be able to pick up a full live-action/animated show about Vixen? I’d also love to see her appear on Flash or Arrow, that’d be pretty neat!

All right, I’m pretty tired,
and I’m still not used to the school schedule,
So I’m going to get going now!
See you all next week and take care!
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