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Title: Paperama
Links: Google Play and Apple Store
Discovered: February 4th, 2015

February 5th, 2015

Hello there everybody!
How are you all doing today? So, today’s 24th day of the month post will be fairly short and simple: this is a game that I found out via Domics, whom you might know or not know (I think I scheduled a post about him awhile back, too, but if you don’t know him, definitely check out his stuff!). I should probably say now – and it’s pretty late for the others – that unfortunately, I’m not being sponsored by any of the game companies that release these games… I just want more friends who play it so I can get help or help out, haha.

So last night before going to sleep, depressed about my failing internship, I scrolled down my tweeting feeds and I found this particular Tweet from yours truly: Domics. It intrigued me and he revealed to us the name of the game: PAPERAMA. Immediately, I got a hold of it on Nessie (see Pokedex) and I started playing.

So basically, this game is all about folding paper. You’re right, it sounds lame, but with a limit of folds that you can make to complete the desired shame, the challenge becomes extreme! At first, it was all really easy, and I thought I wouldn’t need hints, but I collected them anyway, and that was good, because soon thereafter, I have used one of the few I had. Yep, it’s pretty tough – maybe I didn’t have any patience, either, to be fair. But yeah, nowadays, this is the game that I feel I’ll be obsessed about for awhile.

If you want to watch someone play the game, I suggest you try out: lonniedos‘s video about it! Here’s a link to it. He’s really quite hilarious!

imageAll right, well I’m sorry for the short post, here’s a heart because February Posts make me think of Valentine’s Day,
See you all very soon
And take good care of each other!