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Title: High Society [Wikipedia, Asian Wiki, Drama Wiki, Korean Drama]
Episode: 15
Aired: July 27th, 2015
Watched: September 28th, 2015

September 28th, 2015

How are you all doing? School started, la-di-da-da-da, and I’m swamped, but I gotta persevere, as we all should, right? And even then, we need our break, so, while I’m in one, I’m bravely continuing the series again, even though I’ve no idea how they’ll cram all the series’ resolution into this episode and the next – for the finale… Let’s… hope for the best? Please note, as per usual, that there will be spoilers in this episode review/thoughts/thing.

Joon Ki x Yoon Ha 

The last episode left us off at that moment when Butler Hong interrupted an otherwise almost pleasant moment between Joon Ki and Yoon Ha to inform to her that her father had another collapse, and Joon Ki grabbing Yoon Ha‘s hand as they run towards the nearest and fastest way of transportation there: his car. After she thanks him for the ride, Yoon Ha tells him that he shouldn’t waste his time to “look good” for her, since she already knows his bad side, I guess. He counters this by saying that it’s not like he’s forcing himself: he’s doing what he wants [secretly, I guess this might be something she wants to hear, since she’s been under the impression that he’s been forcing himself to be this other person just to please her, and she doesn’t like that kind of phoney person]. After a heart-wrenching (for Joon Ki anyway) speech about how she’s erased him from her heart and her time [especially since her FATHER is dying, after all, I didn’t think she’d waste time on this dude…], they once again re-state their beliefs on love: she believed that love was so strong that it could help her deal with her reality, whereas he knew that it could, but chose not to live with love (and he doesn’t say this, because dramas always equal miscommunication, as does real life, actually, but now he wants to believe in it and he wants to live with love, because he loves her despite her bad side and despite her impulsive self). Don’t get me wrong, I guess it’s been awhile since they’ve said it to each other, but I do remember a certain RAIN SCENE in which she said basically almost the same thing.

When it’s revealed to her that she can get recognition and thus be closer to acquire Ye Won‘s spot (ironically, revealed to her by Ye Won, but that’s just proof that Ye Won doesn’t think that Yoon Ha can achieve that goal), Yoon Ha thinks back to the idea that Lee Ji Yi had, which is to use her image (Yoon Ha‘s) in order to sell makeup, since it’s already had a pretty good response on SNS. She meets up with Joon Ki once again in order to discuss maybe making a video [she reveals to him that she now wants the higher position [I think I detected a smirk of pride: the girl he likes is aiming higher than she had previously: SUCCESS!] and he agrees to help her, fully understanding what this entails: he will have to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to gain even more media sensation; and he’ll do that, even though he knows that Ye Won will be mad and probably use him against Ye Won] in order to break sale records that Ye Won set, so that their Father will realize that she’s better suited for the job of President/Vice President. Joon Ki does his job well, because the very next day, he already handed to her a USB stick with the video which she can post to her SNS. Not only that, but he assures her that, as long as she knows he can do it, she can ask him to do anything to help her [he’s like a student who’s eager to make up for his mistake by being perfect, and he even admits that he likes being plainly honest, for a change].

As the popularity of Yoon Ha‘s social media increases, the more and more promotional interviews and all she’s been asked to do, and they’re all seemingly handled by Joon Ki on the side, since he asks her for her availability to do those [ok there was only one]. He praises her that she’s accepted a female beauty show appearance, it will have a lot of appeal, and thus, have a lot of good effect on their product sales. Yoon Ha praises Joon Ki’s Father for texting him despite everything that happened. Yoon Ha also playfully tells him to be careful since Chang Soo got hit by her brother because he was mean to her, so maybe her brother will punch Joon Ki for being mean to her.

Yoon Ha makes her appearance on television for the first time, and she puts on her naive/cute self, from when she was completely love sick with Joon Ki, and the people really seemed to be liking that persona [I wonder if it’s easy for her to slip into it, doesn’t that mean that she’s never fully thrown that side of her out? Also, the fact that they split up doesn’t seem to have been a media covered thing, so doesn’t that mean that in the eyes of the public, she’s still going out with him?]. Meanwhile, Joon Ki officially resigned from Ye Won‘s office [I guess being stuck between choosing the love of his life – at least until another one with more spunk and more forgiving comes along – and the boss who could cherish him and help him build a decent career for himself was too much for him to handle and he had to call it quits – but not before giving as much help as Yoon Ha could ever need. I wonder what he’ll do now. Will he help her from the shadows? Where will he find a job? Will Chang SOo hire him again since now they both love each other?], something which Ye Won revealed immediately to her sister who, before she remembers that she can contact him through his cellphone, runs after him in a desperate attempt to stop him from leaving her [Ye Won, after all, attributes Yoon Ha‘s abilities to increase her numbers to Joon Ki‘s own abilities, so she won’t acknowledge her sister’s skills. I wonder if this is also something Yoon Ha acknowledges, that she needs Joon Ki in order to progress on the path that she’s chosen].

It’s pretty ironic that we started the episode with them and now we end on such a dramatic scene from them.


After her ‘serious’ talk rejecting Joon Ki for the umpteenth time… Yoon Ha arrives at the hospital and discovers that while their father is there, even family is not allowed to visit. Ye Won thinks something serious has happened, whereas Se Hyeon (Middle Sister) is wondering where their Mother might be.

It is revealed to us what happened for Father to have a stroke: Butler Hong (and his own butler whose name I never caught) told the couple that Vice President was indeed alive but that, while they tried to contact him, he rejected all of them. Mother and Father show their differing points of view: the former believing that it’s better that VP be alive and going crazy, than being crazy, which is the latter’s opinion. When Mother suggests that she fake a heart attack as well, in order to bring her loving son out of his hiding place, Father refuses. Together, they hatch a plan of not allowing families in, and waiting for Vice President to make his comeback [somehow, Ye Won‘s secretary got wind of this and revealed that to her as well].

Over a cup of ice tea, Ye Won and Yoon Ha discuss. For the first time, Yoon Ha inquires about her big sister’s real life, and gets some answers, all the while revealing to Ye Won that she’d always believed that everyone in their family was happy except for her, that she’d been suffering from their Mother‘s wrath all this time. The big sister reveals that she doesn’t care what Vice President‘s next move will be: whether he goes further into hiding or comes out of hiding [since she already knows that he’s screwed no matter what]. Rather than let her sister believe she’s won, Yoon Ha insults her: saying that their Father had groomed Ye Won to be a person who will help her siblings grow up as better adults by being “a poison” to them. After all, Yoon Ha reveals that she wishes to achieve and will acquire the position that Ye Won now possesses in the company [Ye Won had already predicted that, I’m pretty sure].

The news media is being used to announce that it’s been a month since Father was first hospitalized for his first heart condition (back at Main Mistress‘s place, oh hey, what happened to her?! are they just gonna forget she exists? Just like they forgot about Hae In?!?!?!??!?!?!), and it is heavily implied that they’re watching to see if Ye Won will take the Presidency due to this.

Despite Ye Won‘s beliefs, Vice President has returned, only greeted at the airport by Butler Hong. They even have a story for his official comeback: VP had a temporary memory loss after his accident, which is why he only came home after a moment. To his return, Mother is the most shocked, because she never thought it possible for him to do something like that to her and to them. She cannot wrap her mind around the idea that he abandoned her, and she’s so upset, and yet, he brings her the truth: “no matter how much a parent loves their child, they do not love them as much as they love themselves”. So the parents love themselves a lot, and he should know since he’s one [oh hey, nice Hae In plug that you did there WITHOUT MENTIONING HER NAME], and Vice President felt like he didn’t have any choice but to do what he did, because his Father‘s views and his own were so differing. Mother is still angry and upset as she realizes that she’s been wasting her life trying to make him happy when she should’ve worked on herself [okay but lady, you aren’t saying the right words: “My love for you was weird, odd, too protective, maybe incestuous and very unhealthy for both of us. Thank god you’re not as spoiled as that Chang Soo kid was”].

Main Mistress begins to bombard Butler Hong with questions about Father‘s health and is refused answers. She’s shocked at this, but really, lady, who can blame him?! Do you remember how you slapped him haughtily for speaking to you in a manner you deemed impolite?!? Well I do remember and I say: GO BUTLER HONG! YOU DO YOU! She invites Joon Ki’s Mom to chat a little bit, and she admits that she would like to improve her lifestyle, that she’ll make a new life, and implies that Joon Ki’s Mother will be out of job.

Oh my goodness. The moment he got back, he came into the office, surprising everyone in the building. Instead of going to see FatherVice President goes directly to his old office, where Ye Won has been sitting – I mean she did take his position after all. He implies that while he was on “vacation”, he actually kept tab on everything that has been occurring around Ye Won and the company (maybe Ye Won‘s secretary was his spy?!), and says that she only selectively chooses what she wishes to see, and that she’s underestimating Yoon Ha [uh oh, what will he do when he realizes Yoon Ha lost the USB stick?!]. Before going to see their FatherVice President‘s next visit is intended for Yoon Ha, which could be sweeter if he’d chosen to go see her before going to see Ye Won and rattle her, but beggars can’t be choosers. On his way there, he meets Joon Ki, because out of all the company’s employees, he had to single out the most good looking out of the bunch to ask for directions. I like that Vice President knew about Joon Ki, that’s a much better explanation, and that Joon Ki was honest: they’re not dating anymore. She was so busy though, that Vice President had to go see Father after all. Father is obviously even more upset and angry at Vice President than Mother was. In order to get Father on his side, Vice President pulls out several trump cards: he has holdings in many places, using his own money, and he will be able to get the places that his father wants their products to be in much faster than Yoon Ha or Ye Won (more Ye won, I’m sure). Father is not impressed and Vice President promises that this is a new war, that it won’t be the same as before and he won’t comply to his Father‘s wishes.

While Yoon Ha has been busy planning for the advertisements, Ye Won has noted to her that she’s been slacking on the whole Super Market thing. Ye Won then implies that she can fire Joon Ki, but then Yoon Ha counters that she can just take Joon Ki if Ye Won fires him, and that it wouldn’t do good to Ye Won‘s overall standing in the company’s eyes. Ye Won even implied to Joon Ki that she might fire him, too. When asked to assimilate Yoon Ha‘s team, Joon Ki idles by and deliberately doesn’t do it and he explains it to her: Yoon Ha isn’t someone who will threaten Ye WonYe Won gives him an ultimatum to do as she’s asked, since she wants him to succeed, and openly declares this as a test. Joon Ki is then faced with the decision of staying by Yoon Ha‘s side as she’d asked, or to betray her and stay by Ye Won‘s, since Ye Won had asked him to.

Lee Ji Yi x Chang Soo 

Lee Ji Yi, as we’ve established in the previous episode, was contacted by Chang Soo‘s Mother, who wants to meet up with her. It’s revealed that she finally caved in by giving Lee Ji Yi permission to date her son – but not marry, something which Lee Ji Yi notes when she refuses. However, Lee Ji Yi sticks to her values and is consistent (I like that in a person), stating that she won’t date a guy whose parents won’t approve of her, won’t approve of their marriage either. To this Chang Soo‘s Mother can either take it as a compliment, that Lee Ji Yi is constant, or be outraged that it seems like Lee Ji Yi wishes to marry Chang Soo in order to leech off his money [I don’t want her to think of Lee Ji Yi as one, but I can’t help but remember this quote of hers. Please be swayed by Lee Ji Yi‘s positivism!!].

Chang Soo’s Mother reported that to her son, saying that “Lee Ji Yi is backing off for [his] happiness” [maybe she thought that he would take the hint and leave his depressive state behind and return to being the aloof son he’s always been, maybe she just wants one son to baby around since she never really talks to her other sons, and she feels like now that he’s mature, he might turn out like his brothers and ignore her]. To this, Chang Soo gets up and gives it up to her: he doesn’t want to look like someone who takes orders from his Mother, not anymore, and so, he wishes for her to stop meddling in his love affairs. He mentions how she is always guarded around “poorer” people, and that it’s no way to live, since she has to be so suspicious of everyone around her. This appalls her, but she sees it his way. He promises to become her guardian since he’s maturing, this calms her down a little bit, but now, he seems much more at ease: he will be pursuing Lee Ji Yi freely now.

After awhile, Lee Ji Yi receives a text from Chang Soo, asking for them to meet up, and he wants to show her that he doesn’t have jerk manners so he wants to meet them face to face. Unlike her bubbly manner in which she went out to meet him as he drove his red car by in previous episodes, she’s much more reluctant, which is something I think Chang Soo noted. She tortures him [it would be great to know if she chose that place on purpose or not, but our Lee Ji Yi probably did, since she used the comfort that she feels in that restaurant vs the discomfort he feels at the same restaurant as a metaphor for the way they would live their lives if they continued to be together. The situation would make one of them comfortable and the other, uncomfortable] by making him go to a restaurant that serves what I think is chicken feet [with soju], and their love affair continues. It’s hilarious but then they went to business: he apologized that he couldn’t control his Mother and that Lee Ji Yi had to deal with it alone. She brings up the fact that she doesn’t want him to be unhappy because he chose to be with her, and that she wants them to be realistic, love is just hormones anyway.

Because Lee Ji Yi is now so money hungry [that’s in his opinion, anyway, he doesn’t see the hard work she pulls into everything she does, like Yoon Ha does!!!] and doesn’t want love and men (specifically, him) anymore, Chang Soo calls Yoon Ha to ask her to fire Lee Ji Yi, since she only cares about gathering money. To this, Yoon Ha‘s rebuttal was the greatest, implying that he’s crazy/useless/pathetic by doing that, and hangs up on him [if you recall, he sort of treated her the same way when she started talking about getting revenge on Joon Ki for betraying her feelings, so this is a great reversal and I think that he understood that, or that he can’t fight it: it’s sisters before misters]. Miffed, he drives directly to Lee Ji Yi‘s place, where he finds her drunk – and he doesn’t like her drunken state because she usually is apt to crying and let’s recall that ripped shirt [and he seemed to remember too, since he kept his shirt very close to him and attempted to stay away from her grabby hands: GREAT TOUCH, WRITERS, GREAT TOUCH!!]. I think they imply that she didn’t really drink at all, and she’s just acting, or she only really drank one bottle of soju. She tells him that she can live without him, since she can live without loving someone else, she’s pushing him away and, when he listens to her reasons, he realizes that maybe he influenced that. Before she leaves, he utters the words he never thought he would: he loves her. She doesn’t want to hear it though and says she’ll forget in the morning since she’s drunk [is she just trying to revert back to the way it was before him, so that she can be happy and he can also?]. This obviously leaves him heartbroken, because he’s really tried hard.

Girl World 

Lee Ji Yi and Yoon Ha get much needed girl time, and without talking about their respective Exes, too. They talk about how the SNS profile has been doing well and how she’s getting more and more popular: she’s even been asked to appear in a variety beauty thing show, which makes Lee Ji Yi even more excited for her bestie (you should be, after all, Yoon Ha is doing so well not much because of Joon Ki and his connections (okay maybe a little bit), but because of your own idea and your skills, Lee Ji Yi, and for that, you gotta get a major promotion that will change you into a rich person, please). I like how supportive of each other they are. I’ve said this, yes? It’s great because, as her friend says, Yoon Ha will be able to market and advertise their products well.

So basically, there’s a war brewing between Vice president and his Father, and then there’s Yoon Ha and Ye Won. Both wars are sort of the same though, since Vice President and Yoon Ha are basically rooting for the same work ethics, whereas Father and Ye Won both symbolize the old ways of maintaining a company. The point of pointing this out at the very end of my review is this: Are they going to end it like they did with New Leaf, hanging with promises of so much more than the first season had, or will they wrap things up nicely?! Because let me bring up Hae In again. I think they just forgot about her.

Maybe I should review Supergirl, since next week is the last episode review for this drama! hahaha!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week!
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