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Title: Vixen
Season: 01
Episode: 04
Network: CWSeed
Aired: September 15th, 2015
Watched: September 15th, 2015

September 15th, 2015 

Hey there, dear readers!
How’s everyone? I hope that you were able to get some rest, and that school/work is treating you well! I’m also hoping that Halloween treats me well. Munchlax is a great fan of Halloween, and I’m… well you know I get scared easily… so… you know… This week’s is the fourth Vixen episode, and after this episode review, there’s only two more episodes left… I’m not sure I’m ready… Anyways, spoilers are ahead, read at your own discretion!

Before we start this episode, let me just say that “I knew Chuck and Patty looked so familiar to me!“! Well I didn’t quite know it, but I had the sentiment I’d seen them somewhere, but had dismissed it due to the fact that I was so familiar with Phil Bourassa‘s work already. Today, someone on Tumblr pointed out that the animators actually sort of reused the character designs from Young Justice (a show whose characters Phil Bourassa sort of designed and which by now you ought to know because I always rant about how I’m sad/mad that Cartoon Network and/or Warner Bros and/or DC decided to cancel, especially when I remember that last scene between Artemis and Wally‘s parents… *starts sobbing*). They re-used the characters for Rudy West and Mary West, the parents of Kid Flash [also known as Wally West] from the show. I’m sure you’ll see the character resemblance, especially if you compare these shots together, anyway?

In this episode, Vixen runs away from Flash and Green Arrow, as we’ve seen in the first episode, as well as in the beginning of the third episode. Now, mostly, I didn’t mind as much, but they did show scenes that we’d already seen in the first and third episode, perhaps to save some animation money [however, they did add Green Arrow‘s voice as well as The Flash‘s, so that’s pretty good]? I don’t know?

In this episode, we see her use the powers of an elephant, stomping onto the ground and throwing Flash off his feet, then, of course, you know that she’s used the speed of a cheetah in order to move away quickly (although not as fast as the Flash, which is why she used a combination of factors to her advantage in order to escape being caught by him; I must say that I was impressed with how she seamlessly combined everything together in order to do that, that was pretty cool to watch), the camouflage techniques of a chameleon, and she used also the power of flight [through the wings of an eagle (I think)] to save herself from the bad fall from the first episode, thus showing to us that she doesn’t really have fear of flight? I wonder now if she’s going to train a lot to acquire even more control over her powers, or does she already have 100% powers [it feels like they’re not going to have enough time to develop how hard it is for her to use the Asche especially since she’s finally met the woman who’s been working behind the scenes to get her Totem in episodes 1 and 2; not only that, but if you can see there: she hardly even needs to touch the totem whenever she summons certain powers, so doesn’t that mean that she doesn’t need to do that all the time, or does it mean that it’s an error on their part, or is it that it means the totem is actually really is just an inhibitor to keep her from transforming into the animal she uses the abilities of? So many questions!!]?

As a side-note, I absolutely LOVE how Arrow is capable of catching up to both Flash and Vixen in so many ways: grappling-hook-like-arrows, his motorcycle, his intelligence (to notice that she’s camouflaged, not teleported, etc.). GO OLIVER!

We know that Mari McCabe is knows the two “heroes” [she might not see them as heroes, thoughmostly because she knows Oliver Queen‘s reputation [also she did mention in episode 3 that she had been to Central City]: as shown since she doesn’t want to get in jail (again), she mentions how “[she] knows, [she] knows [she] failed her city” [and in such an exasperated, sassy tone, too, I really like her]. I thought that was a GREAT nod to his show, since in the first season anyway – I’m not sure about the other ones because, again, I’m not up to date – he used to say that catchphrase. There was another callback during the episode to the Flash series, when Arrow counters to Barry saying that he has more experience with metahumans than Oliver: “You throw them in your pipeline prison” [and I love how Flash just answers with: “Not helping”, hahaha, man I really wish I had more time to catch up with their original series].

Let’s go on another sidenote here: the bromance between these two is difficult not to fangirl over. I love how they banter with each other even while on missions. This is how I wish for it to be when they do Legends of Tomorrow. And then how Flash says that it went pretty well, especially considering that whenever he meets a “metahuman” for the first time, he usually gets beaten up a little. I’m so happy with these callbacks.

After she saves herself from falling by deploying her wings (not that she grows any), Mari accepts a truce: to listen to what they have to say. Oliver and Barry, by communicating with Felicity Smoak (I also loved the banter between the two: “your fern, but let’s be honest, I’m the only one watering it” it is gold, and from what I remember, this is actually her actress’ voice, too [btw from the credits, the actor playing Cisco also voiced his own character, so that’s cool]) that Mari McCabe‘s powers didn’t originate from the explosion of the particle accelerator that gave Barry his powers, but that her powers are more magic-based, that they come from the Anansi Totem in the necklace. She refuses their help to help her maintain her powers and doesn’t share with them the “only thing she gives a damn about” (the identity of her parents, even though I think if Oliver pulled some strings and Felicity hacked a few files, they could do it).

More importantly, Felicity reveals to us that Mari was in Detroit back in 2013. However, even if the current year is 2015/2014, Chuck said in episode 3 that she’d been gone from home for four years already. What was she doing in Detroit? Was she visiting Patty‘s grave but didn’t want to say ‘hi’ to Chuck?? Is their rapport really that bad?

The first person she goes to after she encountered the Flash and the Arrow is Prof McAllister (sp?), to whom she shows the true properties of the necklace she owns (does this mean she believes him, or does it mean that she only turned to him because she’s desperate and is scared that Oliver and Barry might come back for her [and she even specifically said: AT HER FATHER’S HOUSE, so she DOES consider him as a father! She’s just a tsundere (look it up)], even if she threatened them to show them how it feels like to be “disemboweled by a lion” (man, I can’t wait for them to team up, haha)?). Prof McAllister seems to be genuinely surprised when he sees what she can do with her Totem [so the old woman didn’t tell him what it could do, huh? I bet he’s going to turn on the evil lady and side with Vixen] and apologizes, especially since the Lady appears out of nowhere (we didn’t even see Prof McAllister contact her to tell her that Mari was in the room with him; does that mean that they’ve been squatting there, hiding and waiting for her to talk to him before barging in on their conversation?), threatening Mari in order to get the necklace from her.

Now… I wonder if Arrow and Flash will be doing something to help her out. I don’t want them to, because I want CW to show that she can work things out on her own? INDEPENDENCE!

I can’t encourage you to watch this show on CW Seed more than I’m doing right now. I really want/need a superheroine that’s a visible minority and also who isn’t ditzy-klutzy-happy-go-lucky Supergirl. Please, CW, please… And please, dear readers, please go and enjoy this short show!

With all of that said,
I’m going to go prepare for the next day!
See you all next time!
(ノ≧∀≦)ノ Ponyta’s out \(^ω^\)