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Title: Fierce Tales: Marcus’ Memories
Edition: Collector’s
By: BLAM! Games
Rated: 8/10
Started: September 9th, 2014
Finished: September 13th, 2014 [with Leafeon]
Mode: Hardcore

September 9th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
How are you doing?

It’s fairly rainy right now where I am, and it drains the vitality out of me, so I decided – right after working – that I would go ahead and liven up the day by finishing this game.

The story line does not have anything to do with the first installment of the series, Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart, and thinking as hard as I may, I still cannot really think of anything that could link to the two of them. Perhaps both tales were based on some folklore which I’ve never heard of? At any rate, this story is a pretty good one, even if it encompasses many themes (jealousy, jealous lover, etc.) which aren’t new for me I think as far as stories go. However, it was a pleasant game and the Extra Chapter really helped close the whole story into a nice: “Happily ever after” ending, despite the few plot holes here and there.

The concept of the underwater city and its inhabitants was well thought and well researched, I think (in terms of how to design them, but also, I guess, the lore which went through it).

The art style was great – especially the under the water effects and designs. The Voice Actors did a formidable job as well, although – and this might be because of my Hiba, but the mouths of the characters and the voices didn’t match at all, there was a certain lack of synchronization, although you do get used to it in the end.

Unlike its predecessor, this game presents Hidden Object Boards which have a wider variety of forms, featuring interactions to do. There were also puzzles which did confuse me for a few moments before I finally figured it out. The minor thing which I would fault this game with is the extreme exactitude with which you have to click certain objects and interact with them. Both Leafeon and my student (who both played a little bit) had noticed this. Perhaps it’s only featured in the Hardcore mode, but it was still odd to have to click several times (and risk getting the Hidden Object Board penalty) for one single object.

That’s it for now! I would really recommend the game due to its intricate puzzles and nicely written story (despite its flaws), but don’t play it on Hardcore mode unless you’re ready for some precision and finesse with your mouse!

I’ll see you next time!
Till then, take great care of yourselves!

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